Greenwich traffic cameras taking a beating

Vandals are a problem.
Heather Chapin-Fowler
Jul 25, 2014


The new village traffic cameras are taking a beating, both physically and through complaints from the 400 people who have so far received citations for zipping through town over the speed limit.

The village adopted an ordinance in April to use automated traffic cameras to put a dent in "the ongoing problem of motorists disobeying the speed limit," according to the ordinance.

The cameras are located in U.S. 224, the main road through town.

"The safety and well being of Greenwich residents is the village's first priority. It is for this reason that the mayor and city council have decided to use automated enforcement to improve the safety on village streets," Police Chief Steve Dorsey said in an official statement at the time.

The village chose a cameras called Optotraffic and the cameras were installed along the roadway shortly after May following a public meeting informing the public of the devices and the penalties for being caught disobeying the speed limit.

"We, at the village, want to ensure that all citizens are informed and will strive to answer any questions that citizens may have," stated a post on the police department's Facebook page announcing the meeting.

Meanwhile, since that time, as of July 15, 400 citations had been filed as a result of the usage of the cameras and three complaints had been lodged with the police department, Dorsey said.

Using an example, Dorsey said the camera caught a motorcyclist traveling at 41 mph at 3 p.m. through the village the same day he gave his report to city council regarding the update on the traffic-cams.

The fine for being caught on camera speeding is $100 and that cost can be increased if not paid within 30 days, according to the ordinance.

With the new cameras also brought a new problem. Vandals had their way with the cameras when one of the devices were "intentionally moved so it could not detect speed violations," according to a police report.

The camera was later readjusted to continue picking up speeders after a police officer was notified that it had been disabled, the police report stated.

The automated traffic cameras are a controversial issue in the higher courts, according to an Associated Press story published last month.

"Toledo's traffic enforcement cameras may survive, but a ruling from the Ohio Supreme Court striking down the program's administrative hearing process would have 'untold consequences' across the state," the AP story stated

A lawyer for a Kentucky man "challenging the process countered that the city has unconstitutionally carved out an exception for itself to sidestep the jurisdiction of Toledo Municipal Court in deciding guilt or innocence when it comes to these civil violations," the story stated.

"This marks the second time that the highest court has considered the constitutionality of such cameras. It previously upheld such programs generally as an extension of cities' home rule authority and found they do not conflict with state law," the story also stated.

Regardless, the new program seems to be working well for Greenwich and officials don't appear at all deterred about the complaints.



So the traffic cameras that sit right in front of the police station are being vandalized. What the heck are the cops doing? Almost every morning when I drive through town on my way to work I see the police officer parked at the gas station and the officer inside chatting it up with the clerk. Maybe they should be guarding the cameras.

hit the road jack

Since they don't have to write tickets anymore they probably do what ever they want to.


Really! Geez! They are right in front of the police station and they are being vandalized! maybe they need other security cameras placed along business's thru town to catch and prosecute vandals... there is another cash flow revenue

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"Maybe they should be guarding the cameras."

Ahh the irony...thanks for the laugh.


Funny how these cameras are placed in the reduced 25 zone to begin with. I wonder if the reduced signs are legal distance apart, These cameras are a joke. Revenue stream only. And no I will never receive a ticket in case your wondering.

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norwalk rejector

The thing about cameras is that they're in fixed positions, so common sense tells you where not to speed. I'd rather have fixed cameras than sneaky mobile cops who are good at the art of camouflage.


I could care less about sneaky cops, I don't speed. The point on the cameras is the actual meaning of why they are there. Revenue generator and they violate due process. Need revenue, then write tickets from a police officer, not a machine.


Lazy cops looking for a way to pay for their inactivity. Write the tickets after you clock the speeders Dorsey.

Dr. Information

2 weeks, 400 citations. WOW.

believe it

2 months. It said as of July 15th 400 citations have been made since they were installed in May. I had to read it twice because I thought the same thing at first.

Most Wanted

Safety and well being of village residents? Are these cameras placed in high accident locations? Are there high accident locations in Greenwich or just a need for revenue?

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norwalk rejector

I don't understand why people continue to get tickets if they already know where the cameras are. You simply drive the limit in view of the cameras. It's the same in other towns as well.

in Monroeville you know the cops like to sit down past the gas station, especially during school zone hours (you also know one of the cops are out when you pass the station because they only have 2 cars).

in Milan the cops like to sit and target along rt. 250 by rt. 113. Also the state troopers like to watch the bottom of the hill on Shawmill road to get people who roll thru the stop sign (they hide pretty good behind the brush).

In Norwalk there are several spots but I'll only list a couple. Don't speed on Cline street no matter how tempting it may be. Watch the school zone on League street (hiding tucked back on the road just west of the school). Driving north on Old State road, they like to hide in the parking lot of the reservoir club house. The last I'll put down is after banking hours at the Credit Union on Cleveland road, where the state troopers hide by the bank drive thru.


Well since this town is just so exciting with all the things to do and see here then there is bound to be traffic problems! And if any of you think I am serious about that I'm not!


Basically another form of electronics, that in time will reduce the man-labor force. Every job/career seems to be in jeopardy.
Test convey trks in California, self check-outs, online banking, auto plant robots, robo-burger joints, virtual conferences, remote pool cleaners, unmanned auto gas pumps, ez pass tolls, drone delv., auto-milkers, synthetic meats, virtual class rooms, online traffic cameras...cop judge jury all in 1 .......
i could do this all day.
Are we out smarting ourselves?


What's this? Greenwich is wired for electricity?

Speeding citations are so 1998. Live stream to the www and charge viewers a nominal fee for a real time glimpse into Hell.


To improve safety?.. Quit bs'ing and tell the truth. It's for the lazy cops to eat donuts drink coffee and mess around, and still make money while the cameras do the work for them. BUMS.

hit the road jack

It is a fact that traffic cameras cause more accidents than they prevent,a lot of cities thought it would help and found out different and are taking the cameras's out.


If I recall correctly, and please correct me if I'm wrong, there was something that was suppose to be put on the ballet last spring that would create a revenue for the Village of Greenwich that would add additional taxing of residents and residents that worked. It had been announced in the notes from one of the town counsel meeting that as of June 1st our village would run out of operating money and could be taken over by the State. I haven't heard anymore regarding that. Then you hear about these cameras and how they had been purchased to "help" catch and ticket speeding vehicles. I'm seeing this as a form of revenue that is being explained as the "safety" of our community. REALLY! Come on not all the residents in this town have their heads in the sand and are not stupid. So lets think about this for a moment: Village revenue, the State taking over, the additional taxing issue, on the ballet or not, and now the camera issue, Hum. Interesting isn't it?


If you know where they are, and you know the speed limit, do NOT SPEED. Simple solution. If you are NOT speeding, they are NOT an issue. Not sure why people are complaining? Do you all speed in your town? Are you habitual speeders? Do you speed in your town constantly? Is it really that hard to get thru town with out speeding? I mean what is it a whole mile, maybe 2 across?

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norwalk rejector

ladydye 5, are we the only ones who seem to get it? What's the big deal about a couple of cameras? If you know where they are then it's your own damn fault for getting cited. I'd rather know where 20 cameras are than to not know where a cop decides to make today's fishing hole.

Señor Clown

The answers to your questions are likely:
-For Various Reasons
Which part of I'm always in a hurry don't you understand?
Often times in any small town, it's the locals that are running 10+ mph over the speed limit with regularity. Why? Much of the traffic is comprised of locals who are complacent about speeding through, because this is my town and my time is important!
The traffic cameras are BS, for several reasons, but the attitude people have regarding traffic laws and how they apply to them personally is as well. Many speed in every town, habitually and constantly. If impatient, inconsiderate entitlement were reason enough for a license suspension and enforceable by traffic camera, I'd be a lot more for these private company administered cameras.


Thank you! People have nothing better to do then put down people and make stuff up about them. They say they put them up so the cops would be lazy and they see them at the gas station talking. So what...I believe I get a break at work. and I also believe my husband works 2 jobs and sometimes 24-26 hours straight and is definitely not lazy and he is usually dealing with calls rather than speeding tickets..


...traffic cams, the Rodney Daingerfields of the high tech world...


Everyone is making it sound as if the cameras are to catch just the locals.. If you know where the cameras are don't speed. What about the non local people who don't know where they are?


Exactly, the locals know where they are, so they can avoid a ticket. The non-locals are usually the ones speeding, do not know where the cameras are and they can PAY the tickets. What is the problem? Are they afraid the non-locals will avoid the area and you will lose tourist revenue?

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norwalk rejector

I couldn't agree more. If u don't break the law to begin with then there's nothing to complain about. I live in Norwalk, and it's common to fear getting speeding tickets in Milan. So guess what, I'm very careful driving thru their town. It's not something to cry about because it just makes me a safer driver.


$100 x 400 citations = $40,000 in 2 months...2 months = 60 days...$40,000 / 60 = $666...therefore must be the work of the devil. Get thee behind me Satan (i.e. Greenwich Police). Just some "tongue & cheek" thinking for your amusement.

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norwalk rejector

good one! lol


This is nothing more than a revenue maker, don't let the police fool you. There are speeders in EVERY SINGLE TOWN across America. This "its for your protection" is another way of saying "bend over and take it".


It is another way of saying "DON'T SPEED and you will not need to pay it".