Willard man arrested in ongoing area vehicle theft probe

Investigation continues.
Cary Ashby
Aug 19, 2014


A joint investigation about area vehicle thefts by state troopers and the Willard Police Department has led to the arrest of a Willard man.

Eddie D. Tackett Jr., 24, of 604 Dale Ave., is charged with grand theft of a motor vehicle, which is punishable by six to 18 months behind bars. The fourth-degree felony is in connection with an Aug. 16 incident.

Tackett must post a $5,000 bond before being released from the Huron County Jail.

The investigation by police and the state Highway Patrol started in July.

"Several vehicles were stolen in a short time frame. They were scattered throughout the city," Chief Mark Holden said. "There was no set pattern, which is what made it so frustrating."

The operation began with the recovery of a 2004 Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck from a private residence in Mansfield that was stolen from Willard. According to the patrol, six other people besides Tackett were taken into custody, but they haven't been charged.

Holden confirmed with the Reflector that authorities suspect Tackett has several accomplices.

For complete story read Wednesday's Norwalk Reflector.


enough of the bs

Another one for our wonderful justice system to drop the ball on. How long before "the heroin made me do it" followed by the uber-successful CBCF penalty reforms this idiot back to a productive member of society... I can't wait!!!


They better drug test him while he is in jail!! The whole family lies, steals and does drugs and are alcoholics. They have parties and fight their own family when they are drunk.


They might as well let him out right now. I'm sure there isn't enough evidence for the courts to see that he is guilty anyways just like every other time he has been in trouble and has gotten away with it. A productive citizen like himself shouldn't be sitting in jail anyways right huron county? That's why these pathetic people do what they do is because they have no punishment. Some officers work their @$$es off for these freaks to be put away and when it gets to the courts, oh that's right, they are free and their crime is forgotten about. A bunch of bull!