FitzGerald apparently drove illegally after dropping off woman

Ohio's Democratic gubernatorial nominee: "This was a mistake."
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Aug 4, 2014


Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ed FitzGerald had not had a regular Ohio driver’s license for at least five years when Westlake police found him in a car with a woman early one morning two years ago.

If he drove his car after dropping her off at her hotel, as he said he did, he would have violated Ohio law requiring those with just the temporary permit that he had to drive only when accompanied by a licensed driver.
According to records at the state Bureau of Motor Vehicles, FitzGerald, a Democrat running against Republican Gov. John Kasich, held temporary driving permits in 2008-09, 2010-11, and 2011-12 before getting a driver’s license on Nov. 15, 2012.
FitzGerald and the woman in his car, Joanne Grehan, an economic development representative from Ireland, were found by a Westlake police officer sitting in FitzGerald’s car in a parking lot at 4:30 a.m. on Oct. 13, 2012.
It’s unclear why FitzGerald, a former FBI agent and assistant county prosecutor who was the mayor of Lakewood from 2008 to 2011 and has been the Cuyahoga County executive since then, did not have a regular driver’s license during that time. Bureau of Motor Vehicle records go back to 2007, and FitzGerald hadn’t had a license from then until he was issued one in November two years ago.
If FitzGerald drove alone at any time during that five-year span from 2007 to late 2012, he would have been driving illegally, said Lindsey Bohrer, spokeswoman for the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles. And during the period when he did not have a temporary permit, he would have violated the law anytime he took the wheel, regardless of who was along.
“This was a mistake,” FitzGerald told The Dispatch, through campaign spokesman Daniel McElhatton. “I apologize, and since 2012 I have had a valid driver’s license.” McElhatton declined to answer any other questions, including why FitzGerald had temporary permits for those years, whether he drove alone during those years, or when FitzGerald last had an Ohio driver’s license.
The first offense for driving without a license is a minor misdemeanor punishable by up to a $150 fine.
News broke on Friday that FitzGerald and Grehan, who was part of an Irish delegation visiting Cleveland and is a friend of FitzGerald, were found by a Westlake officer responding to a call that two people had been parked in a nearly vacant industrial complex parking lot for about 30 minutes.
FitzGerald and Grehan have said that nothing inappropriate happened in the car. FitzGerald said in a Columbus news conference on Friday that they were parked there because they couldn’t find Grehan’s hotel on their way from a night of partying with members of the Irish delegation and stopped to “get our bearings.” FitzGerald said he was a designated driver that night and hadn’t taken a drink for several hours.
Police didn’t document anything untoward at the scene two years ago. In separate conversations that night with a Westlake police dispatcher, two officers noted that the “registered owner” of the car (FitzGerald) had a “licensed driver” with him.
Reached for comment and further explanation, Westlake police Capt. Guy Turner would only say, “I am going to let the public records speak for themselves.”
If Grehan had a valid Irish driver’s license, that would have allowed her to drive legally in the U.S. Grehan did not respond to a Dispatch request seeking comment.
FitzGerald noted on Friday that the police visit to his car “didn’t even amount to a situation that resulted in a traffic ticket.”

By Joe Vardon - The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio (MCT)

Dispatch reporter Alan Johnson contributed to this story.
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He needs to step down now. He is already a disgrace to this state and the politics from that county they call Coyohoga can stay there and so can Fitz

The Answer Person

If this is the worst thing that a man does, then get over it. By the way, you need to go back to retake your spelling classes if you are going to attack people.

JMOP's picture

"The worst thing this man does"

Which worst are you referring to? Cheating, lying to everyone, or breaking the laws?


Answer person, enjoy you free hand me outs while you can. Once your retard is out of office you will again have to work for a living. As for my spelling, You are a hgue rtared who is cuelses to no end.

JMOP's picture

I'm not an expert in this field, I know the basics. But did she hold a drivers license here in the states? He has to be with a licensed driver if it were to be legal. It stated she is from Ireland, but never did it say a resident living here. In which case you need an address to get a license right?

"If FitzGerald drove alone at any time during that five-year span from 2007 to late 2012, he would have been driving illegally, said Lindsey Bohrer". ~ I don't know why she said alone only. She should've also said with an unlicensed passengers.


Phillipino tilt-o-whurl operators are this nations backbone!!!!! Lol


Phenomenal comment superman!


Re: "violated Ohio law,"

Lord knows that this guy's politics and economic proposals are 'bass-ackwards,' but this occurred almost 2 yrs. ago and there was no accident or unfortunate event.

A non-story.


Wrong, a politician who broke the law once, will do it again and again and again. He needs to be held accountable.


Re: "He needs to be held accountable."

A TOTAL waste of judicial time and taxpayer money.

Current polls show Mr. FitzGerard going down to defeat.

Who cares?


shovelhead's picture

I won't vote for this guy.....he is probably a jay-walker too.

J Cooper

He wants to be governor and he can't follow the Ohio drivers licensing laws. Does he want to be governor so that the state supplies him with a driver?

Dr. Information

"What does it matter now"- H. Clinton


How can you be an FBI agent, County Prosecutor, and Mayor without ever having a drivers license?

Seems that all of those jobs require some amount of driving.

swiss family

I think that once again we are deliberately being led by the media. Yes he was questionably in a vehicle alone with this woman... OK SO WHAT????? shouldn't that be something between him and his wife??? is he running to be the Pope???? heck I am willing to bet that even the Pope has some skeletons in his closet, in fact I would be more than willing to bet on it, and yet he heads the Church???

Even if this man stepped outside of his marital vows,and let's just say "took advantage" of the situation....and if he did..he will have to live with that... but it still is less than the offense of his opponent, who has "taken advantage" of all of the people he is supposed to represent, while in office.because , after all,name 2 or 3 politicians that currently are in office that you are happy I think maybe he "screwed 1, compared to the current people in place that have screwed my opinion

J Cooper

This guy wants us to trust him as governor, when his own wife of 28 years can't. Last I checked the voters of the State of Ohio didn't elect the Pope.

swiss family

I believe his own wife will trust him as governor.. and you are correct, the people of Ohio do not elect the Pope, why would you think that they did???

Now The Rest of...

How can his wife ever trust him again, she probably can't, but that's her problem, the citizens of Ohio can't.
Do you really think Hillary ever trusted slick Willy again, most womanizers are not one timers... As high public officer holders they expose themselves to blackmail and being compromised....

J Cooper

swissey, dah, really, once again sarcasm wasted on you.

swiss family

hahahahaaahahaahaahaha.........................HOOK.....LINE....AND SINKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J Cooper

You off your meds again!


as a Republican I'm worried,the more affairs Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy had the more popular they were,especially when they were quick pick-ups


They were novices to JFK !


And of course JFK's middle name was FitzGerald!!!


absolutely jackel,thats why I'm worried

MI Smooth

Wow! Fitz is a typical liberal that believes that the law only applies to other people. With his varied resume, one would assume he'd know better. He couldn't even properly vet a running mate and all of this new information is certainly showing his arrogance and incompetence. Give it up now and quit embarrassing your family any further. It's not going to get any better for you or them in November...

Cliff Cannon

Ohio's Democratic gubernatorial nominee: "This was a mistake."

No doubt about it. ( That is if he is referring to running for governor )


Re: " held temporary driving permits in 2008-09, 2010-11, and 2011-12 before getting a driver’s license on Nov. 15, 2012."

Because of the amt. of public transportation & cabs it's not that unusual for people in major cities who live and work downtown not to hold driver's licenses.

(Once read where GM was transferring execs from NYC to Detroit and they had to get driver's licenses. )

But this number of temp. permits is kinda odd. Wonder what the reason is?

J Cooper

On the night of the incident the young lady was helping him by shifting the stick, she later found out the car had an automatic transmission.