Kitten hitches a ride to Norwalk

Woman says she kept hearing what sounded like a "meow" from a cat during the entire trip.
Scott Seitz2
Aug 9, 2014


A kitten hitched a ride from Plymouth to Norwalk on Thursday.

Jamie Ray, of Plymouth, said she was taking a normal trip from Plymouth to Norwalk when she kept hearing what sounded like a "meow" from a cat during the entire trip.

Ray said when she stopped her vehicle at West Side Sunoco in Norwalk, she still heard the "meowing."

"We checked under the hood and found the cat in the engine," she said. "The cat was OK. I don't know how it got in there. My car was in the garage in Plymouth."

Ray said an employee of West Side Sunoco said they would take the kitten home and attempt to find the animal a place to live.



...that is one lucky kitty ...hope it finds a forever home...


I know someone who might take it. She LOVES cats.


She has found a home with us. She is a welcomed new member of our family <3


...good on ya kiddo (don't ferget to get her spayed?)


As soon as she is old enough she will be spayed :) she is about 5 weeks we think.

TheGravyWhisperer o' luck ...wife and I have enjoyed our two over the years was a foster critter (a sleek tabby) the other (a tortie) spent more than a year in the rescue cage ...they rarely let her out, thinking she wasn't spayed (she had been) and about a week after we had her home she did a complete backflip from a standstill, just out of the blue - guess it was her way of saying "yippee!" ...anyway - I ramble...

Kottage Kat

Bless you its worth a big nickle
Have 4 you will enjoy yours.