Officials considering options at future site of license bureau/title office

Human remains found, causing authorities to halt construction project.
Scott Seitz2
Aug 11, 2014


Huron County officials are trying to determine their next move after human remains were discovered Friday at the future site of the new license bureau/title office.

The construction of the $1.1 million facility is on hold, Commissioner Tom Dunlap said Sunday.

"We need to meet with our legal team, engineer and architect," Dunlap said about what happens next.

"There are a lot of 'what ifs" but I know the architect has already made the contacts to shut the project down for Monday (today)," he added.

Construction crews were excavating the Shady Lane Drive site when they unearthed human remains, including femur and rib bones and a skull. Sheriff Dane Howard immediately closed off the area with police tape and sent crews home.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: To see pictures of the scene, click HERE.)

Stories about this subject were published Saturday and Monday in the Norwalk Reflector




Did they not dig up bones when they built sheriff office ? ?


Scrap this site and move into the former Tops building. There's plenty of parking and the building is practically new. Instead they'll probably spend thousands of more dollars trying to make the current site work. They knew from the beginning they were close to the cemetery, they gambled, and they lost. How much money has already been sunk into this project? The old Tops building even has an easy to find address by being located on rt. 250.


Giant Eagle leased the building for top dollar and is still paying the owner. The owner is not eager to sell or to negotiate with a new tenant at current market rates. I don't know how you expect the County to just snap their fingers and move into a privately owned piece of property without the owner's consent.


Where in the world did you come up with the idea of moving into private property without the owner's consent? The Giant Eagle building was just an idea or suggestion that there are other options for the county to consider. They would have to strike a purchase deal for any private property...duh. There are probably many better options than to try and continue to make the current site work.


It is called eminent domain.


@ puppylove1, That is a great idea! Lets do something with a building that has been sitting empty. Its a great location for all. Hopefully someone see you post and consider it. Great comment!


It wasn't my idea, "webflowerz1" already suggested it in the first article. I was only repeating their idea because I thought it was good and made a lot of sense. Good job webflowerz1.


The sad part is that Giant Eagle, or Tops or whoever owns it now prob wants a lot more than the cost of building a new building. That was one of the reasons the old Bob Evans stayed empty so long. That a nd menu issues with new operators.. Wish it would be utilized. Turn it back into a bowling ally..only cost you...ahhhh...MILLIONS!! LOL

Your neighbor

I am with you puppylove1. Old Tops store or the Kmart building.


Webflowerz1 had already suggested it in first article.


The blame here is on the only "professional " on board, the architect Fredricks. These are NOT ancient remains, they are people that may have had a rough life and were placed in their final resting place. They ( Fredricks & the commissioners ) had to know this was a possibility, and were just crossing their fingers. You get what you pay for, commissioners, and speaking of that, I have never spent more than a couple of minutes in either line , in all the years I have been using those services.
This is a waste of $1,000,000 + and a good time to pause, and rethink things. If this facility is actually needed, it MUST be built somewhere else, or better yet, repurpose a building as others have mentioned. Better yet, use a downtown building that is empty, and hire
local people to remodel to suit.


"taxpayer's money" (easy come, easy go)

eat my shorts's picture
eat my shorts

It's unbelievable where they are trying to build when you consider how much empty land there is along shady lane. Doesn't the county own any of the other land out there besides the planned construction site? The only reason they dug up BONES was because of a BONEHEAD decision that was made by some real BONEHEADS, (damn I'm hilarious).

Also, what's up with the new sidewalk being laid out there at the corner across from the Gerken center? Are people really so lazy that they need to make a fancy short cut, that will at best only save a couple minutes of walking time? It doesn't make any sense when most of the people who walk out there are doing so for the exercise. I had no idea our county was so flush full of cash. Waste, waste, waste!