Overdose victim pleads guilty to having heroin

Norwalk man's mother called cops after he locked himself in bathroom.
Heather Chapin-Fowler
Jul 28, 2014


A 22-year-old Norwalk man who overdosed on heroin admitted to possessing the narcotic Tuesday in Huron County Common Pleas Court.

Jack Leimeister pleaded guilty to possession of heroin and is scheduled to be sentenced in September.

Leimeister's mother called Norwalk Police on April 16 after she found her son had locked himself in the bathroom, according to Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Patrick Hakos.

Leimeister was found unconscious in the bathroom and when he came to he "seemed stupefied" and his speech was slurred, Hakos said.

When officers looked in the bathroom, they found marijuana cigarettes and .03 grams of heroin along with a rubber contraption apparently used to shoot the heroin into the man's body, Hakos said.

Following Leimeister's release from Fisher-Titus Medical Center, he was immediately taken to jail for the possession charge.

Meanwhile, since the incident, Leimeister sat in the Huron County Jail for two months on a violation of probation from a conviction in Norwalk Municipal Court, according to his attorney, Huron County Public Defender David Longo.

Leimeister has 23 charges in the lower local court for such offenses as consuming alcohol under age, possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct and possession of drug paraphernalia, according to court records.

The lower court terminated Leimeister from its Intensive Supervised Probation program recently as the felony charge was filed.

Judge James Conway ordered a pre-sentence investigation prior to the defendant's Sept. 11 sentence hearing.

He could be sentenced to anything from a prison term to serving local time in the county jail or various programs such as a Community Based Correctional Facility (CBCF), Conway said. A CBCF is a former of prison focusing on substance abuse treatment and education.

Leimeister was permitted to remain free on a $5,000 bond until his sentence hearing, Conway also ruled.



Heroin is a growing epidemic ,this disease has claimed too many lives ,please seek help and treatment .i hope the mother helps him get the help he needs ,hope not dope for our young people .


If it doesn't kill em the lucky ones are still catching cases in the courts for the same old crap over & over.


But jack is a perfect example. Norwalk uses him over and over again to snitch for them. When he does they pay him and he goes and buys more dope. It's sad, but instead of busting him and locking him up and giving him a chance to get off the sh!#, they keep him hooked to tell on next person.they do this with the ones they know don't have a chance of recovery. Use them until they either end up in the paper so much that they have to put them in jail or they of and die.don't get me wrong there has to be an answer here, but the way Seth fry and his clone fat on or doing it is really messed up and wrong.they are part of this problem covering it to look like a fix.they have no idea of what's going on unless the are informed. Do your job and stop using these people until their dead and gone.