Boose: Online sales tax collection complicated issue

Costing states tax money
Scott Seitz2
Jul 25, 2014


Several states have joined together in the attempt to better collect online sales tax.

"We still don't have any real authority until the federal law is changed," State Rep. Terry Boose said.

"So, we've joined a multi-state effort to collect on this," he added. "By doing that, we've collected a little more than we used to."

Boose (R-Norwalk Township) said the entire industry of online sales and sales/use tax has been a discussion for years.

"For example, we can't force a company in Pennsylvania to collect sales tax," he said.

"This is very, very complicated," Boose said. "We've been asking, businesses or residents, if they do purchase something from outside the state, they pay the sales tax owed to us.

"Everybody should be paying the tax," he added.

"Can we enforce those outside of Ohio to pay the tax?" Boose said. "Most people don't."

Boose said there's actually a part of the state income tax form where if a person purchases something from outside Ohio, they can pay the sales tax when they file their return at that time.

"Again, most people don't do it, but they are supposed to pay," he said. "I would say that 99.9 percent of the people who might purchase something from Amazon, don't do it."

Boose said the issue must be resolved at the federal level.

"The issue has been discussed at the federal and state level and also the supreme court," he said.

"A company like Walmart wants this to be enforced because they say it's unfair for those online who are not charged the sales tax while they have to charge it," Boose said.

"But, a company like Amazon doesn't want it," he added.

"This is an important topic, but until something is settled on the federal level it is very hard to enforce," Boose said.

Boose did note the state was able to bring in a few million more dollars recently from online sales in taxes due to the multi-state effort.

"It's an improvement," he said.



Boose: Online sales tax collection complicated issue . It's all complicated when your a simpleton.


I thought Republicans were against taxation.


If you think there is a difference between the Red/Blue team you're not living in reality. They are both out to fleece the populace as they continue to trade on insider knowledge, making millions.
A recent example of this is OweBama care; presented by the Blue team with the caveat of it being a "fine", whilst being adopted by the Red team (at the Judicial Level) being "reinterpreted" as a "tax".
Get over it, they both have their hand in your pocket, looking for more. /end rant.


Thanks, that was my point.


There should be no online tax. Too many taxes as it is.

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norwalk rejector

After hearing everything that went down with Edward Snowden, it became clear the government is already too involved with the internet. It's impiritive the government gains no more control over the net. They say it's a matter of lost tax revenue, while I say it's as a loss of personal freedom.


GOVERNMENT local state or fed. ALWAYS looking to figure out how to get MORE.. an endless thirst

hit the road jack

Yes,I think they should raise our taxes to 95% then everyone will revolt and things may get back into line where they should be. In my opinion we should not have to pay anything,first they spend my money in about 98% of what I would not spend my money on,send it to terrorists that next month or year or military will have to go fight and on and on and on........ they have no clue what they are doing but they know they have to spend this money on something or face a backlash from the public on all they money they collect in taxes.


Why should we pay sales tax to Ohio when we buy something from another state? If anything we should have to pay sales tax to the state we are buying from.Not that I'm for that either, but it makes more sense. Boose is a moron if he thinks its fair to tax us on out of state purchases. Throw the bumb out the next time he's up for re-election.


Uhhh...Boose is a moron any way you look at it. Doesn't matter what his stance is on this issue. He made up my mind on that when he had his dog and pony show over SB5.


But of course WaMart wants this legislation passed. They collect tax on all purchases now. They know the compliance costs to online and Brick n Click stores will drive them out of business. Amazon know thei too, as they collect Tax in 21 States now.

swiss family

oh Terry, who used to be one of us... could you come down from your High white tower, and dumb it down to us simple folk so we can do whayt ever you want us to do, cuz we too dumb to understand anythin for ourself and need someone we trust lik you to splain it to us.... yuk yuk yuk...