Willard 'out of money,' forced to close pool early

June 18 storms still taking its toll on city.
Aaron Krause
Aug 5, 2014


Area residents who enjoy the city pool might have to find alternative ways of beating the heat as summer winds down.

City manager Brian Humphress said Willard will close the pool sometime this week.

"We're basically out of money," the city manager said. He added the city is trying to determine how much it will be reimbursed from damage inflected by the June 18 storm. That could determine how long the pool will remain open, he said.

The cost of the clean up exceeds $40,000, with final figures to be determined, Humphress said. The money will come out of the city's general fund and street fund, he said.

Humphress also said the pool opened earlier this year than previous years.



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believe it

Racism is alive and well. Unfortunate.


Why is the truth always considered racist?


I'm against illegal immigration, because my great-grandparents came here legally over a hundred years ago. However, illegal immigration has nothing to do with racism.


It is too many people..
If you are against illegal immigrants migrating freely across the border, you are labeled Racist!

believe it

No that's not racist. But when you start stereotyping people and degrading them, then yes that is.


Too many needles lying around the parks to let kids play there anyhow.


i always make my kids pick up their needles if they throw them down in the park.


Absolutely. One cant have too many kids....Or needles...


This the "Poorest " Excuse anyone good ever come up with ! It's a shame the Willard City manager even comes up with this !

believe it

Want him to pull money out of his a**?


That's where most of it goes!


The only city in America with this much revenue and industry for such a small size and we are broke.

Sounds again like more and more mismanaged money. Time to make cuts where they are needed, not wanted.

Times have changed regarding the pool. The numbers attending are at historic lows. When I was a kid the pool was packed each and every summer day. Now you drive by and it looks like a bathhouse/babysitting lounge for a couple dozen kids. I asked a life guard this summer about attendance and she said its dead there nearly all of the time.

2 things need to happen here. Our leaders need to figure out a way to get more kids there with incentives or making it dirt cheap OR contact a cement company and fill the thing in. I can see it now, POOL LEVY coming to Willard soon.


YAY you win! You guessed it!
YES - It's the Willard Park Levy! On the ballot this fall!


Or we could make it mandatory that every person busted with Heroin and Meth in Willard must show up and swim in the city pool for a week as punishment. That pool will be packed all summer long.


The city manager does this bc he believes that this will hurt the city residents enough to force them to vote on and pass levies that he wants. He turns away so much business that residents know nothing about. TSC said they never seen a city fight there company from coming to town. CM you must go. Businesses everywhere in town and the city is hurting? Come on people. Voice your opinion and force CM out of town and take our town back!!


Was always told that Walmart had looked at the old Pamida building as well but was chased away. Also heard rumors that Bob Evans wanted to come to town but was chased away too.


Willard needs all kinds of new stores like Walmart something besides drug mart and the Dollar store. We also need different restaurants. These have been here forever, tired of driving to Mansfield or Sandusky for something decent to eat


Snuff in order for more upscale restaurants to come to this area you have to bring in more upscale people. People that will go out and spend 50-60 on a good meal and drinks. Unfortunately, those days will never come to Willard and we will always be stuck with making that 30-40 mile trip. Willard is more full of meth heads and heroin junkies that ever before. These people eat up government money and destroy small towns.

Thankfully, we have booming industry around us, a new school on the way, a new hospital and a few small business's opening in this area. If it wasn't for those things, this town would dry up and everyone of working value would vanish.

MI Smooth

It's certainly unfortunate that this is happening. However, when you have more tax consumers than taxpayers this is the result you can expect.

enough of the bs

The City Dictator just likes to make the residents suffer until he can force them to pass levies. I agree with yellitoutloud, residents need to take charge and remove this guy before he makes this town worse. Out of money? It certainly isn't because of street repair, how about all of the water lines breaking in the town lately? This town is crumbling because the proper money isn't being spent to maintain it. How can the City be broke when nothing ever seems to get repaired? Willard needs a new City Manager while there is still a City left to manage, this guy has definitely overstayed his welcome...

enough of the bs

Also as arnmcrmn stated the amount of industry with MTD, Donnelly, Pepperidge, all the fast food places the car dealerships and the little shopping plazas and their is no money??? I'm sure the revenue is coming in, the problem is commonly referred to as financial mismanagement. Kinda makes you wonder where the money is at if it isn't in the proper accounts to maintain the bills coming in.


$40000 loss due to the storm? What was lost? Tree limbs, yes. What else? What needed fixed? That's right, nothing! Employees wages was all that was lost. They took their sweet time cleaning up too. There was the park building but city insurance fixing that. This is just a way the CM trying to play his game. Stand up Willard and stomp out the problem!


The Willard Times said in an article the loss was $50,000 and later $100,000 now here it's $40,000. So which is it?


Listen we are stuck with BH until he retires. Our city council just will not remove him. It's no different than our roads. What bone head leader actually goes on record saying he will let the city streets turn to gravel before they use saved money to fix our roads. It's his way or no way, levy or gravel roads. Hell, he won't even allow city employees to conversation with the council on things of concern. It all has to go through him or he threatens to fire them. The fact is he isn't the boss the council is and he and they must have forgotten that. There is absolutely no reason with our industry why we should not have roads of gold.

We do not have a leader. We have a man obsessed with certain departments and just buying his time until retirement.

Fibber Mcgee

Just asking here was there ever a city manager that you liked in Willard?


Unfortunately I have only lived in Willard as a working citizen the last 9 years.

Fibber Mcgee

Understand, but wonder if others in the Blossom City have ever liked their CM?


I heard many that want to go back to the mayor form and do away with a city manager all together.


First of all people, we have needed a new city manager since he took over. He has no reality of what is going on and doesn't care. He is ajoke