'I'm not giving up on my sobriety'

Local woman jailed for violating terms of early release from prison.
Cary Ashby
Jul 30, 2014


A former New London woman was sentenced to jail Monday for accepting a pill from another client in a locked-down substance abuse treatment center.

Chelsey M. McCullough, 25, was about 30 days from graduating from the program when the July 8 incident happened at Crosswaeh, a community-based corrections facility in Tiffin. Defendants spend four to six months in a CBCF, a form of prison which focuses on substance abuse treatment and education.

McCullough thanked Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway for the time she spent at Crosswaeh.

"I learned a lot," she said.

"That doesn't mean I'm giving up on my sobriety," added the defendant, echoing a sentiment she said during a hearing about two weeks ago.

McCullough said she plans to take what she learned at the CBCF and apply it to her life. Conway recommended McCullough attend AA and/or NA meetings while she is in the Huron County Jail so she can be better prepared for sobriety when she is released.

She will spend about three months behind bars for violating her early release from prison. Those three months are the remainder of a 23-month sentence which was handed down in mid-May 2013. McCullough was released from prison Feb. 6 and then was transferred to the Crosswaeh CBCF.

While she was in prison she obtained her GED and regularly attended church and substance abuse programs. McCullough has said she planned to attend college in the fall.

Huron County Public Defender David Longo said McCullough wanted to go back to the CBCF, but officials there determined she would have to start over. Since McCullough wouldn't have enough time to finish the four- to six-month program at Crosswaeh, imprisonment was the only option.

McCullough had been in the CBCF for 140 days before she was kicked out for the rule violation. Longo has said his client was very depressed over the June 30 death of a Bellevue man -- the father of her son -- when the other CBCF client offered McCullough "a caffeine pill" to boost her spirits. Crosswaeh authorities determined the pill was actually Tramadol, which is used to relieve moderate to moderately severe pain. Longo said even though she didn't use the pill, McCullough also didn't have the clarity of mind to not accept it or tell the woman to go away.

"She physically accepted it and put it in her locker. ... It was found in her locker," Longo said.

In September 2012, a jury -- after two full days of testimony and 2 1/2 hours of deliberation -- found McCullough guilty of two counts each of selling heroin and morphine to a confidential informant whom she had contacted by texting.

Then in mid-May 2013, McCullough pleaded guilty to possession of heroin. The conviction was for a March 30, 2013 traffic stop when Trooper Thomas Halko stopped her for a lane violation when she was eastbound on Ohio 18. The court sentenced McCullough to 23 months in prison -- six months for the heroin incident and 17 months for a series of probation violations.



Straight to prison, no county or local.

enough of the bs

Lawyers like Longo are the lowest of low of society, look how he puts out the biggest bs lines for all these junkies giving them more chances to ruin lives by getting out of their time in jail early every time, and even worse Conway always goes for it, unbelievable!!!


Excuse me but being the Public Defender is not an easy task. Mr. Longo's job is to defend these folks despite what they do. If he were representing you you would want him to do everything he could in defense.


Longo is a peice of crap! He has no clue what is going on.all this stuff is already predetermined befor they get in the court room. All he is is a funky that they can drop the ball on every once in a while and use to hide their bullcrap.he tried to talk a friend of mine to drop his pants one time and longo would give him what he called a longblow, but he wouldnt do it so they gave him the longhual.


Prison will be the best for this kind of person! Don't believe anything she says or what her attorney says!
These people are extremely selfish and I don't see her changing her disgusting ways!


She will always be a loser junkie!


She has always been a trouble maker and drug user...takes after daddy...some things never change, and I don't foresee her changing her ways...


This is really unfortunate of all of you. ANYONE can change. I get really tired of people on here down grading all these addicts instead of trying to come up with solutions as a community. Lets say you all came together to build a fund to help these people. Help them get to meetings, create a sober living house in that town, or try to push for a rehabilitation center in or near norwalk! If ONLY lets say 30 people donated a dollar a week to pay teri's taxi to car pool atleast 6 or 7 people in their 2 row vans, that would be 6 or 7 people that didnt have a way to get there now going to meetings. That is $4 a month. Its one less excuse they could have. I dont know how many times I wanted to desperately get clean and I couldnt. I didnt have the money for rehab or the money to get away from the rest of the people that used. Im not giving excuses but I have been clean for over 3 years. Born and raised in Norwalk, I started my addiction there and wallowed in my addiction there. It wasnt until i got out of that town and went to CBCF that I finally had someone tell me I could do it. Firelands gives up on heroin addicts and dont help them. It wasnt until I went there that i really got the help i needed and Ive stayed out here WITHOUT A SINGLE RELAPSE EVER. Im 24 and in the biggest college town around with 4 colleges in a 15 mile radius. no drinking and no drugs. IT CAN HAPPEN. believe in the people in that town. Ive helped 3 addicts in that town get clean and their biggest thing that bugged them ... is that no one believed in them. Become a community again my goodness or your just taring it down with the rest of them!


I am glad you found sobriety. Congratulations on your achievement. Now....why is it to all of us to PAY for a criminals rehab? Why is up to us to carpool druggies and criminals to meetings? We were not there when they made the choice to do the drugs, we were not there when they were buying the drugs (some might have been there when they were stealing things to get money for the drugs). Yes I understand what you are saying. It is a great idea and concept. But I also have a family to take care of. I have my own family issues to worry about. I need to raise my kids to know that drugs are bad and not to do them. I need to be sure my husband has the healthcare and things he needs because the VA system is failing. Everyone has issues of their own, why must we then take on someone elses issues? Issues that were a CHOICE? Too many of these people are repeat offenders and continue to make the bad choices. Too many of them are in CBCF and continue to do the same thing. Yes, in a perfect world it would work. Everyone would pitch in and save the world. Too many times you see their own families on here saying how they have tried to help and many times they still choose to go down the same path over and over again. I wish you the best with your life and continued success.