Work begins at Borgers

Good news all around in Norwalk.
Scott Seitz2
Jul 25, 2014


Mayor Rob Duncan shared a good deal of positive economic development news Thursday.

The Borgers USA Corp. project, scheduled for the Firelands Industrial Park, has a groundbreaking ceremony set for early August.

"There is a lot already happening out there on the land," the mayor said. "I just went out and looked at it last night. It's looking great."

Borgers will begin construction on a new facility in August. Once the factory is open, it is expected to ultimately employ 230 people.

The Dan-Mar Company also recently completed the purchase of the former EPIC Technologies facility.

Dan-Mar and Borgers were recipients earlier this year of the newly-created job creation grant agreement.

This new grant agreement is one of the tools the city can use to attract business.

Duncan then noted the activity at the former Commercial Vehicle Group property, located on North Garfield Street.

The mayor said it's too early to say exactly how that facility will be developed.

"It's being re-purposed and that is exciting news for the community," he said. "There is activity there, they are cleaning up the building and preparing it for further use."

Three restaurants should be opening soon.

Bar145° is set to open its doors on Milan Avenue in August.

"They are getting close," the mayor said. "They have not yet set an opening date."

Duncan said he was recently meeting with folks from Cleveland about the possibility of bringing another restaurant to town.

Los Buenos Amigos, which is located in the Discount Drug Mart complex, should be open soon.

"I know they hoped to be open by Cinco de Mayo (May 5), but they had some issues they ran into," the mayor said.

Duncan said the recent attempted break-in at Drug Mart through Los Buenos Amigos caused a delay. The mayor said renovating the restaurant up to code might have taken a bit longer then anticipated.

The former Uptown Cafe on East Main Street also should be open soon.

"We have a number of people we are working with to bring businesses to Norwalk," Duncan said.

Duncan said he's looking forward to attending Imagine Norwalk in the uptown area tonight.

"It's exciting to see not only the event taking place, but also the enthusiasm in the community about the event," he said.






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booboo bunny

The moderator seems a bit touchy today.


And the Mayor's victory dance continues and continues and continues...

It's a 'wonder' what big business, corporate welfare, taxpayer subsidized legerdemain can do.

Kottage Kat

Jobs, Jobs Jobs

Whaaahooo Thank you to all who made it possible.

J Cooper

Really don't care who takes or deserves credit, if the community gains decent jobs, great news!

Cliff Cannon

@ J Cooper : Amen ! Nobody wants to sit here and say " these were the years the tide went out in Norwalk". Rather, I believe we all want to say " These were the years the tide came in. These were the years we started to move again ".

Having said that personally. If the devil himself wanted to open a new business here in Norwalk. I know, I for one, could find 10 good reason's to support that business. No matter who get's the credit for bringing that business here.


Re: "devil himself,"

Sell your soul for Beelzebub's enterprise eh?

It's not a matter of credit, it's the method: Big business corporate welfare.

I thought that Repubs were supposed to be the smaller govt. guys????

You're endorsing theft.

Cliff Cannon

" You're endorsing theft. "

C'mon you know as well as I do. That 'the man with gold' has always made the rules. So why would that change now ?

It is of course, a wonderful idea to live in a world of meritocracy, where each man carried his own weight and each business made it or didn't on their own merits. Yet, that ain't going to happen is it ?

Competing in a world filled with corporate subsidy's. One must 'play the game ' of 'corporate welfare' or get left behind, true ? So yeah, I am 'endorsing theft' if that is how you choose to see it.


Re: "'the man with gold'"

More like playing 'fast and loose' with the public treasury.


Re: "One must 'play the game ' of 'corporate welfare' or get left behind, true ?"

Dan-Mar: A case of 'beggar thy neighbor.'

So the munis with the bigger subsidies win, e.g. Mid-Ohio Wines, INC.?

Didn't Lorain snatch them up?

Cliff Cannon

" So the munis with the bigger subsidies win " Of course. Obviously, there are very few LeBron type business deals. Where the smaller less desirable location ( In general consensus) get's the big prize.


Re: "LeBron,"

Saved himself millions in income tax by moving to FL.

Other factors are at work in this situation.

Still begs the question:

Why should business entities that spend money be given a tax refund as an incentive?

Level the tax playing field.

Illusionists make rabbits spontaneously appear from top hats about as much as politicians magically produce "jobs" through the use of financial legerdemain.

Enjoy the show.

Cliff Cannon

" Why should business entities that spend money be given a tax refund as an incentive? " Plato wrote that 'perfection' exists only in theory never in reality "

So in theory, business' should not get tax refunds as incentives. However the reality is that with the planet having some billion people on it who are unemployed or under employed. That if you can start a plant or a business to employ people---- you will get tax breaks to do that.

And again there are very few business deals that work out LeBron's did. Where a major business returns to it's home . Agreed ?


Re: "if you can start a plant or a business to employ people---- you will get tax breaks to do that."

Again: How is it that the bureaucrats get to pick and choose the business winners and losers?

Historically and statistically, they do a VERY lousy job of it.

Leads to political cronyism, favoritism and featherbedding.

(Hercules may have been able to clean out the Aegean Stables, but DC would be far beyond his abilities.)

So according to you: Fascism is now the economic norm and should be readily and enthusiastically embraced?

Again: One person's subsidy is another person's tax.

Re: "Lebron"

So the taxpayers of Cleveland provided a financial incentive?

Again: Enjoy the 'amazing' demonstration of city accounting legerdemain, while clapping loudly.

Remember the words of the Wizard of OZ: Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

Cliff Cannon

" Leads to political cronyism, favoritism and featherbedding. " Of course it does. With your Chicago business experience I just presumed you must have crossed a palm or two. And if you didn't, I now wonder if you won the lottery rather than was a successful business man.

In theory libertarianism is an awesome philosophy. In practice, it doesn't work, simply because in my viewpoint there are just way to many unemployed, while the planet as a rule is having slower economic growth. Which leaves the politician's to do their historically lousy jobs of 'helping 'business.

My LeBron analogy is simply to say. Sometimes the underdog does win in business. Sadly, the underdog doesn't win enough to change the rules of the way the game is currently played.


Re: "In practice, it doesn't work,"

How do you know if it's never really been tried?

Pre-1997 Hong Kong and current Singapore come closest.

"Unemployed"? Allow laborers and employers to contractually set their own wages without onerous govt. interference.


You've been living in a corporatist economic world for so long that it's difficult for you think beyond it's confines.

Reminds me of a story:

While visiting NYC, Soviet President Gorbachev witnessed the 'hustle and bustle' of delivery trucks, etc. and remarked: Who controls all this?

Obviously it was difficult for him to conceive of a system beyond a (failed) command and control economy.

Fascism doesn't work; it's an economic smoke and mirrors fiction.

(Our county's current and growing level of public and private debt will help attest to this.)

See: Henry Hazlitt's book.


Sports analogy:

Allow players & coaches (business & individuals) to play and stop allowing the referees (govt.) to stifle and control the game with onerous rules and regs.

Cliff Cannon

" Fascism doesn't work; it's an economic smoke and mirrors fiction.

(Our county's current and growing level of public and private debt will help attest to this.) "

I keep agreeing with you in principle as well as theory. Then I rebuke your thought that " You've been living in a corporatist economic world for so long that it's difficult for you think beyond it's confines. " Because ' thinking beyond the confines ' comes very naturally to an eccentric person, doesn't it ?

I am just stating the reality of the situation as well as reminding you, that economically 'things' really haven't changed much in spite of the number of different systems man has tried through out human history.

Bottom line has always been : "Man with the gold makes the rules " in business. While in politics, the politician has always made his living by getting his votes from the poor, his money from the rich, while promising both he will protect them from one another. ( forgive the cliché)

As for Mr. Gorbachev's question : " who controls all this ? " In Manhattan which obviously has a long and colorful history of financial & political shenanigans. His answer is politicians, mafia, unions

In fact one of my favorite business/government story's comes from there. After W.W. 2 some 15 years after it was built. Rockefeller Center still sat about half empty. A rival developer was after a nearby chunk of land to build in essence another Rockefeller Center type building and you know what that would do for rental rates.

Nelson fresh back from working in D.C., filled with the knowledge of what politicians were looking for. Convinced his dad to buy the land, then donate it for the complex for a new entity then being born--- the United Nations. Which was done

Manhattan, obviously has received untold numbers of benefit's from this 'free gift' and guess which nearby complex has had the 'no vacancy' sign out for nearly 70 years ?

I still ain't saying the government/business connection is right. I will not quit saying it is what it is though.


Re: " I will not quit saying it is what it is,"

A paraphrase:

"Avoid business corruption, the government doesn't like competition."

Speaking of 'beggar thy neighbor':

Enjoy the public accounting legerdemain show.

J Cooper

With all of your knowledge, why don't you run for public office and stop this "theft", your Libertarian views might play well. Better yet, open a business using your vast wealth and create jobs without any government assistance.


Re: "With,"

A non sequitur.

Good to see that you endorse big business corp. welfare.

Aren't the Repubs supposed to be the party of smaller govt.?

You automatically assume that the city's future fiscal situation will allow for a refund of tax dollars. Perhaps not.

The largest employment sector in Norwalk? Public employees - unsustainable.

'Somebody's' gotta pay for all those salaries and those "guaranteed" retiree health and welfare bennies.

J Cooper

Still refusing to answer two simple questions? With you having all the answers why don't you run for public office and put an end to "big business corp. welfare", or open a business and hire employees without any government assistance?


Re: "Still refusing,"

Again: A non sequitur.

Why is this so personal to you? Are you connected at the hip with the city admin.?

J Cooper

Typical, self proclaimed expert on all subjects won't answer the questions.

Unlike him, happy to answer a question; no connection to this or any past city administration, only interested in new jobs being brought to Norwalk.


Re: "questions"

The first question was previously ask and answered. Perform a NR search.

The second: I don't see a future for a business here due primarily to the demographics, i.e. older, poorer, govt. transfer of payments entitlements supported, et. al.

Now, answer my numerous above questions.

J Cooper

If things are so bad in Norwalk, what's keeping you here, can't imagine anyone would miss you, you must brighten up a room when you leave. Wasted enough time on Chuckles, have a great day, The End..


Re: "Once,"

Asked and answered. The idea that you don't like them is your problem.

Now, will you answer my numerous questions or "wimp out"?


Re: "If,"

Per usual: Other than childish insults ya got nothing.

Have a nice day, Cupcake.


Re: "new jobs,"

So why does new big business get the subsidies and current sm. & lg. businesses gets to help fund them?

Where's their subsidies to create new jobs?

Really are you ...

How does this crowd funding work?


Another company to build in Norwalk, seems a waste of time and money to build another factory when we have so many empty factories


Re: "Another company to build,"

A temporary boon for the local construction industry.

"Is That a Good State/Local Economic Development Deal? A Checklist":

"There are just about no instances where they’ve recouped their costs. Those projects should be regarded as pork for the local construction industry"

It's essentially a replacement for Janesville.

Tip of the hat to NR Publisher, Andy Prutsok who originally provided the article.