Plymouth gets $108,300 grant

Money to be used to train, support and protect first-responders in Plymouth.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Aug 6, 2014


U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) today announced that Plymouth Volunteer Fire Department has been awarded $108,300 for Operations and Safety by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG) program.

“Firefighters and first responders keep our communities safe in times of crisis,” Brown said. “These new federal resources will help ensure that Plymouth’s skilled responders have the updated resources they need to safely do their jobs.”

Plymouth Volunteer Fire Department was awarded this funding as part of the round 16 competitive Fiscal Year 2013 AFG Program announcements.

The Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG) program helps firefighters and other first responders improve their ability to protect the public and themselves. Projects funded in the Operations and Safety category include training, facility upgrades and modifications, and supplies such as protective equipment.



that's why Shiloh has to come over when no one shows up from Plymouth What a joke


Are you on our department? We do what we can with for our community and we work very hard at it. So instead of coming on here and trying to bash a fire department why don't you try helping for a change! We need more members and are looking everyday so before you go opening your mouth why don't you come get an application!


I agree 100%. I'm also on a small, Volunteer dept., and get really tired of hearing everyone complain about everything we do, yet none of them want to step up and join. These smaller departments do everything they can with diminishing manpower and older equipment. You should be very thankful for you small, volunteer fire departments.


Oh you crazy vollie's. Can't you all just get along?


Last I knew Richland county has automatic mutual aid. So when Plymouth is dispatched for a structure fire Shiloh or Shelby is automatically dispatched. Remember they have full time jobs and may not be able to respond.


Plymouth should annex Willard, get a grant and use it to re-open the pool.


Isn't it interesting that a tiny town like Plymouth with nearly NO tax base at all (unless you count a total of about 5 retail establishments)
Can not only maintain their streets in nearly PERFECT CONDITION YEAR ROUND but they can also maintain their wonderful pool (charging nearly nothing to swim there!) and they also maintain their absolutely Gorgous park...
With a total tax base income of:
50 cents!?
The City of Willard has 4 MAJOR industries (dont say TAX ABATEMENT I dont buy it and the portion that's been abated was chosen by Willard council members so ZIP IT lol)
How many retail establishments does Willard collect sales taxes from?
They can't run their pool???
They can't fix their potholes???
They can't maintain their park???




Absolutely LOVE Plymouth & their fire department :-)
Which causes me to worry.......
What (federal) strings are attached to this (bait) money???
Nothing comes for free (esp when it comes to the Dept of Homeland Security lol)
What's been lost?
Whats in the fine print???


anyone eat at the Plymouths fireman festival?? the burned up chicken on the outside and raw in the middle


What did they do when you took it back and showed them? Did they offer a properly cooked replacement out of the hundreds they cooked? Or a refund if you asked respectfully? Oh you didn't take it back. You didn't want to offend them. Got it. Glad you had the chance to do it here, then. Much easier than giving them a chance to make it right in the first place.

Just Another Voice

I agree Scooter. Ole Snuffy seems like he would rather complain on here than to address his issues through the proper channels, wether it's an issue with the department or his chicken not being cooked to his liking. Smh at people like him.