Food OK at Casa

None of the food tested from Casa Fiesta was the cause of the recent salmonella outbreak, Tim Hollinger, Huron County health commissioner Tim Hollinger said. He also said he believes the problem has been contained and will not spread further.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


None of the food tested from Casa Fiesta was the cause of the recent salmonella outbreak, Tim Hollinger, Huron County health commissioner Tim Hollinger said.

He also said he believes the problem has been contained and will not spread further.

“I’d go down there and eat right now. I’m not worried about anything happening at the restaurant,” Hollinger said.

“All samples (sent to the Ohio Department of Health for testing) are negative,” he said, so his department will continue to search for the cause. “Right now we’re maybe a third of the way through our investigation. I’d love to be able to end this and get back to normal functioning because this is probably occupying three-quarters of our time.”

Hollinger explained that his department sent in food from people, who showed symptoms, had taken home from their restaurant meals.

“With the volume of food that the restaurant goes through, the food in question would have been gone,” he said. “By the time we had gotten information that people were sick from salmonella, that food had been used.”

The health department, instead, gathered all food that people who showed symptoms still had at home.

“It was several different types of food” and represented many dishes served at the restaurant,” Hollinger said.

Since the food tested negative, he said, there are “quite a few” other possibilities to check out.

“We’re zeroing in on that right now,” he said. “I don’t want to start any rumors or sensationalism,” he added, so he wouldn’t comment on other possible causes for the contamination.

“I’m hoping either Monday or Tuesday we’ll have a press release,” he said.

One lawsuit already has been filed against the restaurant.

Hollinger said any lawsuits filed or considered over the salmonella poisoning are premature, in his opinion.

“We are still checking and we have to look at every possibility,” he said.



So u sit there and talk crap about casa and their food, their workers but yet u still come! This so called "lawsuit" will never happen.. so only 25 got ill right.. well then why didnt everyone else get sick that day why arent the workers sick??? Your telling me that only 25 people came in their that day... whatever! The economy is bad we all know it but to make up a lie and say that u got sick from food that was never even contaminated in the first place is just stupid! And your also telling me that u made $25,000 durring this time, you must be rich... so why do u live in Norwalk?? Dont blame them for you missing work... blame urself... you get sick days from work right.. you must if u make that much money! People in this country make me sick.. they will do ne thing just to mek someone else look bad to better themselfs! So whatever casa is one of the best mexican places to go and everyone knows it... If the resturant was that bad they would have been shut down for good... no one would go there for their food.. and they wouldnt have the best margaritas in town!


I agree cicilydom...You said what I was going to say pretty much. You saved me some time. Thank you.


It is impressive that Mr. Hollinger states that he'd dine at Casa. The restaurant should use that statement as a testimonial in their advertising.

Casa Fiesta: Home of salmonella free dining! Even the Huron County Health Commissioner says so.

That ought to fill up the parking lot.

Is Mr. Hollinger receiving any gratuities for his blatant endorsement?


My family and I ate there that Friday night, and my husband became really (really) sick on Sun. and didn't leave the couch until Wed.cause he couldn't afford to miss any more work. He missed two days of work... We just thought he had a stomach virus until we seen all the news. I think my big margarita killed off all salmonila... I would eat there again, but he needs some time away...

David Deerest.

I would rather STARVE. I'll never eat there again. And I don't eat at any of the Chinese joints, either. The best restaurant in town is in my own kitchen. It's clean, there are no cross contamination issues, everybody knows the language, and the food never dissappoints.


And for the people who obviously can't read I'll quote
“With the volume of food that the restaurant goes through, the food in question would have been gone,” he said. “By the time we had gotten information that people were sick from salmonella, that food had been used.”
So go ahead and give the "go ahead" Mr. Health commisioner, advise people to eat there when 26 "reported" people got sick. That's the kind of ignorant comments I'd make. Oh and have we got the update on the staff? Are they clean? Oh thats not back yet? Oh and all of them are still serving people? Oh and the victims in this case are not aloud back to work? Somethings messed up here!! Deer Dave at least someone has learned a lesson here!


After the experience we had over at the old bellevue location and what I seen that day with the way we were treated.....No thanks, hell my grill outside is more sanitary than these people. Not gonna take a chance on these people again. No way...


Casa Fiesta: Now the new home of Salmonella free dining.

Casa Fiesta: Our guarantee – if you get sick, your money back.


Dave (we're on a first name basis here) - With all due respect, your kitchen probably has as many pathogens as any restaurant in town:

Incidence (annual) of Food poisoning:
about 76 million cases annually in USA
Incidence Rate:
approx 1 in 3 or 27.94%

For emphasis - ONE IN THREE -- chance of getting food poisoning. It's a wonder any of us are up walking around after breakfast, lunch or dinner. I'm not saying you wipe down your kitchen with a rancid piece of chicken, like on the Lysol commercial, but it's all around us. I just hope you don't have any dust on your heat lamps because that would just be nasty bad !

Don't starve -- I think we ought to have lunch at Casa sometime. Maybe we can get Swiss to pay for it from his fortunes from his cocoa inheritance and cut-rate gasoline business, eh ?

David Deerest.

Richard, sounds like a party just waiting to happen. Although I was never really much of a fan of Casa to begin with, I think the plates are too hot. 'Careful, z plate iz hot...' Seriously, before any of this came to light, I was terribly dissappointed when we took my 80 year old mother there. We couldn't even get refills on water to choke down the driest burritos and tasteless taco salads we've ever had. We use to dine there for lunch at the old location and it was pretty good for the money.
I'd like tto take you up on that lunch offer, and if swiss joins us, lunch would be on me. (probably literally, I might add...)


I once ate at Casa F. yrs. ago. I found the quality sub-par and the dish I ate bland. I've never returned.

Better Mex is not that difficult to make at home.

Start with an easy Salsa:

1 14 oz canned diced tomatoes (drain)

Chop the following:

1/4 Red Onion

1/2 Lime Juice

1/2 Jalapenos (seeded) or Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce

2T Fresh Cilantro

Fresh Garlic (1-2 cloves)

Salt & Pepper to taste

Stir and before serving, let it sit in frig for about 1 hr. to meld the flavors.

You can always add a few drops of hot sauce to help kick up the heat if desired.

I’ve made this for yrs. and it’s fresher and better than most of what I’ve ever eaten in any Mex restaurant.


I just did a search on norwalk muni court for "ornelas" --wow .. pretty interesting to say the least...these people need to be deported. hmmm, wonder if they have any records in sandusky muni???


Re; Contango-- I have to say you are pretty funny--keep 'em coming..I just love good old fashioned sarcasm!! :)

swiss family

i would be happy to go out to lunch with y'all.. i won't be buying though.. and i would have no fear of eating at Casa... i like their food, and the staff has always been neat, and professional...
let me know when i should show up to be taken out for lunch.. i will be there with my hearty appetite!!!!

David Deerest.

Meet me there Tuesday at 11:30 am. Anybody who'd like to join us is more than welcome. I'm buying.

Miss Behavin

How the heck can Tim Hollinger say he would eat at Casa when he doesn't know for sure the cause of so many people becoming ill after eating there. If it wasn't the food, I would be worried about the staff's hygiene or unsanitary kitchen conditions, or the rumor that they recycle the chips.

Y'all go ahead and eat there at your own peril. My family and I will pass, thank you!

swiss family

11:30, Tuesday !!! i will be there cousin.. i hope that you are buying.. how about i will leave the tip, if you buy???? mmmmmmmmmm im hungry already.. how will i know who you are????


OK so here we go with the racist comments... isnt it the job of the courts to do all this research?? why are u wasting your time go back to work.. How about this YOU people are LAZY watch the news and you'll see were the most laziest people on the earth! GROW UP!!! MY GOD! if u dont like the food then dont go if you dont like the people dont go! WE DONT CARE!!! plently of other people do like us. Umm what about the Americans that work there what u gotta say about them??? Now you people made this personal when this was only about food! Now your talkin about me an american and honestly screw you! i hope u choke!


@ cicilydom-- you're the one who said you were posting comments on the clock.

Maybe you should go back to work and stop being so lazy. Maybe you been "chokin" back a few at work.