Jail jumper put on probation

Defendant who shattered his leg at county jail had been convicted of tampering with evidence.
Cary Ashby
Aug 26, 2014


A former Norwalk man convicted of tampering with evidence has been placed on three years of probation.

Daniel M. Legg, 24, now of Chillicothe, was fined $500 for attempting to hide a syringe from Wakeman Police Chief Tim Hunker who made the March 11, 2012 traffic stop. Legg later pleaded guilty to the third-degree felony in exchange for prosecutors dismissing one count of possession of heroin.

Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway ordered Legg to serve 120 days in the Huron County Jail, 90 of which he will serve when he is medically able to do so. The remaining 30 days can be imposed at the discretion of Legg's probation officer, who also can ask the court to waive it if Legg does well on probation.

The defendant was on crutches Thursday and had a boot on his right leg. He had been in a wheelchair until about a month ago, following an Oct. 25 jumping incident at the jail. Legg was serving a 100-day sentence for criminal damaging and assault when he climbed up the handrail in his pod and jumped off the stairs from the second floor, which shattered his leg.

Huron County Public Defender David Longo said while Legg will recover, he likely won't ever be 100 percent.

"Frankly, what Mr. Legg did to himself is much worse than anything that the court can do," Longo said.

If Legg violates his probation, he faces three years in prison.



So, if he violates his probation, he won't have a leg to stand on...


So his little stunt worked. He didn't have to sit in jail. Good job. Hopefully the taxpayers didn't foot the bill for it. Now we will see if he actually serves his 90 days when he is "better" or not.


Never and I mean never invite a one legged man to an a$$ kickin contest ! Especially when his last name is Legg !


Not only did county pay for it, he is going to get paid to. A lawsuit is in works now..crazy crazy heroin county...

Cliff Cannon

@ itsoknow67 : Are you sure your information is correct ? After all, I just vomited a little in my mouth to think that a convicted criminal who intentionally injured himself, then had us taxpayers pay for his medical bills for his act of self destruction. Could possibly have the gall to sue us for that !

Seriously ? Here's hoping his family feels the shame of his act's and forbids such an outrage, as a lawsuit would further soil their name, along with his criminal activity's.

Then again, assuming your information is correct. Not withstanding family intervention, to stop this would be atrocity of justice. Here's hoping any attorney that would take such a case is damned forever in the high court of public opinion.

P.S. Feeling that your information is factual. I am going to the bathroom, to finish vomiting


I do believe if you look up the archives his family claim he was "not of his right mind", had asked for help and was not receive the "care" he needed. He was not properly restrained in his cell. They will sue for lack of medical care and not being treated. They will sue for not being properly secured in a cell/room.


He is suing.


He was dope sick and refused to lock down when they told him to. He climbed the stairs to the second floor and jumped.


So what he's on crutches and in a boot, he jumped. Wants cared for, put him back in and lock him down. Make him get up and get his own meal instead being catered to at home. He did this to himself.

Yes ladydye, his stunt seemes to have worked.


I whole heartedly believe in Karma. I know its hard for us to sit and watch this guy play the system but there will come a time soon when his lawsuit money is gone and mommy and daddy cant help him and we will see his name and picture in here again.....


Another incident of a good kid gone corrupt. Now a JUNKIE! This plague is nasty. But the people that choose to do it are just as nasty. Lock them all up for at least 3 years and let them think long and hard about this $h1+


That's just it, noone will lock them up. Everyone cries that they have a disease, need to be held, helped and loved. Noone wants to let them sit and think about it, long and hard. If everyone threw the same about of money at cancer as they want to throw at heroin rehab, intervention, support, we could probably cure the world!




Who says hes going to win his lawsuit?


He wasn't dope sick when he jumped, look how long he was in jail until he jumped. I am not defending his actions nor am I saying everyone here is rite. Karma has caught up with him none of you know where he is at in his life now. Have any of you ever thought wow a couple bad choices and this could be me. Not a far length from the top to the bottom. I just really hate seeing a once good person get bashed when I am sure not all of you know him. This is a victim from a drug ridden town that he was unlucky enough to be raised in.


I did know him. I hung out with him before the heroin and he was a good guy but you can't blame the town he was in. He made his bed by picking up the needle, now he can lay in it. I don't see why anyone can defend someone when they did it to themselves. Open your eyes. This isn't an accident.


Don't blame the town for HIS decisions. There are PLENTY of people around who choose NOT to do that DAILY. They live in the same community and similar circumstances. They just make different choices, so we don't hear about them. We hear almost exclusively about only the ones who make BAD choices. There are hundreds of kids in schools, teens who choose to get and keep jobs, and all the other community members who never get the "recognition" of having their names in the paper for their GOOD decisions every day. If you make the desion to do something bad or stupid, you need to have the expectation of bad consequences and bad press.


when the county you were born in has more drugs per person then anywhere else in the us then id say odds are against you living there js


I also grew up in that county and not once have I thought of doing any drugs. So blaming the "county" is ridiculous. Danny was a good kid but he chose the wrong family members and friends to hang around with.

And if he does win the law suit, I'm sure he'll die of an over dose. Along with the money/drug hungry people he associates with.

Its sad to see such a young person that could of had a promising future go thru this but he did make the choices.