Convicted trooper back to work

At Milan post.
Cary Ashby
Aug 18, 2014


A long-time state trooper convicted of a recent drunken-driving incident is working at the Milan post.

Sgt. Tony J. Myers, 47, of Huron, pleaded no contest to physical control Aug. 6 in Huron Municipal Court. His driver's license was suspended for one year, but was granted driving privileges for work.

"He started here Monday (Aug. 11) doing administrative duties," said Lt. Brett Gockstetter, the Milan post commander.

Gockstetter said Myers' assignment isn't permanent, but likely will last through the time the patrol completes an administrative investigation.

"It's definitely not permanent," Gockstetter said Friday.

Myers most recently was an assistant post commander in Norwalk. A trooper since 1990, he has worked at the Sandusky and Swanton posts also.

To read full story see Monday's Norwalk Reflector.


yea right

wow if i got a dui i would be out of a job permenetly


You would be surprised the employers that do not fire people.


A long-time state trooper convicted of a recent drunken-driving incident is working at the Milan post.

Sgt. Tony J. Myers, 47, of Huron, pleaded no contest to physical control Aug. 6 in Huron Municipal Court.

I'm not defending this guy whatsoever but....How can you write that he was convicted of drunken driving when he pled no contest to physical control ? Very poor choice of words that would land you in some hot water if I were this guy.


Well "no contest to physical control" isn't so catchy is it? LOL


key word..drunken-driving "incident".
Physical control is a branch stemming from dui in which the crime was known to exist but not seen by authorities.
may not be perfectly relayed info, but you get the jist.

Really are you ...

How about an article on this Ferguson, Missouri? Riots in mid America. They called in the National Guard. Is this an uprising against unrest in America? What if this bologna spreads to other cities? Bigger cities? They say it started out as a peaceful protest, then outside groups formed starting these riots. Must be current events are not that important because it has not happened here, yet. Maybe this would not have happened if Ferguson had the mine resistant 6 wheel drive behemoth Norwalk Police Department has, with it's sidekick Humvee.


just google 'brian garber lexington, ohio'. he was unarmed, murdered, shot 16x by richland co deputies. its been over 5 months and the summit co coroner said that the autopsy isnt complete. wtf?!! this happened on march 16 and the family has been waiting ever since. NO EXCUSE!! it's obvious they are buying time and covering the cops' collective beehinds.


Everyone doesn't always lose their jobs. Employers usually try and work with someone if they show good faith.


There would be a lot of teachers, administrators, factory workers and politicians out of work if a d.u.i. was reason for termination of employment.


A COP has the authority over all them others you speak of, which to arrest or let go..

Isn't it the same when a college professor/teacher is caught dating an 18 yr old student?????
He/she is fired. Because of public outrage..
So why can the public not be outraged with this.??


"We have no indication when he plans on retiring Shirey said."


Law enforcement officers are held to a set of higher standards. As an example, if one is killed in the line of duty there is a large ceremony during their funeral and a lot of news coverage. Shouldn't those same "higher standards" also be observed when they are found guilty of a crime? I think that same reasoning should apply to government officials, education personal and anyone else who is in a position of representing the populace. Those who are in a position of authority, control or leadership should lead by example and when that sovereign trust is broken we should expect, and receive, just due of law and not some watered down slap on the wrist. "Lead, follow or get out of the way."

modern concrete

Why should someone be fired for a DUI? They are punished enough with all the requirements that comes with a DUI. It just shows he is as human as the next guy. With all the more serious crimes, like the heroin issues in this county. I have never had a DUI, find it interesting the way the public is so judgemental .


YES.. but ask any officer...
At the time of contact, arrest/citations/etc authority is placed in the hands of the officer and his/her discretion as to whether or not to go forward with arrest/citation/etc.
with that authority at hand..and the lives/expense/jobs which can be ruined for similar "mistakes??

do you wish to continue your judgmental debate?
and don't play the.... some broken laws MUST be enforced, we're not talking about whether or not to let a bank robber go.

J Cooper

"He who is without sin, cast the first stone."

A law enforcement officer convicted of DUI/Physical Control will have a penalty greater than many other defendants, usually its a career ender either by demotion, forced retirement or firing. This officer pled and took the standard criminal justice penalties. He now faces additional penalties from the Highway Patrol.


I would lose my job if I got a DUI. I guess Troopers are not held to a higher standard. But yet they act like they are the high and mighty.

Tippythehippy's picture

people who drive for a living lose their jobs after a DUI/DWI conviction. Those jobs are usually CDL, dealership, mechanic, taxi, delivery, ect. I do know some school districts have rules in place that prevent the hiring of persons with a DUI/DWI conviction.


Everyone makes mistakes but I'm glad he didn't lose his job. A job is a man's lively hood. I bet he will think twice before something so irresponsible. Also i agree police in ohio don't cut breaks to upstanding people who have minor infractions or things that can literally change the course of their life. But them dope heads sure get off easy ... hmm put that in your pipe and smoke it.