City tweaking morning traffic flow coming off Christie Avenue

Only in the morning.
Scott Seitz2
Aug 18, 2014


Local motorists should be aware of a morning traffic-flow change set to begin Wednesday at each end of Christie Avenue.

Motorists will not be permitted to turn left off Christie on to Benedict Avenue or Norwood Avenue while school is letting in, according to Josh Snyder, public works director.

"This is only during the morning when school is letting in," Snyder said. "There will be times posted on the signs. There is no restriction at the end of the school day. The kids are released at different rates at the end of the day. It's not as big of an event."

Snyder said this change was agreed upon by the police department and Norwalk City Schools.

"This will improve traffic flows at both ends of Christie," he said.

"There will be a learning curve, but the resultant turning restrictions should improve traffic flow and safety at the two affected intersections for both drivers and pedestrians," Snyder added.

Snyder talked about the change for drivers.

"By allowing/restricting the drivers to turn off of Christie to the right, they need only look to the left for a 'gap' in traffic to enter the flow. This should ease the task of entering onto busy roadways, particularly for younger drivers," he said.

The change should also benefit pedestrians.

"When crossing Benedict/Norwood at Christie on the way to school pedestrians will have an expectation of the turning traffic off Christie and not be surprised. One of the longer term goals is to have the crosswalk on Norwood be placed on the south side of the intersection only to avoid the possible conflict with right-turning traffic. The crosswalk across Benedict, on the north side of the intersection, already avoids any conflict with right-turning traffic. Due to these factors, restricting the vehicular movements will make these two intersections safer for pedestrians," Snyder said.

"Again, to start with the restriction is only in effect for a half hour when school is letting in, as that is assumed to be 'critical mass', when traffic is most concentrated. We can adjust this in the future based on observations, feedback and input."