Inmates protest maggots by throwing away lunches

Fly larvae were found under a stainless-steel serving line during a pre-meal inspection.
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Aug 6, 2014


Protesting another discovery of maggots, about 1,000 inmates at the Ohio Reformatory for Women at Marysville dumped their lunches in the trash yesterday.

The fly larvae were found under a stainless-steel serving line during a pre-meal inspection, and the area was sanitized, said JoEllen Smith, spokeswoman for the state Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.

However, after the report circulated among the 2,700 prisoners, about 1,000 women dumped their lunches, which consisted of macaroni and ham, coleslaw, greens, an apple and bread, she said.

Prison officials reported that “no significant problems” accompanied the prisoners’ evening meal.

The report of maggots was the second in the Marysville prison and the eighth confirmed case in a state prison this year.

Maggots also were found yesterday on a shelf near the meal serving line at the Trumbull Correctional Institution near Warren in northeastern Ohio, Smith said.

Neither Marysville nor Trumbull served prisoners contaminated food, she said.

The continuing reports of maggots come as prison officials ratchet up pressure on the meal-service vendor, Aramark Correctional Services, to improve its operations.

The state has fined the Philadelphia-based company $272,300 for a lack of cleanliness, a lack of employees and other problems since it took over meal service in state prisons from unionized state employees in September.

“This is something we take very seriously, and we continue to discuss these matters with Aramark. We’ve made it clear improvements must continue,” Smith said.

The Ohio Reformatory for Women is among seven prisons where most of the food-related problems have occurred, prison officials have said.

Aramark has defended its performance, saying it is correcting problems and has saved the state more than $13 million under its two-year, $110 million contract.

Company spokeswoman Karen Cutler said the new discovery of maggots was “highly suspicious” because the Marysville prison kitchen recently passed inspections by the government and a third-party auditor hired by Aramark.

Prison officials have notified Aramark that they are “looking into all potential causes for any alleged infestations, including issues with pest control and infrastructure within the facilities, which are not our responsibility,” Cutler said.

Christopher Mabe, president of the Ohio Civil Service Employees Association, said, “We don’t believe Aramark can recover from this. It’s our hope to get back to the table with DR&C and talk about getting this under control.”

Amid arbitration over the issue, the union wants the state to put unionized workers back in charge of prison food service.


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Maggots are an inexpensive way to get a high protein diet.

JMOP's picture

Most of these people shoot unknown substances in their bodies, have sexual relations with unknown partners, but to see a maggot, that's just GROSS. Time to protest.


Just think of all the maggots they could have fed by not dumping out their food... Its appalling...

Tippythehippy's picture

Why not go back to the way they were running things? Have farms that the inmates work on, providing food for their own selves? I know MANCI used to have a working farm....


That is a genius idea! The inmates can take ownership and maybe realize hard work equals better food. But, I've said it before..... I can be naive.


Tippy, you're a trippy hippie


self esteem from growing & harvesting your own food would be great therapy, but, alas that is cruel & unusual punishment.

swiss family

so the inmates threw away their food in protest of maggots??? who did that hurt???Whom do they think cares so much that they are eating their meals every day??I am always confused when inmates go on a "hunger strike"??? did they forget where they are?? did they forget that most people don't really care what happens to them, because they probably deserve to be exactly where they are,because of some injustice that they created on someone else or a group of innocent people, and now they are in the "punishment" phase of their life, so if they go hungry, in fact if they choose to starve themselves and make room for more criminals, I doubt if too many people would see that as a terrible thing, in my opinion