Golf carts a no-no in Milan

On streets or public property.
Aaron Krause
Jul 26, 2014


If you're thinking about driving a golf cart on village streets or public property within Milan, you might want to think twice.

Village council on Wednesday voted unanimously to accept the recommendation of council's safety committee to forbid the carts' use in those areas.

Council member Mary Basterash said police chief Bob Meister has spoken to several individuals who've operated the carts on public streets and property and they said they wouldn't do it again.

"It's in the concern of public safety," Mayor Steve Rockwell said.

"This has come up before council a number of times," council member John Fox added.

Basterash said council may want to come up with an ordinance "that has some teeth in it" forbidding the carts use in public property in Milan and on its streets.

See complete story in Saturday's Norwalk Reflector.



My golf cart has a registered plate on it and is street legal. Milan can do NOTHING about it. And whi is government again trying to limit what we the people can do? Safety, BS, it's control.


Actually you are completely wrong. Only if your HOA, Village, City or town allows them on the street are you legal. Milan does not.


Wrong, a registered plated vehicle is allowed on streets.


Your wrong on that. Better read the fine print on the laws reguarding golf cart use. But a much simplier way to avoid there harassment would be to put a SMV sign on it.


The 3 of you should get together sometime, each with a cart registered or marked how you think it should be and see who ends up getting cited.


Why would I do that. I just told you the correct, legal way to do it. SMV sign its perfectly legit.

J Cooper

Its legit if your golf cart is; a farm vehicle being used for that purpose, horse drawn or a construction vehicle. Not to mention with all required lights and road legal.


you have a garden dont you?

J Cooper

Let me know how that works out for you when you get your ticket or cause an accident and are in a civil suit and your insurance company denies coverage.


I believe you are wrong my friend. Yes they have to be equipted and registered, but if there is an ordinance against them it is ileagal. You also cannot drive them on roads with minimum speed limits.


But you can walk or ride a bike ? Sounds assinine !


Thank Goodness the Government is here to protect us from ourselves. What would we ever do without them?

Sitting In The ...

Just another way to generate money .....period.

William Jeffers...

Actually, I am HNOA Certified for Transport Safety as well as PDIA designated by ODOT and USDOT. Statistics prove that in the area 4 climate region, there is a disproportionate amount of bodily injury and property damage related accidents as it relates to these vehicles being used directly in objection to counsel wishes. Climate zone 5 - it's party time all day long on these bad boys.


Dam people will cry about anything.

Blackberry Phale

But it would help the environment.


Well I took a non legal golf cart from Norwalk down SR 61 to Peru Olena Rd and state highway patrol told me as long as I had a slow moving sign attached to the vehicle I would be considered the same as farmer going down the road....

swiss family

Oh that was you?? you obviously were totally oblivious to the near fatal accident that you nearly caused by the back up of vehicles behind you! I know several people wee waiting to see what in the He!! was going so slow that a semi nearly slammed into the back of the pack and smashed everyone back there , all so you could drive your golf cart down a HIGHWAY!!! how about keeping it off the highway!! and on the grass where it belongs


So troll should the same be held for Amish buggies? They move slow and travel on highways.


Swiss just has his panties in a bunch.

J Cooper

I highly doubt that any law enforcement officer told you that you could operate a non registered, non farm vehicle on a public roadway.


Keep your golf carts where they belong. On a golf course.


I understand a golf cart at a campground. I understand them on a golf course. Why do people want to drive them around a village or town. Once upon a time people walked or rode a bike. (Everyone complains about the obesity problem of America, gee, I wonder why)


Cheaper than gas


"Cheaper than gas"? Where are you going in Milan that you take a golf cart, but not a car to save gas? Do not understand why anyone finds the need for a golf cart in town. We have the same issue in my village, except we actually have 2 campgrounds. We still banned them here too. They are not made for the road or for general travel. Heaven forbid when the first accident happens and someone is seriously hurt or killed.


What should be banned is the friggin fleet of electric scooters at Walmart. If anything is speeding along the obesity problem, it's those things. I would love to see what goes into the engineering of them, because I'd bet they could haul cattle around by the looks of things. It's totally sad to see people who look to be in their 20's being transported around the store. Those carts are only missing 2 things, a hydraulic lift seat for top shelf access and a wide load sign on the back.

Ben Crazy

I think u folks should keep your noses on your faces where they belong and stop worrying about what other poeple do or dont have the right to do!




I am a disabled person therefore I cannot walk or ride a bike to get around town. Would it be safer for me to be cruising down the road in my wheelchair??? Golf carts make it easier for folks like me to get around town. No I don't recommend them for highways but for your own city streets I think they are fine. Speed limits are supposed to be lower inside of the city limits so there shouldn't be a problem with the traffic.

J Cooper

You can drive a golf cart, but not a car?