Move over Johnny, Mandel has some moves of his own

Ohio treasurer touting legislation that would put state's checkbook online.
Joe Centers
Aug 26, 2014


It was unlike any interview I have seen in my 35 years at the Norwalk Reflector.

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel thinks everybody should know what's going on and he is leading a charge to put the state's checkbook online.

"I think the people in Ohio have the right to know how their money is being spent," Mandel said in a recent visit to the Reflector.

Mandel was touting House Bill 175, which would give Mandel the right to put the state's checkbook online. The bill passed in the House at the end of June. Now, he is hoping it will pass in the Senate.

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Still wanting a place @ the public trough boy? You would not leave the Green Zone to fight in Iraq. People watch Mandel...he is a trickster.


Green Zone Johnny!


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Seriously moderator?


f-Johnny football, we have Johnny Legislator...


Re: "the state's checkbook online."

Reads like a step towards transparent govt. How refreshing.

Unfortunately taxpayers may just get the opportunity to see how their hard-earned dollars are being wasted & abused.


All of that info is already available. Well except for the JobsOhio spending.


So its not available then LOL


Lets see the liberals open the checkbook for all to see, never ever happen!!!


Kind of like when he posted the salary of every public employee on his website...except he had a lot of them wrong, and somehow left off the salaries of all his appointed buddies?


You need more food because you are not thinking to good!