Authentic Italian restaurant set to open Aug. 22 in Uptown Norwalk

Grand opening part of Imagine Norwalk event
Scott Seitz2
Aug 10, 2014


Local residents appear to be in for a real treat.

The Segedi family will open Mia Famiglia's Uptown Cafe at 11 a.m. Aug. 22.

The restaurant is located at 5 E. Main St.

Mia Famiglia's will feature authentic Italian cuisine.

"My wife and I were looking to open a restaurant in the Northeast Ohio area," Raymond Segedi said.

"We've been looking for the past year and half for the right opportunity," he added. "It was brought to my attention to take a look at Norwalk."

The Segedis, of Elyria, then visited the former Uptown Cafe location.

The family found out about the location through an ad placed by building owner Stan Obrenovich.

Brandace Segedi, Raymond's wife, will serve as head chef at the restaurant.

"This will be a full-blown Italian restaurant right here in the downtown," Raymond said.

Stuffed shells, penne pasta, manicotti and pizza are just a few of the menu items.

The Segedis children, Martin, 20, Miya, 16, and Giovanni, 12, are also involved with the restaurant in different capacities.

Not counting family members, Raymond said the restaurant will employ about seven people.

Restaurant hours will be 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday to Thursday, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday.

Pastas will be the name of the game at Mia Famiglia's.

"Traditional entrees," Brandace said.

The Segedis are excited for Norwalk residents to taste the food.

"I think it's going to be a very enjoyable experience," Raymond said.

Brandace said the dishes will be comparable to what is served at the Little Italy restaurants in Cleveland.

"This is real Italian food," she added.

Children are more than welcome at Mia Famiglia's.

"The kids' size will be a half-portion of an adult order," Brandace said.

The table will be decorated in stylish tablecloths.

"This will be a nice dining experience," Raymond said.

The Segedis had a bit of work to do to prepare the restaurant for the Aug. 22 opening.

"Changing the menu," Raymond said was the first thing.

"We also had some cleanup work," Brandace added.

"There is a new kitchen and new kitchen floors," Raymond said. "We also uncluttered the restaurant. We are huge on quality and huge on cleanliness."

Customer service is also a top priority.

"Everyone will be greeted when they walk through the door," Brandace said.

"We're super-excited," Raymond said.

The Segedis want to establish a family atmosphere.

"Food brings people together," Brandace said.

Portions will be large.

"There's no question people will get their dollar's worth," Raymond said.




Welcome to Norwalk and best of luck! Can't wait to try the menu.


Welcome to Norwalk, can't wait to come and try your food...I love Italian food :)

Cliff Cannon

Couldn't agree more with fedup2 or Fromthe419 if I tried. Welcome !


My sources tell me that Mr. Cannon is offering to buy the familiar bloggers their inaugural meal at Norwalk's newest sit-down.

It's like taking good news and turning it great.

My sincere thanks in advance, Mr. C.

* sources include MikeyLikesIt and a transient from the Benelux countries.

Cliff Cannon

@ Fairlybadboy : Your sources are correct ! I would love to celebrate the opening of yet another Norwalk success story by buying familiar bloggers dinner at this exciting sounding restaurant.

Only 2 problems. I am awaiting the 'buy one, get one' coupon Mikey will no doubt have on his next calendar. Then what would happen to the fun of blogging if we ever actually met one another ?

For example you; I am never sure if I am blogging with Peyton Manning, LeBron James or Mel Gibson. I've got you narrowed down that far. Yet...... So you see the problem of meeting,right ?

Still, as you say " It's like taking good news and turning it great. " So if you recognize me there Peyton introduce your self and I will gladly you buy you at least a beer in Norwalk's latest success story.

Great day to you

J Cooper

Just what we needed an Italian restaurant, we they serve wine and beer? Best of luck!


My husband will be in heaven!!!


Welcome to Norwalk. We will certainly be stopping in to partake of the food. Good luck in your endeavors.


Awesome! Finally an Italian restaurant! Can't wait to try it out. Best of luck!


Indeed, Norwalk might have found a more price efficient Olive Garden with Homemade Recipes. Good Luck & will definitely be by to try it out.


I love italian food! Can't wait to try the food. Will they be posting a menu online? I would love to see what is on the menu


Tu sei bella signorina
You're the one I've been waiting for!


Make my reservation for 6:00 pm for 2 Please. This is great... !
Good Luck !


So refreshing to see a positive comments section. Good luck to this restaurant!


If I am not mistaken they served some of their pizza during the Norwalk Fourth of July Parade and it was very delicious. Looking forward to trying more


This is fantastic news!! Stuffed shells is my fave.


GOOD!! Now have Bar 145 and an Italian Eatery! Can't wait to get some good burgers and good Italian! Hope all goes well! I'll be there!


GREAT! Glad to have an Italian restaurant and not another Chinese, Mexican or Pizza place! Can't wait to try it, I love Italian food!
Welcome to Norwalk :)


I hope there are Solanum melongena recipes in there somewhere.


Great news. Best of luck and let's support them !


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welcome..hope you are priced to stay in norwalk


You mean like a $4.95 blue plate special? How about people coming off the moldy money and actually paying a fair price, instead of wanting more, more, more for less, less, less. Tired of cheap people b***hing about nowhere decent to eat because they don't want to spend more than $10 a person for a nice dinner. Cheap food is not good, and good food is not cheap. Realize that and you will enjoy eating out a lot more. Spend some of the mold. Can't take it with you.


Re: "Can't take it with you."

But you can often leave it to those that may sincerely need it.

Save money - learn to cook.


Actually Condowner,I have been in the restaurant business for 30+ years. So before you talk crud, better make sure who you're talking to. So you can take your cheap **s and stay home and make your T.V. dinner at $3.29. Wouldn't want you to smell the place up with your moldy money. Plus I'm sure you wouldn't have anything positive to say anyways.


Re: "I have been in the restaurant business for 30+ years,"

Bussing tables doesn't count.


Again Condowner, I have owned 2 restaurants and am currently in a position that pays much more than you will see in a year. So, again, before you talk your crap and think you are better than everyone, you should really know who you're talking to. So, basically, shut-up you negative pr**k.


Re: "you should really know who you're talking to."

In that case: Ask more questions, bloviate less.


I bet you're fun at parties.