Fair offers two-for-one: Luke Bryan and Lady Antebellum

Once again, the Huron County Fair Board has lured rising stars to the county fair - this year Luke Bryan and Lady Antebellum will perform on Monday, August 11. Luke Bryan, whose 2007 single "All My Friends Say,' brought him to the forefront of the country music scene, will headline the Huron County Fair concert.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


Once again, the Huron County Fair Board has lured rising stars to the county fair — this year Luke Bryan and Lady Antebellum will perform on Monday, August 11.

Luke Bryan, whose 2007 single “All My Friends Say,” brought him to the forefront of the country music scene, will headline the Huron County Fair concert.

In a two-for-one-deal, concert-goers will also hear Lady Antebellum, the trio nominated for “Top New Group” at the 2008 Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards. The group’s first single, “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore,” soared up the country radio charts and the video is a staple on Country Music Television and Great American Country.

Tickets cost $12 for general admission, $15 for box seats and $18 for track seats.

Pre-sale tickets for the concert will be available from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., beginning Saturday, at the Huron County Fairgrounds. Mail and phone orders will be filled after 11 a.m. each day. Call (419) 668-0516 for ticket orders. Mail orders can be sent to Huron County Fair, 940 Fair Road, Norwalk, Ohio, 44857.

Both acts have strong roots in country music. Bryan co-wrote Billy Currington’s single “Good Directions,” which spent three weeks at number one on the Billboard country charts in the summer of 2007.

Bryan’s debut album for Capitol, titled “I’ll Stay Me,” was also popular, while the album’s second single, “We Rode in Trucks,” peaked in the Top 40 earlier this year.

A third single, “Country Man,” was released in February and became a Top 40 hit on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Lady Antebellum has performed at the Grand ‘Ole Opry, served as the opening act for numerous country stars and has been included on the shortlist of artists to watch in 2008. Nashville Lifestyles magazine called them “the next big thing.”

Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley and Dave Haywood blend musical styles of country and other sounds to generate interest even before the release of the group’s debut album.


David Deerest.

I was hoping for REO or Foghat myself...

swiss family

to "Deer Dave" you are really showing your age!! besides, by all appearances, it seems like your relationship with djrimmer, makes you a "foghat"lololol

swiss family

i do think that it's a great idea by the fair board, to offer two for one entertainment!! this can only bring in more crowds, which translates into more money... good job

David Deerest.

Actually I was really hoping for Stone Temple Pilots and Alice in Chains, but they were booked. STP is in Cleveland next week and I'LL BE THERE! F'in A!
(how old am I now, swiss?)

swiss family

it sounds like they need an opening act still, to get things started.. some kind of comic act.. someone who thinks they are really funny, someone who is easily amused, someone who craves attention....... hhhmmmm hey Deer Dave you just might be the man for the job !!! call the fair board and see if they could use you !!!! you could be famous... "some people wait a lifetime, for a moment like this"

David Deerest.

Will you just shut up and quit talking to me like I'm your friend or something. And WHO craves attention? Who goes against every moral fiber of a human being to side with the bad guy? Who goes into a story looking for an argument by naming people out- ie Brants, Cases, Blankenships?? Not me, sister. You're just friggin' whigged out. Quit talking to me. Don't respond to me or talk trash about my postings. Leave me totally alone.


Now, now, boys! Don't make me stop this car or I'll give you something to cry ABOUT.

This might be a good place to kick start the discussion about harness racing at the fair. Two years ago, the Fair Board tried to stop it and were met with much resistance, so they reinstated it. Then they came back the next year and harness racing got killed without a whimper. How come ?

I was not a big harness racing fan (just like NASCAR, all they do is make left turns), but it was fun to watch for the couple of nights it was there. To think they threw it out for - choke - a cheerleading contest. I think harness racing is as fundamental and all-American as the fair itself.

Anyone else ?


Holy Sh!t!! That Luke Bryan is really hot!!

David Deerest.

Richard, if it's not Thistledown, I don't want to go. But to tell you the truth, I don't think I've been to the fair (Huron Co.) in over 20 years. Went to the Ohio state fair a few years back. I'm only in it for the snacks. No rides, no harness racing, no bands, no funhouses- just give me food. I'll be obedient and do whatever I'm told, just don't stop feeding me all of that delicious fair food. I remember those powdered waffles on the way out of the Huron Co. fair, and the hot corn on the cob stand right by the exit. are they still there, after all these years?


Dave, the food you described is still there, and just waiting for you in August. Since we didn't meet up at Casa, you'll have to stop by our camper at the fair. Our son is in 4-H, so we're there just about 24/7 that week. I wouldn't miss any of it.

When you're there, get off the midway and into the barns and exhibition buildings. You'll see the hard work put into their projects by many youth in 4-H, FFA, and schools.

swiss family

to Deer Dave, hey cuz, does that mean that you won't invite me out for lunch anymore???ouch!!! that really hurts!!!

i wondered why the fair seemed to be soooo good for the past 20 or so years.. now you have hit the nail right on the head, when you said that you haven't been there!!! that is probably why i enjoyed going there so much !!! thanks for the insight!!!.

i am really upset that you don't like me anymore... who will i ever eat lunch with??/ i have grown so accustomed to your wit and sarcasm.. kind of like when you step in a pile of dog droppings, and it sticks to your shoes... at first you hate the fact that it smells so bad, and that it never really totally gets off the bottom of your shoe... but then you learn to get used to it..it kind of becomes a part of you.. even though it's the worst part of you, it is still a part of you !!!and then one day, it is totally gone!!! and you kind of miss it, ... that's how i think of you .."cuz" you can hate me, and you can say mean things to me, but, i will always be a part of you !!!! we are family!!! and family sticks together!!!!

David Deerest.


David Deerest.

I lied about being related to Harding. I would rather die then to be any part of your family. You put the FUN in dysFUNctional.

swiss family

sorry Deer Dave, but you can't change our family tree at this point!!!lololol
in all seriousness cousin, it is really too bad that you never give your opinion on any of the stories, it might even make you sound intelligent, if that's possible!!! it seems that your only opinion is that i am wrong!! or that i am a hypocrite, or whatever, but you obviously don't read my posts carefully, because i am neither..
it might really be interesting to hear what your opinions are on these topics, instead of just reading your blogs where you feel the need to tear me apart... oh, it doesn't bother me, when you say things against me, because i learned along time ago, in grade school, that it is the people who are the shallowest, and who have the most to hide, that think that it's a "hoot" to make fun of others for no apparent reason !!! so trust me, i am mature enough to know that you are only really covering for your own shortcomings, when you put me down..but seriously, it might be interesting to hear what your opinions are on the topics at hand...
it seems that your opinions are mostly about what a waste of space i am, or what a hypocrite i am, or what kind of gossip you can spread.. and that is a shame.. it would be interesting to see what your thoughts really are, (if you have any) and find out what you are all about...
yes there is that fear that other people might disagree with your opinions.. but that is the chance you take... and it really doesn't matter who agrees or disagrees... it is nice to put your opinion out there, for others to share.. but if you really can't take the heat, and if you are really that insecure that others will disagree with you, and you might feel like a loser... than, by all means, keep picking on me and others, and never give a real opinion of your own.. we will understand..we will look on you in a sad and pathetic way, but we will understand.... me, i can take the heat, and i welcome others opinions of me.. even if they are totally wrong about me, ... i will survive!!!

David Deerest.

Quit talking to me. Now.


Why is it the only musical entertainment for the fair is *yuck* country singers? I'm so sick of it, the only thing worth watching out there now is the Tractor Pulls. I just can't get into country and never will.*yuck*