Body found is missing Fremont man

He was missing since Friday night.
Jul 22, 2014


The body of a man discovered at Republic Services Landfill in New Russia Township Tuesday is Cory Barron, authorities confirmed and Fox 8 reported.

The 22-year-old disappeared from the Jason Aldean concert at Progressive Field on Friday. Family members reported him missing on Saturday.

Family and friends, along with police and the FBI, have been looking for Barron in areas surrounding Progressive Field.

On Tuesday, Cleveland police said it received information from the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office that a body had been found and officers responded to the location.

The Lorain County Coroner’s Office will determine the cause of death.




Sad situation..even more sad is that for all the attention this story has gotten, you guys can't even get the right city...he's from Fremont not clyde

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Heard he may have fallen into a garbage chute & down into a dumpster. Then hauled to Lorain Co. landfill.


Did someone help him fall ? ?


Just loaded at WP where the guy supposedly worked.
Some drivers were talking and said "rumor" is he left some friends early into the concert to get some beers and never returned??
all was in tack wallet, etc. Some say fight but all clueless at this time.


WTF does "in tack wallet" mean?


all in tack...nothing missing like wallet, etc.


That would be "all intact".


Amazing this town with some of thee highest of perfectionist, dictionary swallowing folks, yet can't figure out how to make a decent living on there own! Yet have the time/boredom to correct stupid little stuff.


If you have the time to write stupidly. Of course we will take the time to edjamacate youse.


Besides, i am still "working" earning while times some extra sitting.
You really don't think i spend my off (free) time blogging?
Sorry, unlike many of you, i have other things to do when not behind the wheel than blog..


That would be on "their" own...not there own ;) Keep on truckin cause your command of the English language is not your (not you're) strong suit :D


AMAZING FACT: Although i'm so uneducated, i still receive above most middle class income levels, for my skills.....
Go figure!


Good for you ! Now spend some of that big $ you're pulling down (not your) and take a class on how to write / speak the King's English !


Can't way too many on welfare depend on the confiscation of any extra they deem to be in excess.


I will agree with you on that ;)


Can't we all just get along?? Or is it a long?? hahahahaha in tact, too funny.