Man pleads to cultivating pot

Sides hash out deal.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 23, 2014


A 32-year-old man who was expected to fight his case in court Wednesday ended up taking a last-minute plea instead.

Thomas Sterling, of Monroeville, pleaded guilty to one count of cultivating marijuana in trade for the dismissal of four other charges.

Sterling was indicted on trafficking in marijuana, possession of marijuana, tampering with evidence and possession of criminal tools in addition to the cultivation charge shortly after authorities uncovered his operation.

Wednesday's hearing was initially scheduled to dispute statements Sterling made to police and certain evidence that was collected during the investigation, court officials said.

Two detectives stood by for nearly three hours waiting to see if they would have to testify while Sterling's attorney and the state's representative hashed out a deal.

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Dude was cultivating, smoking the goods & hammering Hostess yummies !


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Dang.....I missed it ! What did you say Darling Nikki ?

Kobayashi Maru

Subhead should say "sides hash out deal."


I thought maybe it was a plea deal having to do with hashish rather than pot! Yes, it could use a bit more attention.


America is now safe


Thank you, NR staff, for listening to reasonable comments and fixing a small error where you can!


...I long for the day when we can see blue ribbon winners at the state fair produce competitions in the 'best buds' category...

Dr. Information

Big Dog has finally been spotted.

LabMan may be right


This is the dumbest bust in this area. Shouldn't they be out busting meth labs or heroine dealers? They must be trying to get all they can out of the illegal pot before it becomes legal.

Dr. Information

They do bust heroin and meth all the time, haven't you read the paper any given week? Weed is still illegal and will continue to be busted until otherwise.


sides 'hash' out deal. oh, how original. and a marijuana story written by a guy named ROCHE. oh, you sly dogs. if thts the best you can do, go back to journalism school.


Yes they are busting people left and right but they get a slap on the wrist a fine and they are on their merry way. How many times a week do you read in the paper a pot head broke in to a home to support their habit? Exactly none. I'd rather all the junkies serve time who are actually causing crime or for a person to feel uncomft in their own home not a man who hasn't taken anything from anyone. And this oh weed is a gateway drug bullshit really!!! It better hurry up Willie Nelson is like 100 and you don't read of him going off the deep end do ya?Dr.information you act like weed is the biggest problem we have in this town. I'd much rather surround myself with a bunch of pot heads who are happy not hurting or bothering anyone then all the herione junkies robbing and stealing to support their habits and damn sure over all the child molesters.

Dr. Information

Weed is illegal. Fact.


Not everywhere.not for long.Fact

Dr. Information

Until that point, it's illegal in Ohio and the Federal Government and busts will continue to happen.