Dirty drug screen leads to probation violation

Suspect being held in jail without bond.
Cary Ashby
Jul 31, 2014


A Greenwich man accused of testing positive for drugs while on probation will be held without bond until his next hearing.

Dustin S. Howell, 28, of 3764 E. U.S. 224, Lot 11, stipulated Tuesday there was probable cause he violated his probation. His next hearing in Huron County Common Pleas Court is Aug. 25.

"Bond was denied," Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper said. "He picked up a misdemeanor in Oberlin Municipal Court. He tested positive for opiates, if not more (drugs)."

Howell also is accused of failing to report for multiple probation office visits dating back to about April.

His underlying convictions are attempted illegal conveyance of contraband into a detention facility and possession of oxycodone.

On Feb. 11, 2013, Howell turned himself into the Huron County Jail on several warrants. Prosecutors said the defendant smuggled several pills into the facility by placing them in his body and then hid the drugs under the bed in his cell. A corrections officer seized the pills as evidence.

The oxycodone conviction is for a Feb. 18, 2013 incident when police responded to a domestic disturbance at Howell's residence. Assistant Prosecutor Dina Shenker had said there was an argument with his wife over Howell's drug use. He pleaded no contest to domestic violence in Norwalk Municipal Court and served a 180-day jail sentence.

In late August 2013, Howell was ordered to spend four to six months in a community-based corrections facility, a form of prison which focuses on substance abuse treatment and education. Also as part of his three years of intense probation, he was fined $500 and must reimburse the Huron County Sheriff's Office $80 to cover the cost of drug testing.

"He's missed the birth of his child. He's never met his child. This is a huge wake-up call for him," Huron County Public Defender David Longo said last year.



The birth of his child is a huge wake-up call? I highly doubt it. The lack of pills to snort is his wake up call...


I agree, lock him up and never let him see that child, the child will thank us in 15 yrs.


This dirty snitchin' scum bag.... a junkie who narks on people to stay out of jail to do more drugs. . What a pathetic piece of trash. .. lock him up and throw away the key. . The police can't keep enabling him to be a pathetic waste to society. Makes me sick how our justice system works. This low life needs to learn a lesson or two!