FitzGerald says story about him and another woman a 'personal attack'

Police found Ohio’s Democratic candidate for governor in a parked car at 4:30 a.m. with a woman who is not his wife.
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Aug 2, 2014


Ohio’s Democratic candidate for governor Ed FitzGerald was forced to defend his reputation and answer questions about why police found him in a car in a Cleveland area parking lot at 4:30 a.m. with a woman who is not his wife.

The traffic stop occurred Oct. 13, 2012 after a witness called Westlake police to say the red Ford had been parked there for about 30 minutes, saying it seemed “a little fishy.”

FitzGerald, currently serving as Cuyahoga County executive, said there was nothing inappropriate going on — they had just stopped to check the GPS for directions — and the Westlake police officer found them talking and didn’t even bother to file a report.

FitzGerald, 46, a married father of four, called the news story an “unwarranted and cheap political attack” orchestrated by the Republican Governors Association, Ohio Republican Party and Gov. John Kasich’s re-election campaign team. He accused his Republican opposition of using government resources to try to dig up dirt and smear his reputation.

“What I do know is you had city of Westlake personnel on city time looking for dirt and bothering police officers about something that happened two years ago that didn’t even arise to the level of a traffic ticket,” he said at a press conference at the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police, which endorsed him this week. “And that is as sleazy as anything I’ve seen in Ohio politics.”

Kasich campaign spokeswoman Connie Wehrkamp said the governor’s re-election team would have nothing to say on the matter.

FitzGerald canceled an event in Dayton on Friday to go to Columbus and address the issue.

Here is FitzGerald’s account of why he was in a parked car with a woman in the early morning hours: He was hosting a trade delegation from Ireland. They went to a reception, dinner and after hours party in downtown Cleveland. He was one of two designated drivers. The group split up among two cars, got separated and got lost. He and Joanne Grehan stopped to call the other party and check GPS. A police officer approached and asked if everything was OK. The next day, the delegates came to his house for breakfast.

The witness who called police estimated that FitzGerald and Grehan had been stopped for 30 minutes. “That estimate sounds a little long to me,” he said.

FitzGerald said the Ohio GOP hired a law firm to search for police reports connected to the FitzGerald family home in Lakewood — turning up a traffic ticket his 17-year-old son received for having a cracked windshield. FitzGerald accused the Republicans of digging up dirt on his minor children and said Kasich should hold his campaign operatives accountable for such tactics.

Ohio Republican Party spokesman Chris Schrimpf said the party was not digging up dirt on FitzGerald teenagers. Instead, the party’s lawyers filed a public records request for police reports at his house to try to verify FitzGerald’s claim that he had death threats and it would be a security risk to release records documenting his comings and goings from government buildings, Schrimpf said.

“I’m not going to just sit here and take it. John Kasich authorized this in my opinion. If he didn’t authorize it he needs to come out and say that he doesn’t condone this kind of thing. If he thinks it’s acceptable to get into the gutter like this, he needs to come out and say that,” FitzGerald said.

FitzGerald said emails obtained from Westlake show that the research director for the Republican Governors Association was seeking records about the Oct. 2012 traffic stop and the Westlake mayor, a Republican, asked the then police chief about the incident as well. He said that spending city time and resources trying to dig up political dirt may amount to theft in office and once more records are obtained the matter may be referred to the Cuyahoga County prosecutor.

FitzGerald said the Kasich campaign is trying to distract from the issues of the campaign, such as cuts to local government that has led to lay offs of police and firefighters. He predicted that the story would backfire on Kasich “because the average voter cannot stand these kind of tactics.”

When a reporter asked if he and his passenger were fully clothed during the stop, FitzGerald called it a disgusting question not worthy of an answer. “I told you nothing inappropriate happened. They want to see … can they get a reporter to ask the lowest possible question. You might have won the contest.”

Montgomery County Democratic Party Chairman Mark Owens and Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley both said the Republicans are trying to dig up dirt where it doesn’t exist.

“Based on what I’ve seen about it’s just typical low road politics and that’s unfortunate,” Owens said. “The police were called to something. They found nothing inappropriate.”

Kettering Council member Rob Scott - co-founder of the Dayton Tea Party and former Montgomery County Republican Party chairman, said, “Anyone in a car at 4:30 a.m. with a woman not their wife is probably doing something they shouldn’t be.”

“Obviously it’s unfortunate if it was a bad choice by Mr. FitzGerald then it’s going to affect his family. Certainly it would have an effect on what kind of a quality of candidate he is for governor,” Scott said.


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Mr. Fitzgerald should have ex-president Bill Clinton come to Ohio and lead the defense team on this due to his experience in this type of thing.

JMOP's picture

If he's a cheater, he's a liar, or at the very least, a deceiver.


I just want to know his expenses and budget did he get her at ,newton,grand, or bous-cay??? if it was a low cost hoochie its a good thing


Fitzgerald probably did this himself. Lets keep this in mind, he supports obamacare which is a disaster, he supports illegal immigration and amnesty which is yet another disaster. He supports cheaters. And although he admits he was with this other lady, I dont by his story. NO ONE puts themselves alone with the opposite sex in these situations when they are married. This poor judgement on his part is what we do not want. and he leads Cuyahoga Co. That place has the HIGHEST taxes, crime rate through the roof and he thinks he can lead the state, now that is a joke!

Kottage Kat

Where does he fit with DiMora??

J Cooper

"Checking you GPS", is that what they call it know? Let not jump to conclusions, how many of us has been in a stopped car at 4:30AM in a parking lot with someone, not our spouse? Do I see another photo op with Huron County Dems soon?


Re: "stopped to check the GPS for directions,"

It took him "30 minutes" to check directions on a GPS?

And this guy says that he knows in what direction he wants to take the state?

Even if taken at his word, doesn't it tend to demonstrate that he's got a poor sense of direction?


Re: "in a car at 4:30 a.m. with a woman not their wife,"

In politics as in business, it's best to remove even the possibility of the 'appearance of impropriety.'

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swiss cheese kat

Fitz gets caught with his paints down and he blames republicans. That is funny enough

J Cooper

He lives there and is the County Executive of Cuyahoga County, former mayor of Lakewood and he needs a GPS?

Cliff Cannon

@J Cooper : Amen


"The Quinnipiac University poll shows Kasich ahead of FitzGerald 48 percent to 36 percent."

"The July 24-28 survey notes that many Ohioans still don't know much about FitzGerald,"

Tax, borrow and spend, spend, spend; what else does anyone need to know?

For all we know, perhaps the FitzGerald campaign let this story out in order to give him some free press.

One of the rules in politics:

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." (Napoleon Bonaparte)

Which if followed, would give the Kasich campaign little reason to promote this story.

Cliff Cannon

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." (Napoleon Bonaparte)

In spite of the fact I believe the world would've have been better off if this erroneous London newspaper report was accurate " Lt. Bonaparte killed near Toulon "

One does have to respect his knowledge of mankind


Re: "Bonaparte,"


There was a group in N. Orleans who were planning a rescue mission to Saint Helena, but they rec'd word that Napoleon had died before it could be carried out.

Also, interesting how some of the world's most infamous authoritarians, e.g. Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, were not native born in the country in which they eventually gained power.

Perhaps Mr. Obama? :)

Cliff Cannon

Very interesting point about Hitler, et al. ( Here's hoping Mr.Obama peacefully leaves office in '16. )

Regarding Bonaparte it is a dirty shame Von Blucher didn't get him at Waterloo, because no doubt he would've shot him. Then we wouldn't have the Napoleonic resurrection that came in large measure from his court on St.Helena. ( Check out how many gold napoleons it cost the British yearly to keep the would be rescuers away from St.Helena )

Personally, I always wondered why the French themselves didn't shoot the little $%$#@#. After all they shot Marshall Ney ( Who I believe to be a military genius ) after Waterloo. Oh well such is life.

Of course, the real beneficiary's of Bonaparte's ego mania is us American's. As we all remember we were only trying to buy New Orleans. When the offer for all of the Louisiana purchase was made.

Had Napoleon sent the ambitious young French men to build in an empire in America rather than to the grave in Europe. Our country would be English speaking east of the Mississippi ,French speaking in the middle and Spanish speaking on the west coast.

3 separate nations rather than the one and only United States of America. So on second thought. I guess I do kind of like the little $%#@@!!&


Re: "Waterloo."

Anecdotally, Napoleon supposedly had a meal consisting of fried potatoes the morning of the battle.

The subsequent indigestion perhaps helped to lead Napoleon to defeat.

Superstitiously, it's been often said to never eat similar fare prior to making any major decisions.

Cliff Cannon

" Superstitiously, it's been often said to never eat similar fare prior to making any major decisions. "

Never heard that one. It is a good one though. What I had read was he was very uncharacteristically indecisive that morning. As he kept moving back the start time for the ground to dry,etc. Which gave the Hessians enough time to get there.

Of course, Garouche might as well been in Paris in the barracks for all the help he was. Reasons vary of course but the simple answer seems best---he got lost. And this from a Marshall of one of history's greatest cartographers ? No doubt the ego maniac would like the fried potato legend better than the truth about this butt whipping

As much as I dislike the little $%%^&%^#$# he is interesting


You're obviously a student of "Le Petit Caporal" far more than me.

Pretty much just cursory knowledge.

An interesting article about the royal heads of Europe after and during WWI for your perusal:

Remember: Copy and paste the title in Google. Click on a link.

Cliff Cannon

"Le Petit Caporal" Yes I am very much a student of him. Interestingly, British propaganda made his height which was just a pinch below average for his time. His lasting legacy.

Another interesting thing with no way for him to dispute it. Was his autopsy report from 6 doctors. That said he had small gentiles. Which means one of THE people who formed the modern world. Had more "issues" driving him towards megalomania than most anyone can imagine.

Of course, apart from Jesus, Napoleon has had more books written about than anyone else who ever lived. Then add this: In spite of the fact that in his time he was known as " Bonaparte " rather than 'Napoleon'. To be known by a single name by the entire world is an honor reserved for very few. So to be in a category with Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, Elvis and some others is simply amazing to this observer.

Now make him one of the most crucial figures in making America-America. Toss in his fighting the bulk of his wars in German speaking lands. Which unified the Prussian dominated northern states, with Austrian dominated southern states. ( Remember 'high' and 'low' German spoken by so many of our grandparents)

This unification directly led to not only the Franco-Prussian war. But far worse to both world wars. Then add the number of tin pot dictators from the Nazi's to Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein, etc who worshipped the Napoleonic model. Now toss in the number of Wall St. corporate raiders who have Napoleon's picture on their wall. And you have one of the most harmful men who ever lived.

Yet, all that pales in comparison to this most interesting piece of conjecture. Sorry after having written the story of this conjecture. My wife say's it is way to heavy for blogging. So I will save it for another day.

Bottom line: Bonaparte really deserves to be studied by leaders everywhere. Not to copied for conquests. Rather to be studied for not what to do, if you care for your fellow man.

P.S. What does dead fish and FitzGeralds story have in common ? They both stink. ( And why do I think he had this story planted himself ? )


Re: "story planted himself,"

Reminds me: A number of yrs. ago, there was Chicago city council candidate who reported an attempted assassination, which he claimed was undoubtedly perpetrated by his incumbent opponent.

The shattered car window caused by an apparent bullet was later found to be self-inflicted.

"Politics ain't beanbag."

Also, once got into a shouting match with a Democrat 'thug' who was passing out campaign literature directly at the door of the polling station. He eventually backed off to the required distance.

If anything, Chicago politics was ALWAYS interesting.

Vote early and often. :)

Cliff Cannon

" If anything, Chicago politics was ALWAYS interesting. " Amen.



I once met Oscar D'Angelo.

A 'mobbed-up' kinda guy. Nice dresser.

Another 'goomba' was Rosemont mayor, Stephens. Met he and his wife a couple times.

Cliff Cannon

That is really cool. Like most people Chicago's mob history is fascinating to me.

In fact,the bullet holes in " Holy Name " cathedral ( From the George Weiss murder attempt) as well as 2135 Clark ( home of the St. Valentine's day massacre. ) or the alley on Lincoln where Dillenger breathed his last breath were always deemed 'must see' to visitors I took to Chicago.

Which leads to this question: Why do men like D'Angelo or events like mob warfare attract people like moth's to flames ?

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swiss cheese kat

Here is a photo of the woman that was in his car at 4:30 am in a vacant industrial-complex parking lot after a 'late night party'.

An electrician working nearby called police after the car was parked “a good half hour” and said, “All I keep seeing is like something going back and forth.”

Newsflash to Fitz: you have only yourself to blame and not the GOP.

Cliff Cannon

swiss cheese kat : Thanks for sharing a picture of the happy couple.

Now The Rest of...

I believe FitzGerald, he was only attempting to point her in the right direction.
Sounds like he needs to withdraw from the race and attempt to apologize to his wife, family and move on, would at least give the democrats time to name a new candidate.


so you got caught,get your wife to stand beside you and tell how you let your party and your family down and everybody will love you again


Perhaps Mr. FitzGerald needs to state emphatically:

I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Grehan. I never told anybody to lie, not a single time; never. These allegations are false. And I need to go back to work for my fellow Ohioans. Thank you.

That oughta put an end to all the rumor mongering.


Seemed to work for slick willy Clinton lol


Re: "I never told anybody to lie, not a single time; never."

Always 'enjoyed' his use of the double negative. This one's a TRIPLE!

Two wrongs don't make a 'right,' but three do? :)