Attorney general sending investigators to monitor possible price gouging in Toledo

Stores selling out of bottled water supplies as a result of Toledo’s water crisis.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Aug 4, 2014


Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine today said that his office is actively monitoring possible price gouging complaints regarding bottled water as a result of Toledo’s water crisis.

“We have seen the best of many Ohioans who have generously helped those needing water in the Toledo area, but we also have heard allegations of possible price gouging in the area,” DeWine said. “We are actively monitoring complaints related to the Toledo water crisis. Those who think they are overpaying for water should contact the Ohio Attorney General’s Office immediately and provide information about where the water was being sold and the price paid.”

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office is sending representatives to monitor water prices in the Toledo area.

Laws that address price gouging vary from state to state. While Ohio does not have a statute that deals directly with price gouging, state law bans unconscionable sales practices.

A practice could be considered unconscionable if the supplier knew at the time of the transaction that the price was substantially higher than the price at which similar goods or services could be readily obtained. It is also an unfair and deceptive practice to dramatically increase the price of in-stock products based solely in response to current events.

Consumers who suspect price gouging or other unfair business practices should contact the Ohio Attorney General’s Office by calling 800-282-0515 or visiting Consumers should submit as much information and documentation as possible with their complaints.



Why did they not investigate when Columbia Gas raised the price of natural gas right after the blizzard/arctic outbreak? Remember the big shortage? Gas bills doubled? The supply and demand. They knew there would be a shortage back last fall and it hit right after the arctic outbreak....they allowed the price gouge! No 1-800# to call. No AG to investigate. Heating oil prices doubled if not tripled and you only got a fill of half your order. Even if you pre-ordered/pre-paid at a set price they gouged it. Noone did a thing about it.
Or how about everytime someone sneezes in the Middle East and the price of oil goes up. Supply and demand. Every freaks. Supply MIGHT be threatened. So the price goes up. Again...price gouge...Noone does anything about it. No 1-800# to call. No AG to investigate.

Why are they so worried about the bottled water NOW? Why not investigate the price of a bottle of water at Cedar Point?!?!? A bottle of water at a Cleveland Indians game?!?!? A bottle at the Toledo Mud Hens game at a Walleye Game? Who are they kidding?


Why? It is BIG business.


Wait a minute, if I put a price on something that is higher than other stores it is price gouging? As a consumer, you just don't buy it, you go somewhere else. If you are the only one that has water left, of course you raise the price, supply and demand.

swiss family

good// and while they are at it.. I hope they investigate the prescription drug field.. and please find out why any pill should ever cost 40 dollars each??? or more??? and how is it legal for any gas station to pay x amount for the gas in their tanks, then the price goes up and they can raise the price and charge their customers the new inflated price instead of being based on what they bought it for in the first place..(not what they bought it for, but based on what they bought it for and for just the few "pennies" that the owners keep telling us that they make per gallon") to me that is gouging as well... and while they are at it maybe they can find out why a small little nowhere place like fitchville can have gas at least a dime cheaper most of the time, tan any of the Norwalk stations?? if anything he should be able to charge more because if you get out that far, you might not see another gas station for miles and miles...I agree with lady...but they will never investigate the gas and the drugs and oil, because they all make lots of money from that . and after this is all said and done they will figure out a way to get a cut in the natural resources as well like air and water, so if anyone had a dream of ever having a car that ran on water, trust me water will be twice as expensive as gas is now if that ever happens.


One question Swiss, what if a gas station payed 4 dollars a gallon and the price went down? should they sell it at a loss? It is all about replacement cost, start a business then come here and rant about what ever you want, until then STFU, you know nothing about how the real world works, and I'm sure you are an employee and not an employer :)

swiss family

wow Moderator that sure sounds like an attack to me... if I had said that to your boy Cliff you would have erased it... you now it, and I know it... so why are the rules different for different people... does it go by how far you have your head up the Editors butt????


boo hoo..

swiss family would they sell it for a loss.. they sell it based on what they paid for it... again... what they PAID FOR there is NO LOSS and I would not brag too awful much about being a business owner especially a gas station owner in Norwalk... because you know and I know and all of Norwalk knows that you all are price gouging your friends neighbors and even family because you think you can... because if we can buy gas 10 to 20 cents CHEAPER in an oasis like Fitchville than in Norwalk, you know you are GOUGING us because you CAN so hold your head high Honey, and be so very proud that you are robbin, I mean that you know how to run a gas station in Norwalk and only make "pennies" on gas.. and yes we do know that there are 100 pennies in a dollar. keep up the good work,now you can STFU


Never said I owned a gas station, but it is a commodity and the price changes daily from the refinery, watch CNBC and check the RBOB gas price. By the way, why has Norwalk been consistently lower than Sandusky for the past 3 months, I don't think they are gouging anyone. I personally never would drive out of my way to buy gas, the miles you drive end up costing you more.

swiss family

now you are getting off topic.. the question at hand is should the gas station sell the gas in the tanks according to what they paid for it or not.. I say yes, that would be fair, you tape.stock market.... replacement cost.....RBOB......eyc.. that is not the question at hand...I am outright asking you what is right??? what is fair??? what is respectful????? and no one in their right mind travels anywhere to get gas. we look it up on the computer and see the prices, then we plan our weeks and see if and when we might be headed out of town and possibly in that direction and fill up where it is chewaper, and usually it is much cheaper outside Norwalk I was in Sandusky today, Not to buy Gas but to buy some things not avilaqble in Norwalk and got gas because it was 10 cents CHEAPER per gallon