Class lists posted

In Saturday's Norwalk Reflector.
Joe Centers
Aug 15, 2014


Class lists for all elementary schools in Norwalk will be listed in Saturday's Norwalk Reflector.


Kobayashi Maru


Click on the link above to find out where your child is learning this year. Some of those classes have a lot of kids in them! Especially at the lower elementary level. My son's class has 27! That's a lot for first grade!

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Why is that a surprise? The schools are doing exactly what the tax payers have been asking for, keeping down the payroll. You can't have it both ways. Back in the day, 27 kids in a class was the norm and it worked. I'm not saying that 27 kids is a great thing especially at that age, but it's by no means new.


We had 33 and that was all there was .