Two vying to win Basket Festival Queen crown

Berlin Heights festival kicks off Friday
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 30, 2014


The Berlin Heights Basket Festival will take place this weekend.

Two students are vying to win the Berlin Heights Basket Festival Queen crown. The pageant will be held at 7 p.m. Friday.

Profiles and pictures of the two contestants, Abigail Murray and Nacole Sayler, were published in Tuesday's Norwalk Reflector. A festival preview, including the full schedule, were published in Wednesday's issue. So you don't miss stories such as this one, you can subscribe to the Norwalk Reflector to receive home delivery and/or the e-paper, which is a complete digital replica of each issue. For more information, call (419) 668-3771 or click HERE.



Big turn out?
1 is the winner the other not???
atleast with more contestants, you would never really know if you were last....




Best to both young ladies and remember that your both winners for just being accepted to compete for the crown.

Those who haven't gone to a Queens pageant are missing out, its a great program to take your family and children too, teaching them about the good things in people instead of the trash we see every day on TV and sadly in real life.

Have a great time girls and don't be nervous, enjoy it, you'll remember it for a lifetime.


leave these young ladies alone and save nasty comments for our many outlaws and junkies