Salmonella case might lead to suit

A woman who works in another Norwalk food service establishment and got sick after eating at Casa Fiesta last month, missed a week-and-a-half of work and plans on a lawsuit against the restaurant. The woman, who asked to remain anonymous because she is a food service worker, ate at the restaurant April 25. She originally thought she had the flu, but went to Fisher-Titus Medical Center on April 29 because she was dehydrated. The hospital confirmed she had Salmonella poisoning.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


A woman who works in another Norwalk food service establishment and got sick after eating at Casa Fiesta last month, missed a week-and-a-half of work and plans on a lawsuit against the restaurant.

The woman, who asked to remain anonymous because she is a food service worker, ate at the restaurant April 25. She originally thought she had the flu, but went to Fisher-Titus Medical Center on April 29 because she was dehydrated. The hospital confirmed she had Salmonella poisoning.

She said doctors told her she could be off of work for up to six months, but Tim Hollinger, the county health commissioner, said even food service workers with severe cases of food poisoning are back to work in less than a month.

Hollinger said this morning his office is checking into 25 reported cases of food poisoning recently from the Norwalk restaurant.

“I don’t have my test results back yet,” Hollinger said. The Huron County General Health District sent the samples to the Ohio Department of Health for testing and Hollinger said he expects the results back today or Thursday.

Hollinger said anyone who works in food service must follow special rules before returning to work after contracting food poisoning.

“The big thing is to make sure it doesn’t spread,” he said. “If you’re a food worker, it’s very important not to go back to work until you get two clean samples.”

The samples must be taken at least 24 hours apart.

The woman said she already had two clean samples and can head back to work tonight. She went to Fisher-Titus Medical Center, which charges for the tests and does them in-house for quicker results. Hollinger said the health department will conduct the tests at no cost, but it takes three or four days to get results back.

“I have had two children and I have never felt pain like I have from this Salmonella infection that I got from a little lunch,” she said.

She questioned whether Casa Fiesta workers, because many are Hispanic and possibly not fluent in English, understand the health regulations for restaurants.

Gustavo Enrquez, manager of Casa Fiesta, said his workers are all properly trained in food service requirements and follow state laws. He said none of his workers have gotten sick from the food at the restaurant.

“Customers are still coming in,” Enrquez said. “We re-opened Friday evening and have had no problems.”

The restaurant voluntarily threw out all food on hand when the health department contacted Enrquez about possible contamination and closed for a day to disinfect and deep clean the entire restaurant.



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No way

I hope to hell she reports this to the NEWS Channels...They could do their own investigations..Channel 11, 13, 24 Fox 8 Etc...

David Deerest.

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la cucaracha
yes they give you quite a lot
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now you can't get off the pot.


We as americans are pitiful. We want to sue every one for everything just to make a dime. This is a successful buisness that had something bad happen. They made a bad situation good by taking the correct steps to make sure they are safe and everyone that comes in safe.
SHAME on you for wanting to sue them. onto others as they should do onto you......................


Do restaurants carry liability insurance for such a thing? Personally, if I had to miss a week or more of work and go through the pain and suffering of salmonella, you better damn well believe I would sue. Being a single parent, if I missed that much work I don't know how I would survive. Utility companies don't care why you can't pay your bills, they shut you off. The landlord won't care, he'll evict. C.F. should be held accountable for what they serve paying customers. With the way the economy is, who can afford to miss a week or more of work for someone else's mistake? They need to pay at least lost wages and medical. Not to mention pain and suffering. From what I hear the pain is worse than labor. They should at least get a year of free margaritas.... ;)


re: sparkling_diamond__ just make bloody sure that the margarita glasses are clean and spot free.


Re:my2sons rediculous comment

So I see you have two children? Have you ever been unable to work and support them? Have you worried how you were gonna pay your bills? Have you been in a fetal position aching in pain because someone has poisioned you? Too bad you weren't the one who got the infection, maybe then you'd quit talking out your rear. Oh and the whole time worry about giving it to your small children. Let me I have a suggestion go eat at Casa some more, maybe you'll get the same treatment they gave 26 people!!


26 people who complained to their doctors or went to hospitals.... how many others just thought they had the stomach flu and toughed it out for a couple days???? I would bet the numbers are triple 26, but they weren't sick enough to warrant medical care. re ohyea28: were you sick? Just wondering. A friend of mine ate there on that weekend in question, then missed two days of work with "the worst stomach flu (she) ever had". Stomach flu my a$$.


I'm sure the pain was intense and nobody wants to lose several days pay, but $25 G's ? Why stop there ? They've probably got insurance, why not make it $250,000 or one-meeeeeeeelion dollars ?

my2sons was pretty much on the mark. I heard about a woman who was bumped by a car slowly backing into a parking place and the words "I'm gonna sue" were out of her mouth before she even hit the ground.

Keep in mind that when insurance has to pay excessive claims like this, it has the potential to increase all of our rates. The business owner will end up paying the bill, so they have to increase prices, so there goes the $4.99 lunch specials.

Businesses have a responsibility to operate safely in all aspects, but did this person ever consider just calling Gustavo and saying "I love your restaurant, the service and the food, but we have a problem." and then reasonably discussing it.

Best wishes and a speedy recovery to all 25 of you that were afflicted, especially the 23 that haven't filed or threatened to file a lawsuit.


I was the sickest I've ever been! And I love to hear people comment that were not affected!! Let them go to the hospital and try to live their life when they've been poisoned by someone who your suppose to trust to give you a safe lunch. And let them worry wether or not your 2 year old is gonna get salmonella!! Because if I was that sick imagine what that would do to a baby. But dick (see below) keep sticking up for the poor people whos insurance might go up.....poisoning people should be ok. Get real!!


Food poisoning is an awful affliction, as ohyeah and 24 others know. It shouldn't happen to any of us, especially a 2 year-old, but it does:

Incidence (annual) of Food poisoning: about 76 million cases annually in USA
Incidence Rate: approx 1 in 3 or 27.94%

For emphasis - ONE IN THREE -- chance of getting food poisoning. It's a wonder any of us are up walking around after breakfast, lunch or dinner.

What is sad that, before the last flush of the toilet from this illness, those that are stricken are ready to sue because "they've got insurance". And there's certainly some ambulance chaser out there that will take their case and further tie up the court system. When the aggregate costs of these lawsuits are calculated and the insurance rates go up, we ALL pay more, not just the business.

Or do you just want to make the business suffer because you suffered ? They voluntarily closed their doors as soon as they heard about this, threw out all their inventory and disinfected the entire building. And they cooperated fully with the Health Department and didn't try to cover it up with the media. If the loss of revenue for those days isn't enough suffering, how about you throw in the fact that all of their employees lost several days pay (and tips) when the business was closed ?

Poisoning people is not ok, really, but neither is filing a lawsuit just to exact your pound of flesh.

"But dick...keep sticking up..." -- that's pretty funny. At least I bother to use my own name on here, not some playground taunt from a six year-old.

David Deerest.

LOL! How are we suppose to take that seriously?
But dick (see below) keep sticking up for the poor people...LOL! (see below...rofl)

swiss family

the truth of the matter is that the food that was infected was probably one of the vegetable products that they use.. like diced onions, or lettuce etc. but what most people don't realize is the fact that that kind of food comes in already processed,. it comes in already diced, or cubed and could have been delivered to the finest restaurants , or pizza shops around.. it is just the luck of the draw as to who gets it...
there have been plenty of times when i have gotten sick, or at least uncomfortable from alot of other restaurants and local pizza shops...but i never thought about running to the hospital and ultimately suing anyone!!!
i believe that food poisoning is alot more common than most people realize.. and you have probably all been a victim of it as many of you have run to the hospital each time you felt sick?? most people don't make the connection between the sickness, and the last meal you ate... and the people who do make that connection, probably have a long history of trying to sue everyone, and everywhere they have eaten, or patronized..but the real irony is that it is usually their kid who is sneezing on the food underneath the sneeze guard, making everyone else sick

David Deerest.

All the food was tested, swiss. It all came back fine. So, I reckon' if it's NOT the food...

Tell us your humble opinion, please. Just once more. I don't think you've told us enough times, we long to read it again. Say Hi to Sharen and Mike for me. On second thought, don't.

David Deerest.

Disease-causing Salmonella species have recently been re-classified into a single species, Salmonella enterica, which has numerous serovars. Salmonella Typhi causes typhoid fever. Other salmonellae are frequent causes of foodborne illness, especially from poultry and raw eggs and more generally from food that has been cooked or frozen and not eaten straight away. Although most non-typhoidal strains associated with food-borne infection are self-limiting and do not require antibiotics, complicated or systemic infection and infection with specific serovars (such as Typhi) are indications for antibiotic treatment and often hospitalization. The long-term usage of antibiotics in both the poultry and beef industries may have created a strain of salmonella which is potentially resistant to antibiotics.

Salmonellosis can also be caught by handling reptiles such as iguanas or turtles. A CDC study also noted cases of salmonellosis in 2003 and 2004 associated with handling commercially distributed pet rodents.

All the above posted is from Wiki.
IT WASN'T THE FOOD...someone is the blame, not something in the veggies. If it was in the veggies, then it was handled by someone inflicted with the virus already.

swiss family

to Deer Dave.. once again, you are right.. you are always right, why can't i just accept that fact????
i do remember a year or so ago when there was a food poisoning outbreak, and it was traced to contaminated green onions... and i also remember that the same thing happened but this time, it was contaminated lettuce... so you see, it does appear that it was the vegetables!!!like i said before.. but somehow you are right again!!!at least in your own mind, anyway!!! it must be a nice place, there in your own little world...where you are always right about everything!!!!

How I see it

is Swiss just isn't getting the answer she wants. She did say that Deer Dave is correct and should have let it go. The green onion problem was about Chi Chi's and a few others that had veggies contaminated with e.coli, not salmonella. E.coli is fecal contamination, so guess what they did in the field while they were picking green onions. Thaaaaaaaaat's right. Well all this contaminated food talk is makin' me hungry. Think I'll go to Berry's for lunch today if that's okay with swiss. Adios.
P.S. Don't eat anything with bird poop on it either. That's kinda' both.


"...such as iguanas or turtles." ? Would it help if they were wearing hair nets ?

How do you translate "Do not touch iguanas or turtles before handling food" into French, German and Italian for the benefit of Swiss ?

David Deerest.

I guess we'll have to do it at one of the 'Winking Lizard' bar and grills.

It is required that all winking lizards wear hair nets and scrubs.

To How I see it, were they rubbibg it on their bee-hinds?

David Deerest.

oh yeah, IN YOUR FACE, swiss miss!

Chad Eitle (Ano...

Lets see.....

76 million cases annually X $25000 lawsuit = I should have become a lawyer.....

How I see it

is Chad should have become a lawyer and me too.


Not only did people test positive for Salmonella, they tested positive for ecoli as well. It's all to poopy for me!!


Were the ones tested just dripping with poo ? Do they do septic tank cleaning on the side ?

Chad: 76 million cases annually X $25000 lawsuit = We SHOULDN'T be in the food service business, because of all the ambulance chasing lawyers. I didn't get the statistic, but I'll bet more than half of 76 million cases were in peoples homes.

Word to everyone out there, since we're getting into picnic season: Potato and Macaroni Salad really taste good with your burgers and weenies and brats, but unless you keep it on ice, it's a food poisoning fest waiting to happen. Try sticking to vinegar or tomato based salads.

David Deerest.

ohyeah28- Was it found in the food or what? I heard it was NOT the food, all came back ok.
please, elaborate as I'm getting ready to meet swiss family there for lunch in a half hour.


why would any one eat anything a nasty @ss dirty mexican cooked? look at them and think of the sh!t on their hands before you put anything your mouth. yuk...


Not me---twice was enough over at the El Caparol location in Hellevue. The worker who barely put two words of English together running a minibike in the front door did it for me. That place was so filthy - you didn't dare trust anybody in there handling food.


Dave - I went to Casa a little after 11:30, but didn't find you or Swiss. Of course, I don't know what you look like and I was looking for two GUYS (my assumption). Were you there ? If you were, I hope you two had a great time. Maybe I can join you next time.

David Deerest.

Richard, we were there. I let my wife buy. Personally, I think swiss is of the female gender, that's just my humble opinion. I hate to even write that for fear of retaliation. I didn't wear my hunting hat as to give away my identity. We had a great time and the food was ok. I have to admit, I like Taco Belch better. Sad, but true.