Kasich proposes more welfare reform

Governor not backing away from time limits and work requirements.
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Aug 14, 2014


Nearly two decades after leading efforts in Congress to tie public assistance to work, Gov. John Kasich is again pushing for sweeping changes to the welfare system.

“We’re taking the next step in welfare reform and making sure it’s not just a series of rules and hoops and requirements, but something that is going to be effective in giving people a chance at prosperity and a job,” Kasich said yesterday after announcing his plan at a news conference in Newark.

In Congress, Kasich helped craft the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act of 1996, which put five-year limits on cash assistance and required work for benefits.

“It was good what we did. We see less generational dependency. But the mechanics of making it work in the real world must be done in the states, and not only in the states, it has to be done where people are at the county level, at the local level,” Kasich said.

The governor is not backing away from time limits and work requirements. What he envisions is more coordinated and personalized approach for helping impoverished families get the assistance they need to find a job and back on their feet.

On Tuesday, Kasich named Douglas E. Lumpkin, a former Franklin County and Ohio job and family services director, to head the new Office of Human Services Innovation.

Also Tuesday, the governor called on U.S. Rep. Pat Tiberi, R-Genoa Township, to correct an omission in the welfare-reform bill. Congress, Kasich said, failed to include working toward a high-school-equivalency diploma as an activity meeting requirements for work.

“Getting a GED is a good thing and should qualify you to keep your benefits while you are looking for work,” Kasich said.

Tiberi spokeswoman Breann Gonzalez confirmed that, “Congressman Tiberi is currently drafting legislation that would add working to obtain a GED as part of the welfare-to-work requirements."

For the most part, Kasich said, there are ample federal, state and local programs to aid low-income families, yet more than 16 percent of Ohioans live in poverty. The new Office of Human Services Innovation will focus on helping people find a way out.

“We are all in this world together. The idea that someone is dependent? Forget about it. We’re not going to be thinking about other human beings in that way.”

Advocates for the poor support the renewed effort to combat poverty. Ohio’s recent expansion of Medicaid ensures the poor have access to health care, allowing more focus on education and training, they say.

“He’s talking about completing the job of welfare reform,” said Phil Cole, executive director of the Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies.

“We hope we have systems for human services, reactive to the needs of the people they serve, removing barriers and getting them into the workforce or getting them the help that they need.”

Joel Potts, executive director of the Ohio Job and Family Services Directors’ Association, said better case management is key.

County agencies currently run 100 programs, including workforce development and child welfare, with more than 50 funding streams. Better coordinating those efforts will allow for better case management and individualized attention, he said.

“We are definitely at a point where we should do some course correction on welfare reform. If we don’t do something we’ll keep spinning our wheels.”


By Catherine Candisky - The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio (MCT)

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Yes! It's a start!


Knowing practically nothing about this guy besides what I just read in this article, why do so many people dislike him???


Unions and their backers dislike him along with far left liberals.

Strickland and his union minions left Ohio with an 8 Billion dollar deficit.

The Kasich administration eliminated that debt and now has a rainy day fund. Getting out of that kind of debt is not easy and many cuts had to be made including Ohio Counties receiving less state funds. Our individual taxes were not raised.


How about "DRUG TESTING" all recipients as well before they receive any benefits. People have to take drug tests to work to pay the taxes, that provide this assistance for them. Let's make them take one to receive them. I bet 50% or more will NOT Qualify...


The tests can easily be cheated but will probably still catch a few of them. I agree that 50% or better are drug addicts and the government pays for their dope. The problem with the testing is the children that live in the drug houses. If the state has knowledge of the parents being junkies then what will they do with all the kids whom the parents also get extra drug money for? They are required to remove them from the home if the parents are all junkies.

JMOP's picture

You're right TuffNutts.

I remember Kasich running on that promise, then later changing his mind, because how it would effect the children. I think he was right and ended up doing the right thing.

I wish there was an easy solution for the druggie parents that collect on welfare, but it seems as though there's not at this time.

Ben Crazy

I bet your right tmann. i think random test should be a must! anyone who fails or doesnt comply should be PERMINATLY TERMINATED!!

Dr. Information

The reason he is disliked is because so many people in Ohio are on welfare.


And also he & his friends (staff) wanted a pay increase for themselves right after he was elected. Then there was the Batchelder / Mandel deal. Hey John; cut your pay & staff benefits that we the people pay you.


Re: "Hey John; cut your pay & staff benefits,"

Other than being symbolic, it's small potatoes.

Pay politicos less and they'll just steal more.


Welfare is a child safety net. And it is being used by junkie cows producing more and more children for the welfare check. The problem is once those kids are on this earth they deserve a decent life. If their parent is a factory worker or a junkie the kids should be provided for. So a woman has 5 kids and test positive for heroin when you remove her food stamps and welfare check what do those kids eat? it is a complicated problem with many innocent victims. There is no easy answer.


Re: "There is no easy answer."

Localize the programs for greater oversight.

Govts. operating programs hundreds of miles away leads to waste, fraud and abuse.

Drug testing for benefits has and will be declared unconstitutional. Furgitaboutit.

J Cooper

"Localize the programs for greater oversight." They are administered locally by Family Services in each county. Many government employees are subject to drug testing.


Re: "They (snip),"

So statewide there's no millions of dollars and nationally there's no tens of billions of dollars worth of waste, fraud and abuse?

So for you, these massively expensive unearned entitlement programs and their administration are working 'just' fine?

Good to know.


So you're saying Factory worker = Junkie? What is wrong with factory workers? If it wasn't for a factory worker, you wouldn't be able to sit on your fat butt and type things on the computer that a factory worker made. There's nothing wrong with Blue Collar Workers. Its the White Collar Workers who are oblivious to the ways of the world. The problem is not factory workers, the problem is people like you that have no clue to what is made in factories or what factory workers do for the economy and also people that don't vote for change and the "Baby Mama" lifestyle that is prevalent in society today.. People like you are the reason factory workers' wages are being cut and an honest working man can't make it anymore. You should be slapped for that comment...


Beer... I can't say for sure, but I would believe they were just saying that the kids need to by taken care of, whether they are a factory worker's (say, yours) OR a junkie's. The KIDS are what are important. I hope and trust that they weren't equating the two. Your race, gender, and work status should not disqualify you for assistance if you or your kids need it, but I've found that they can. Bless you for accpeting the responsibility for working to support your own, and being forced to support the kids of those who choose not to. I am with you.


After reading it again and again, I see stonys point. Should have used the word "whether" instead of "if". Changes the whole context of it. Had me going though.....lol


DUDE, don't worry anyone who can actually read and not proof/speed read could easily realize what you were referring to.
Also one could call a junkie woman.... a lil' baby factory.


Here's an option. Let's just find a bunch of self sufficient, hard-working families willing to take in those kids who need a safe, stable home life, and give them the financial support to take the kids in. Once (and BIG IFF) the parents get cleaned up and can support themselves, you see about returning the kids. Take away the source of funding for their habits, and take care of the kids. No more cash cows - just cash OR cows. Take away the motivation, and I bet there will be less cows who can't support the calves. And yes, I know the bulls are part of the problem too. The context of the conversation was the waste of giving the child-support to those who only wish to support their habits. I am NOT for a socialist-takes-a-village-to-raise-a-child types. I am just tired of MY money supporting druggies, too. If the kids are already here, care for them, but take away the incentive to make more just for the sake of mo' money.


How about spayed and neutering your pets ?


WASHINGTON — President Obama urged Congress on Tuesday to quickly provide almost $4 billion to confront a surge of young migrants from Central America crossing the border into Texas, calling it “an urgent humanitarian situation.”
For the most part, Kasich said, there are ample federal, state and local programs to aid low-income families, yet more than 16 percent of Ohioans live in poverty. The new Office of Human Services Innovation will focus on helping people find a way out.
Its pretty sad that our own government can"t even use the word "ILLEGAL" its undocumented or migrants!
Welfare reform, seriously! and people are worried about drug testing people to get assistance.
I think we have a bigger fish to fry first. the system has been screwed up for decades, its always about the childeren, maybe people shouldnt have them if they can"t afford them!
Heres an idea? How about if your on welfare you should have to clean up the trash on the highways or cut grass at public parks.
However kasich said there was more than 16% in poverty. How much more 30% 40% ?