Defendant avoids prison for 2nd probation violation

Judge gives local woman "third chance."
Cary Ashby
Aug 21, 2014


The third time on probation might be the charm for convicted felon Carla S. Reed.

If she violates the terms of her probation, she faces one year in prison.

"If you come back, you're likely to get the whole sentence," Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway told Reed during Wednesday's hearing.

"I rarely give anybody three strikes. This is your third chance," the judge added.

Reed had completed most of her time at Crosswaeh, a community-based corrections facility in Tiffin, when she was kicked out for testing positive for Tramadol on July 23. Defendants spend four to six months in a CBCF, a form of prison which focuses on substance abuse treatment and education. Reed's probation officer told Conway that Reed took a half-pill of Tramadol, hydrochloride salt which is used to treat moderate to moderately severe pain, July 20 and was kicked out of Crosswaeh on Aug. 6.

Reed admitted to the probation violations Wednesday. Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper and defense attorney Paul Dolce had a joint recommendation of Reed serving the remainder of a 10-month sentence at the Huron County Jail and then would be kicked off probation. She already was in custody for about seven months.

Based on the circumstances and even though he told attorneys he planned to agree with the sentencing recommendation, Conway said he believed Reed might do better if she served a shorter jail time and remained under the supervision of the probation department. Reed agreed and said she needs someone to keep her accountable.

Reed was sentenced to 30 days in jail Wednesday for violating her probation.

"I know Teen Challenge wasn't (a good) fit for me," said Reed, referring to a Christian-based program for people of all ages with life-controlling addictions.

Reed was ordered to the Crossweah CBCF on Feb. 11 after signing herself out of Life Challenge, a Michigan branch of Teen Challenge, where she had completed many classes. Leaving Life Challenge constituted a probation violation.

"I've been attending church every Sunday. I've been baptized. I've worked very hard," she said.

Reed, during a mid-February probation violation hearing, said Teen Challenge is a good program, but she didn't believe it addressed "any of the personal problems I need worked on."

Her underlying conviction stems from a March 9 incident when the Huron County Sheriff's Office found heroin in her purse during a speeding-related traffic stop.



What is wrong with this county? Seriously, you let all the drug defendants out in hopes they do better instead of sending them to prison, I get that. However this county has yet to save the same revolving door. Always spending the taxpayers money to begin with, why not make a Huron/ Ashland county Drug jail. Keep them locked up as times needed. Everything I've seen this county through at these people seems to fail, so it's wasting our tax dollars to begin with. Just an opinion, because all else has FAIL ** Loser sign **


"I rarely give anybody three strikes. This is your third chance," the judge added.".....I really do not have time to go thru the archives and find the articles to object to this. Between those that pop on a drug screen, get kicked out of Club Rehab, then sent back for another chance, etc. It is like that cartoon from when I was little, "If I do it, I get a whippin'......I do it"....Everyone knows you get a slap on the wrist and no real punishment. Take the whippin' and be done with it.

swiss family

I agree with you Lugnut... if we are going to try to "rehab" them, we need to build our own program here, and keep our money here.. instead of sending them other places , along with our tax money ....BUT... what ever happened to JUSTICE???.. I mean if you read this story, it sounds like a scripted episode of "Let's make a Deal"... Ok Dear, you have been found with drugs.. would you like door #1 or #2 or #3??? I would like is a boat and jet ski... yea!! I live in a land locked state.... applause... 10 min later, would you be willing to trade that for your chance at a new curtain???? .."OH YES>> this is not a good fit".... OK... pick a new curtain.. "I will choose #1...Yea it is the big Deal of the day.. you get to sit out the remainder of your sentence for your FELONY in the county jail, you will get out early, you will be allowed to work with the Sheriff's dept, telling them all that you know, and all that you can make up just to save your own butt,you will be given a perpetual, pass of allowance whereas other people would go to prison for committing a crime once you will be allowed to do it several times before we even consider sending you to jail let alone prison..Come on Court.. Judge Conway, Attorneys... we pay you a sizable amount to do what we trust will be to dole out JUSTICE in our community...please , PLEASE DO YOUR JOB


agree ^

so sick of stup...

what a freaking many chances do they get? she promises...she goes to church..isnt that what they all say? and when she gets in trouble again..are you gonna say I have never given anyone a 4th chance so lets just see what is why the drug problem and the crime rate is getting worse or at least not getting better...just keep slapping their fingers and telling them sure they will do better next time...SMH

J Cooper

Conway, if you're not part of the solution you are part of the problem.

swiss family

I Love how even when Judge Conway is trying to be as stern as possible, it is comical if not so pathetically sad.. he said and I will quote him directly......"If you come back, you're LIKELY TO GET the whole sentence." he does NOT tell her she will get it without a doubt, he does NOT tell her she will deserve the punishment she will get at that point,NO.. she will "LIKELY" get the whole sentence.... Judge .. wake up... she committed a FELONY!!! you know.. what a FELONY is right... so stop with all of the bleeding heart crap.... she obviously DOESN'T get it, and by your example... Neither do you!!!


I agree.

Dr. Information

Conway the CON is why this county is so bad. Let's give druggies the free pass over and over again but if I failed to pay a parking ticket, they'd repo my house.


Third times a charm...haha...This county needs a subboxone and methadone clinic so people pay for their meds and it goes to the city and the crime rate will go down. There is nobody even trying to find a solution to this epidemic. I had to move away because I was soo sick of always hearing about all this and seeing friends and family get sucked into that life. where I live now u see the clinics and they are making so much money off people making them see counselor's and go to meetings. It does work so why Heroin County are you doing nothing to find a solution???????

so sick of stup...

I agree, this county is just getting worse..but when ya just get a slap on the fingers time after time..why would they learn? why would they fear going to court, its because they know NOTHING is gonna happen so they just keep repeating what they are doing...doing drugs..dealing drugs..breaking into homes..stealing cars..assaults..its all just bull a bunch of just keep doing what ya do and they will too...


4 kids of her own and her moms got all of them


Teen Challenge is a wonderful program. Its so sad that these Low Lifers, dont care, misfits, go there. They really dont want to change. Why are we sending them there? Let a person who really wants to change their life for the better go to Teen Challenge.