Semi driver cited in 4-vehicle injury crash

Accident sent two people to hospital.
Cary Ashby
Aug 14, 2014


A commercial truck driver has been cited in connection with a four-vehicle crash which sent two people to the hospital.

Michael W. Meeks, 56, of Oregon, Ohio, was charged with failure to maintain assured clear distance. The citation is in connection with a Bronson Township crash that happened at 1:20 p.m. Monday on U.S. 250 south of Herford Drive near a construction site by Ken Myers Construction.

(NOTE: To see pictures of the crash, click HERE.)

Meeks was northwest on U.S. 250 while three other drivers were stopped for traffic in the northbound lane. The tractor-trailer driver first hit the compact car driven by Kimberly S. Miller, 40, of 2787 Ohio 162, New London, according to the investigation by Trooper Sarah Frey, of the state Highway Patrol.

Miller's car went into the southbound lane before stopping in a nearby cornfield.

Meeks then hit the mid-size car driven by Donna M. Fulton, 36, of 87 S. Main St., New London, the trooper said. Fulton's car crossed the southbound lane before stopping in a ditch.

Next, Meeks hit the mid-size car driven by Elizabeth A. Stumpf, 22, of 118 W. Main St., New London, whose vehicle stopped in the northbound lane after the collision, Frey said.

The semi driven by Meeks went off the right side of U.S. 250 and stopped in a ditch.

Frey earlier told the Reflector that Meeks hit the vehicle in front of him, which caused a "domino effect." According to information released by the patrol Wednesday, drugs and alcohol aren't suspected of being factors.

North Central EMS transported Miller and her passenger, Jesse A. Miller, 14, also of 2787 Ohio 162, New London, to Fisher-Titus Medical Center with serious and minor injuries respectively, according to the patrol. Frey had said the victims' injuries weren't life-threatening. A Fisher-Titus spokeswoman said Wednesday nobody with those names were listed as patients.

Each vehicle sustained disabling damage and was towed from the scene by Wilcox, Fitzgerald and Norbs wreckers. The Norwalk Fire Department, Huron County Sheriff's Office and North Central EMS assisted troopers at the scene.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Staff writer Aaron Krause contributed to this story.



Not defending,
just that the reporters need to get there facts straight. This is NOT a tractor trailer or semi but a straight truck, only requires a class B license and not even that if it is not equipped with air brakes.
The pay scale to operate one is in the neighborhood of around $10 hr. so one does not have to be real bright or very qualified to drive a straight truck versus a tractor trailer.
So stop trying to juice up the article just for ratings and hits.
The END.

Señor Clown

If you're going to nitpick and fact check, I will too - and with a name like 'truckin', you should know that Ohio doesn't require a CDL for a truck, with or without air brakes, if it's not over 26,000 pounds GVWR or hauling hazardous materials. You would be required to have a Class B or higher if over 26k gross, regardless of the brakes. Guessing by the tandem axles and placard frames, I'd say the driver had at least a Class B with hazmat and air brake endorsements, which is pretty well qualified. Plenty of dump truck and garbage truck drivers make a sight better than $10/hr on a Class B. Regardless, accidents happen, and we're lucky to hear that all parties involved survived.


still was pee poor reporting..
Fact. not a semi/tractor trailer
beside as far a licensing, i only went for it all, all endorsements all qualifications. Class b drivers to me are the kind who just skate through with the bare minimum.
Kinda like when i was in the Marines, I wanted to learn to fire ALL those weapons, be the best i could be, not just skate by on janitorial duty in the OTHER BRANCHES, and play off the title of veteran.


Remember a large percent of the people with Class B's are school bus drivers and got a B with P and S endorsements because the school district paid for it. Id like to see how you handle a bus full of elementary kids or mouthy group of middle/high school kids. Also I believe there is no air brake endorsement just a restriction if you fail the air brake test.


So it is all right for you to put school bus driver up on a pedestal... but wrong for me to put Semi driver up in my view....
Oh! ok! i get it...


@flunkin i mean truckin, so if you weren"t a marine then your not a veteran? so the army, airforce, and navy are just janitors?


Type too fast:
Meant, wanted the toughest branch, unlike the others..USMC
Some people went for the easiest fields, like say janitor.. just for the pay and benefits of the title Veteran.

Kottage Kat

Kim and Jesse. Prayers to you.


All from New London, Prolly all headed to Walmart cause they could not get to Miller's grocery.


Why you always turn it about you trucken.....thanks Kat.........toast what kinda thing you saying about new London.....


I am saying that if you live in NL you know you cant get anywhere with the seemingly endless contruction. Norwalk blacktopped itself from one of 250 to the other in about 2 months. You have to guess each day you drive in NL which way you may have to go to get where you are going. Construction around the grocery is like driving thru a farm field.

Ben Crazy

driveing a truck is really complicate. 8 weeks of intense training, any moron can do it! LMAO


Ya i know.. and whats amazing is that most seasoned drivers are in the top scale of middle income 60-70...even without a degree.. go figure..
Bet that ticks all you off with masters and etc.,with high student debt.
But don't worry, my wife even gets upset at times.
Many years of nursing school, late night studies, yet i can go out and double her paycheck.
Amazing how times have changed.
25 years ago truck drivers were considered low life's then through time most people who went for the soft jobs, had a hard time due to flooding the market with over educated people, who actually really know nothing useful in life.
God i love my father who told me, while still in high school, "son your 18, now go get your chauffeurs, it will always come in handy".
and so many other parents convinced there kids, college and good grades will get you that corner office.
I put any Ehove (tech, blue collar, not afraid to get there hands dirty) grads paycheck and job security up with any college grad.
Amazing how times have changed


So "getting your hands dirty" equals hard work... but white color jobs are easy?? I will put my 4 yrs up against your 6 weeks anyday... and I accept your challenge... i will show u mine if u show me yours...


See people still miss the point...
In an overall general public, middle class, you will have to admit..we have an over-educated society with no real training.. colleges with bogus studies that people actually think they can beat the odds.

and if you make 4 5 6 X's more GREAT, i am one, that is not going to go boo hoo poor me, you don't deserve it. I will be happy for you. and that is the whole problem, people think if they don't have it neither should you..
so back to original statement, there are soooo many over educated people with NO JOB or stuck in DEADEND job, NO HAPPINESS, HIGH Debt and for what??? and they want to cut down someone who get dirty, I mean like a plumber, may be a shi&&y job, but someone is always calling$$$$


Apprently not


Thanks toast........yes construction too is why cars were stopped on 250......the state still calling that truck a semi on accident report ..... Just came in the mail........maybe the paper should make something life and times of truck in ....oh they did its called comments

Ben Crazy

Trucking companys are all looking for drivers because they cant keep them . the pay sucks , dispatchers all lie, brokers lie! the tell you what you want to here and they keep you out on the road most of the time . you might fool somebody, but i drove the coast and its not anything like you claim. most drivers make 30 to 45 a year. I wouldnt say its that great. Plenty openings though!


Ya for the bums and/or poor driving records, Heck look at R&L down the road,
(I used to drive there i know)
(till decided i could make same and do less work by buying my own again) (and heck i did that 5 yrs ago when the economy was in the tank)
(who would quit & pull cash out and "try" it unless confident??)
the only guys you see making less than 50 out there are the ones who chose the short runs and only want to work 6hr runs. For instance Buffalo and back is $265-280 i believe a day and for what?? 8-9hrs weather permitting. city is in the 24-28hr range with 50hr+ if desired.
So when you say stinks.....I don't know what the heck your talking about.
The problem is you drove coast to coast, that is the beginner, the one who wants the big shiny trk and wheels rolling.or they desire that and With computer, loads via internet, regs on shippers, drop and hooks you really don't have the dock time anymore.
If you want to haul gravel GREAT your choice..but your not going to get rich, want to delv produce...great for you, but the same. Whatever people want great but you can't just trk for "any company" and expect all to be the same.
So keep thinking that and spewing your remarks out there, that way my job security, driver shortage keeps for another 10-20 and i will be set.