Theories swirl about man's death

His phone 'pinging' in Tremont area of Cleveland
Jul 23, 2014


The body of a missing 22-year-old Fremont man was found at the Lorain County Landfill, the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office reported late Tuesday afternoon.

Capt. Jim Drozdowski said Cory Barron, a 2010 graduate of Fremont Ross High School and senior communications major at Bowling Green State University, was positively identified after the sheriff’s office got a call around 1 p.m. from the landfill’s supervisor, according to local reports.

Theories on how Barron’s body ended up in the landfill have already started swirling, although many have been disproved by Cleveland law enforcement according to (Fremont) News-Messenger partner WKYC out of Cleveland.

On Tuesday, law enforcement said they considering the possibility that Barron fell down a garbage chute at the field. Cleveland police Commander James Chura told WKYC that Barron’s body was found in a Dumpster that, during the concert, had been close to Barron’s seating section.

However, police are now saying it would not be possible for Barron to fall down the garbage chute. He would have had to crawl in.

Barron’s body was found with his concert ticket and ID. He did not have his cell phone, but it was “pinging” in the Tremont area of Cleveland, WKYC reported.

Drozdowski said the Lorain County Coroner’s Office will conduct an autopsy today to determine a cause of death.

The supervisor said a body of a white male in his 20s had been discovered in a trash truck that was unloading at the landfill, Drozdowski said.



All sounds kinda hinky to me. I say he was murdered.




What the h^ll is that comment?


You should have deleted the whole comment..not just still sound like an idiot...


Im not buying the fell down chute crap. How did his phone end up in tremont?? I think they need to look into the people he went to concert with.


Why the people he went with?


News reports say that his parents had dropped off Cory and his siblings for the concert. He left his siblings to go up a level to say hi to some friends. They contacted authorities when he disappeared on his way back to them.


I bet some people/vendors at the concert venue...get a slap...they say the chutes are to be locked at all times unless in use just for this reason. Why were they even unlocked for this to be an option? How can you just FALL down a garbage chute? Are they just in the floor?