Boy's leg broken following accident at fair

Five-year-old injured after hustling ride company employee trips over him.
Aaron Krause
Aug 14, 2014


Five-year-old Adam Blankenship's sixth birthday is approaching.

To celebrate, his family was planning a birthday party at Valley Beach.

His mother, Amber, was scheduled to vacation in New Jersey soon, to celebrate her 10-year high school reunion.

It was to be a happy time for the family for a change. Adam, who has a bleeding disorder, has endured 10 surgeries to fix both his legs due to his thrombocytopenia-absent radius (TAR) syndrome.

Unfortunately for the family, the celebrations had to be at least postponed due to an incident that occurred Tuesday at the Huron County Fair.

Amber and Adam were in line for a ride designed for small children about 7 p.m. Tuesday when a ride company employee hustling through the area accidentally tripped over the little boy and, in the process, stepped on his leg, according to the mother.

Amber said the employee did not respond, perhaps because he didn't speak English well.

Adam started screaming.

Amber picked him up, saw a fire truck and carried her son there as fast as she could.

An emergency responder called an ambulance, which whisked the boy to Fisher-Titus Medical Center.

A test revealed his tibia was broken in three places.

"His leg is going to have to be put back together," said Amber, who stressed she's not out for revenge and realizes it was an accident. However, she said she feels it was careless on the part of the employee, whom she said was hustling through an area with small children.

Adam will need to go to Akron Children's Hospital on Friday for yet another operation.

"He's fine. He's on a lot of pain medicine. He's dealing with it," said Amber, who didn't sound frustrated or angry during a phone interview.

"I'm not trying to sue anybody," she said, adding she's holding nothing against the Huron County Fair, which has been good to her family.

Still, she said she's frustrated and irritated and wants the company's employees to take more responsibility during such situations.

"Any parent is going to be angry," she said. "I feel bad for him," knowing her son will have to start school in a wheelchair.

Amber said she has medical insurance for her son, but isn't sure what it's going to cover. Redoing Adam's leg won't be easy, she added.

"I just want them to understand they have to be responsible for what happened, it's their employees," she said. "It's frustrating."

The owner for the company, Wintersville-based Bates Brothers Amusements, declined to comment, saying she had not heard about the situation.



So this little boy has already had 10 surgeries on his legs....I'm in no way defending the worker, however had this been a healthy 5 year old I'm sure the damage wouldn't of been as severe. Accidents happen all time, I'm sure the worker feels terrible. And if mom immediately rushed him to the fire truck when did this guy even have a chance to apologize? I'm sorry but I have a hard time believing she's not looking for compensation if she's telling her story to the paper and saying they need to be held responsible for their employees. Best of luck little guy, hope you heal soon :)


The employee could have followed her to the fire truck and apologized and see how the little boy was doing. I do think the ride company should this lady with some of the medical bills. Poor little guy has been through a lot and didn't need this to ruin what is left of summer break.


First of all, she cried for the worker to help her and to call someone, He looked at her and said "No English" and turned and walked away. He should have made sure Adam "AJ" was okay. And called for help. And just because he has a disorder doesn't mean he shouldn't go to the fair because people are careless. You are right, a normal child would not have gotten such a severe injury, but the fact is, there are a lot of children out there that have illnesses, People just need to be aware, especially if you work in a place where there are a lot of children.


you speak of AJ as if you know him? Is this the lil' fella in MILAN preschool last year? I believe my sons friend/class?


If the worker or any employee felt "terrible" they would have not only offered to help or call an ambulance, but would have cooperated when the sheriff questioned them. He also would have stopped to check and see if the child was ok. And she is 100% correct they do need to be held accountable for such carelessness! It doesn't matter if he is a healthy child or not I somehow doubt you would be all for just letting it go if this was your child.

Dr. Information

Wow, I guess accidents aren't allowed to happen anymore.


This isn't even about it being an accident ADULTS apologize when there is an accident! This is about a grown man who yes made a careless decision that caused an accident, and then ran away and refused to help a small child and his mother screaming in fear and pain. Then not only does he not come forward to apologize or explain himself but the company he was working for at the time of the accident attempts to cover it up and helps him to shrug off taking responsiblity for his reckless actions and the damage they caused. You are essentially saying it is completely acceptable to not be accountable for your actions as long as what you did was an "accident".


Good luck Adam


Sounds like a accident to me


Praying for a speedy and healthy recovery Adam, hopefully they can find out for sure whats going on with you and get you on the healthy track to a long life.

From the article; "Adam, who has a bleeding disorder, has endured 10 surgeries to fix both his legs due to his thrombocytopenia-absent radius (TAR) syndrome."

TAR Syndrome; Thrombocytopenia-absent radius (TAR) syndrome is characterized by the absence of a bone called the radius in each forearm. Affected individuals also have a shortage (deficiency) of blood cells involved in clotting (platelets). This platelet deficiency (thrombocytopenia) usually appears during infancy and becomes less severe over time; in some cases the platelet levels become normal.

I'm confused. Why would a kid with an arm problem need 10 leg surgeries?
The best thing to do if your kid has a rare disorder be more careful with them. My cousin's little boy has this EXACT same syndrome, he has had numerous surgeries to fix, straighten, lengthen and strengthen his forearms and arms but has never had any leg issues. Maybe this little guy has some other issues that are not being disclosed? Maybe the broken leg isn't related to the TAR syndrome? Either way, if your kid has a rare disorder, literally bubble wrap them if you have to. Protecting them is your number one priority. The world isn't looking out for you or your kids, don't be naive into thinking otherwise.


I believe it was a pee poor reporting issue.
Since the leg got broke, the talk of the lil' fella involved in 10 surgeries, the reporter just proof read the notes and went with it..

Dr. Information

Speedy recovery to the little man but accidents happen. I've accidently stepped on a kids foot that I didn't see behind me at CP a few years back. Kid started crying, I apologized and got the death look back from the mom. The guy couldn't speak English. Accidents happen.

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I'm sorry this happened to him and you. Prayers he heals quickly.


this is the saddest article I have read for a while,I'm so sorry that's this little boy has to suffer so much,i wonder if theres a medical fund to contribute to if so I wish the reflector or a commenter would print it


Yes truckin it is AJ from milan, and he is my Grandson And to answer the leg surgery issue, This syndrome also affects other bones in his body. Hand deformities, Ankles, knees, he had 2 hip surgeries, Go on the FB site Children with Tar Syndrome and you will see how these children are affected.


I stopped by for a few lunches with my son thru the school year Mon-wed-fri schedule. AJ was a lil talker as well as all the rest.
Tell him SAM says Hi


Will do. He will talk your ear off.


Poor little guy. Best of luck Adam. Praying for a quick recovery

Aaron Krause

InGodsArmy, is there a fund people can contribute to if they wish to help offset the medical bills? We'd be glad to publish it in the paper. Feel free to call me at (419) 668-3771 ext 235 or email me at I hope he heals completely and quickly!!



If the guy can't speak English he shouldn't be running the rides!!! Not a racist but really he couldn't even see AJ was in pain. Mom was screaming and he couldn't see that? Was he blind to?


The level of ignorance on here never ceases to amaze me.