Chenango Road man arrested

Suspect accused of bringing sidearm pistol and two long guns to the door and repeatedly telling deputy, "You have no business being here. Get off my property."
Scott Seitz2
Jul 29, 2014


A Chenango Road man, who was involved in a stand-off with police Friday, turned himself in Monday.

"Jasen Kruki was arrested this morning without incident," Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said.

Kruki was taken into custody at the sheriff's office.

"He had spoken with an attorney over the weekend who advised him to turn himself in," Querin said.

Jasen Kruki's wife called the Huron County Sheriff's Office for assistance Friday evening after her husband allegedly pushed and kicked her, injuring her shoulder. When the victim told Kruki about contacting the sheriff, he destroyed her cell phone.

After Sgt. Todd Corbin arrived at the home, Kruki had a sidearm pistol and two long guns with him on the porch. Kruki reportedly told Corbin, "You have no business being here. Get off my property."

Corbin couldn't get close enough to Kruki "because he was so heavily armed," Detective Rich Larson said.

Kruki, 44, immediately picked up his weapons, holstered his sidearm and went back into his house. At some point, he let his dog loose, a German shepherd mix breed, Larson said.

Corbin retreated to his cruiser, standing behind the door for cover and called for backup. Meanwhile, the sergeant located the victim, the couple's teenage son and the victim's mother in a bean field and told them to leave the area because it was not safe.

About eight hours later when the Mansfield S.W.A.T. team searched the home, it was discovered Kruki had fled.

Querin said deputies executed at search warrant at the home late Saturday.

"To look for evidence," he said. "Some evidence was seized."

Were the guns seized?

"That information is close to the investigation," Querin said.

Information has been forwarded to the Norwalk law director's office for consideration of charges.

"We're glad there was a peaceful ending to an extremely dangerous situation," Querin said.



Kudos to the Sheriff's dept. Cool heads prevailed by letting the emotions subside. I respect the deputy not going crazy but used his evident common sense. Domestics are so volatile, sometimes just walking away defuses the entire situation, like in this case.


Kruki wasn't involved in the stand off. Sounds like he was gone before the 2nd deputy got there. Howard and the swat team and the chopper however were involved in the stand off for over 8 hours.

Mr. Big

Hindsight is 20/20. Feel free to use your apparent psychic powers to help law enforcement in the future. Obviously if they knew he wasn't in the house this would have played out differently. Fortunately they took the precautions they did for the safety of everyone involved. Nobody was hurt and this knucklehead is behind bars. Sounds like a good outcome to me.

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I agree. Nobody needs physic powers to know this is not a stand off. It was a search. Stand off sounds cool though.


Great job Sgt. Corbin.


Great job Sgt. Corbin.


Doesn't really sound like much of a stand off...sounds like he went in the house and went out the back door. Clearly the dog wasn't a vicious attack dog, or the cops would have shot it...maybe it had to go outside. Not defending him if he did actually beat up his wife, but this sounds like it quite possibly could have been an over reaction. From this article, it doesn't sound like he actually even pointed the weapon at the deputy...but who knows what really happened.


I also think Corbin did the right thing. He made sure everyone was out and safe. What I don't understand is why dispatch only sent one deputy to start with. They could have issued a warrant for Kruki and felt with him when he was in a better state of mind the next day. He knew he was wrong and turned himself in.


question where do these deputies go potty at if they are there. and who feeds em donuts?


If it wasn't for Sgt. Corbin that place would have folded up along time ago. They got lucky that they had a solid deputy end up at this call.

Mayor Cochran

What a red really what a RED neck he has.


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8 hr before searched house PATHETIC!!!also this dude has been a woman beater for years its time to stop slaping him on the wrist and give him prison time.

hor mone

All right! It's zee Wango, zee Tango zee Chenango.