Norwalk company gets national exposure on reality TV series

Equestrian equipment used on 'Big Brother' episode.
Cary Ashby
Aug 21, 2014


Some Norwalk-based equestrian equipment recently had national exposure on a reality television series.

Six of Frankie Lovato Jr.'s Equicizers were used during a recent episode of "Big Brother." According to material from Wooden Horse Corp., the hand-crafted mechanical horses are used for exercise, training and therapy for beginners, instructors, professional athletes and "individuals with disabilities."

About a month ago, "Big Brother" producers contacted Lovato about using and possibly buying some Equicizers.


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Good luck to you guys & the television exposure never hurts in the long run for a business such as yours. Good stuff.


Very excited for you Frankie!


I hope the exposure helps you and your great product!! I'm glad you've got some well deserved recognition!

Cub Koda

Love to see Norwalk getting positive exposure

Cliff Cannon

Totally cool ! Here's hoping this exposure grows your business like flowers in spring !