Man arrested on warrant found with marijuana cigarette

Local resident faces several charges after 2:11 a.m. traffic stop.
Cary Ashby
Aug 12, 2014


 A state trooper found a local man who was arrested on a Franklin County warrant reportedly in possession of a partially smoked marijuana cigarette.

Gregory Barnett, 43, of 2789 Smith St., Willard, was charged with possession of marijuana, left of center, driving with a suspended license and a seatbelt violation. The charges are in connection with a traffic stop at 2:11 a.m. Friday on Ohio 99 north of Ohio 103 in Willard.

Sgt. Jake Tidaback, of the state Highway Patrol, found the cigarette during a search related to a Franklin County theft warrant. Barnett was arrested and transported to the Huron County Jail.



Ah, the ole "left of center trick". The one they use when they want to know why you're out late at nite.

shovelhead's picture

I thought they just wrote a ticket for a doobie?


Not when you already have a warrant out for your arrest....straight to jail do not pass go !


...found a 'partial' doobie? get pulled over, ya don't put it in the ashtray smoke it smoke it like Mad!!!

me in ohio

I was in court a few weeks ago with a friend , and that same officer had gave a guy on a bicycle a ticket for going left of center also and he was from Willard too. what is he doing ? riding around in Willard at night trying to make a name for his self ?


Funny hoe a state trooper always finds a joint or drugs in the car but just a town cop sometimes looks right at it in your ashtray and never says a word. Who cares a bout weed legalize it already.