Deputies seize 100 marijuana plants in Willard wildlife area

Pot plants found in "The Muck."
Scott Seitz2
Aug 9, 2014


Huron County Sheriff's Office deputies seized about 100 marijuana plants Thursday in rural Willard.

"Several members of the road-patrol division responded to an area commonly referred to as "The Muck" which is the wildlife area outside of Willard," Sheriff Dane Howard said.

Howard said the marijuana plants were located in an area he called a "thicket."

This area was discovered off Baseline Road.

No arrests were made as the investigation continues, the sheriff said.

"There were all sizes of plants," Howard said.

"It was a brief investigation," he added. "The deputies reacted quickly to the information provided."

Howard said the wildlife area is owned by the state of Ohio and is mainly used by hikers and sportsmen.



They said they had 700 plants or something like that to hang when this went over scanner. idk what happened during the period i couldn't hear anything, but when referencing this, it was a lot more. That's just unbelievable that this dummy actually thought they'd get away with this!!!


They're pot heads! Their brains are fried!


Dang it! It was 775 plants n how they find that!?!?! I thought I hid it so good!!!


Shocker!! Drugs found at the Muck??? Gee, never would have guessed that.


Gee, I hope it doesn't get lost in the magical storage barn. LOL.

So shocking it was found, what, did people from Donnelly's or Pepperidge try to supplement their income a little or what?

Ahem, ahem


...muck pot is happy pot...


At least it's pot! I'd rather hear that, then them finding 100 needles!!! (which I hope they do) Marijuana's not anything anymore.....don't smoke, but they need to take care of the heroin epidemic first!! Let's focus more on that, then the pot!!!!


I'm thinking muck pot taste like radishes.


...and some pot tastes like other veggies ...take a leek, for instance...


Dagnabbit, they found my stash. Lol