'Let there be bacon'

Local men compete for $50,000 on Food Network show.
Joe Centers
Jul 31, 2014


Three guys living out their dreams in a food truck.

Throw in a little bacon and it doesn't get any better than that.

The Great Food Truck Race is back for a fifth season this summer on the Food Network, with a new cast of food truck hopefuls on a high-stakes culinary road trip with a new route from sunny Southern California to the beaches of Key West, Fla.

One of the teams -- "Let There Be Bacon" -- is from the Cleveland area with a pair of local contestants -- Matt Heyman, a 2003 graduate of Monroeville High School, and Dylan Doss, a 2003 graduate of St. Paul High School. The third member of the team is Jon Ashton, of Rocky River.

You can follow the team at twitter.com/LTBBacon or facebook.com/LetThereBeBaconTeam.

Here is what the show promotion says about Let There Be Bacon.

"Cleveland chefs Matt Heyman, Dylan Doss and Jon Ashton have always wanted to open their own restaurant, but Matt was diagnosed with cancer two years ago and the treatment left him unable to handle the rigors of daily restaurant life full-time. Now cancer-free, Matt is back in the kitchen with Dylan and Jon on the road to achieve their culinary dreams. Their menu is devoted to one of the major food groups in Northeast Ohio: Bacon. These guys are funny, fearless and ready to bring their bacon skills to streets across the country."

Eight teams are competing in the show. Hosted by Tyler Florence, the seven-episode series premieres at 9 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 17.


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Ummmmm, BACON!


Nothing like dead pig...


Tried turkey bacon the other day. There should be a copyright violation on that crap !


...let's take it a step further, my friend ..."fakin' bacon" should be a felony in all 50 states (except hawaii ...they eat absolute freighters full of fried spam out there in the pacific...)
...and the same goes for fakin' jerky -- its 100% beef or venison, or its nothing more than cellophane wrapped apocolyptic road kill...