Resident expresses concern about rec center security

Norwalk parks and recreation superintendent refutes some of woman's claims.
Scott Seitz2
Jul 30, 2014


A local resident expressed concern after an incident involving theft Sunday at the Ernsthausen Community Center.

The resident, through email, explained her husband's vehicle was entered while parked at the community center after the suspect found the husband's keys in his locker.

"They found his wallet and emptied it and took his (cigarettes)," she wrote.

"The police were called and a report was filed, only to find out that not only is their video system down, but it has been down for quite some time," she added.

However, Joe Lindenberger, parks and recreation superintendent, told the Reflector that the rec center's video system was not down. And the parking lot has never had cameras, he added.

"We feel terrible if someone has something taken at the community center," Lindenberger said. "People definitely need to protect their belongings and always lock your belongings in a public locker room."

Lindenberger then described the center's camera system.

"We do not have a parking lot camera," Lindenberger said. "We've talked about getting one, but that would cost $1,000 or maybe more. It depends on if you want the camera to pan or remain stationary."

The community center has 10 cameras set up inside.

"I feel real good about the cameras we have," Lindenberger said.

"We have cameras in the lobby, pool, track, hot tub, playground and aerobic room," he said.

Lindenberger didn't provide specific details, but added if thefts continue at the community center the staff will set up "locker traps" to try and catch suspects.

"There are different methods we can use," he said.



Was his locker locked? I am not sure I would leave my belongings in a public locker room without locking it.


Cigs?? while at a fitness center? OK? image?

BUT.. a public rec center with multiple security cameras, .... that haven't worked in awhile! regardless of the parking lot or not?
Total incompetence!


"Joe Lindenberger, parks and recreation superintendent, told the Reflector that the rec center's video system was not down" They were working.


Not then, check, ask around, workers will tell ya.. Notta for a while.
Sorry Joe doesn't have some great political power like others (president) to shut people up and play cover up.


Next step will be the classic line...
"i was unaware"

Really are you ...

And the moral of the story is. If you want your car under surveillance while at the park and rec. Park your car in the lobby, on the track, or in the pool.


Purchase a couple parking lot signs stating:

"Not Responsible For Theft Or Damage To Vehicles"

A lot cheaper than $1K.

Cliff Cannon

"Not Responsible For Theft Or Damage To Vehicles" You got the right answer here in my viewpoint. Of course, 'modern concrete' adds the icing by saying in essence " buy a lock for your locker " After all who should take care of their own personal belonging's ?

Further, I'll just bet quite a few folks who want camera's working the rec center parking lot. Also do not want ' big brother ' watching them elsewhere.

Which also begs another question: Are we to insist on camera's in parking lots everywhere ? And if the retailers in question don't have camera's is it their 'fault' when someone is irresponsible enough to allow their car key's to be stolen ?

Makes me long for the days of yester year. When people were responsible for taking care of themselves and didn't look for scapegoat's for their own irresponsibility's


Re: "cost $1,000 or maybe more."

Forget $1K, it's "maybe more."

An assoc. I belong to is currently looking at systems. Some of what I've gleaned from the chairman in charge of investigating:

Is the camera (or cameras) stationary or does it rotate?

Infrared cameras can be blinded by headlights, i.e. can be ineffective at nighttime.

Will monitoring be done inside or by an outside co.?

Depending: $6K per camera system, outside monitoring $25.00 per month or more.

Putting up an outside cameras is a lot more complicated than JUST throwing up a camera, it's also looking at an entire integrated system.

Another idea:

Throw up a non-functioning camera with a blinking light ($6.00) along with a "This Area Under Surveillance" sign ($25.00).

Cliff Cannon

"Another idea:

Throw up a non-functioning camera with a blinking light ($6.00) along with a "This Area Under Surveillance" sign ($25.00). "

Your preaching to the choir here. So I totally agree with this idea. I suppose if someone get's mugged walking at the reservoir that is going to be the fault of the park & rec as well ? Seriously though, where does the issue of having 'big brother ' be responsible for one's irresponsibility end ?

I know for sure where it starts--- with the individual. Because in my view point the true 'cost' of freedom is responsibility.

And as we all have seen so many times as society's spin out of control more and more and more laws are enacted in an effort to regain control of society. When really what is needed is simple solution's with this at the top of the list: Be responsible for your own actions

Again as a taxpayer I totally like your security idea's and to the whiner who complains because things get stolen from an unlocked locker in an unguarded area. ( Wow ! When did that ever happen before ? ) Please buy a lock that will save your city a small fortune as well as give you the satisfaction of being responsible for your own well being


Re: "the fault of the park & rec,"

Privatize it. IMO, you'd see improved security or at a min. 'someone' to sue.

modern concrete

Only a thousand dollars for cameras in the parking lot...The money that the rec-center brings in from all the activities that chunk change..... but a lock for your locker while you enjoy the rec is maybe $10 so both parties need to open the billfold.


What i get out of all this?
Those who have thought about breakin' into cars in the lot, but had 2nd thoughts due to fear of public surveillance, now know it's a green light!
not saying, just saying


And how much did they just get for the signs put up at baines park?


A thousands dollars for a security camera? You can get one at Best Buy for 75 bucks.