Man facing multiple charges after allegedly fondling boy at hospital

Suspect was a patient at hospital while boy was visiting.
TNS Regional News
Jul 20, 2014


A Bedford Township man faces multiple charges in Toledo Municipal Court after authorities said he fondled a boy in a restroom at Mercy St. Anne Hospital in West Toledo.

Police have charged Dean E. Elmer, 54, of 6222 S. Dixie Highway, with gross sexual imposition, inducing panic, and vandalism stemming from the incident Thursday.

According to police statements filed with Toledo Municipal Court, Mr. Elmer entered a restroom with a 13-year-old boy, where he allegedly pulled down the boy's pants and fondled him. The charges state the boy has a mental or physical condition that would impair his ability to respond and that the defendant likely would have known this.

Mr. Elmer, who was a patient at the hospital while the boy was visiting, also is charged with inducing panic for running and hiding from police and with vandalism for later kicking out and destroying a hospital window in an attempt to flee from hospital police.

Mr. Elmer, who Lucas County jail records say was arrested Friday, remained in the jail Saturday pending arraignment Monday in the Toledo court.

Kathleen Valtin, a Mercy spokesman, said the hospital is “fully cooperating” with the Toledo police investigation and unable to comment further about the incident.


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since he is still in hospital....castrate him?

swiss family

it is not THAT body part that makes him attracted to young boys or girls.. it is his brain.. so unless you do a lobotomy or put him out of his "misery" and ours too, doing what you suggest will not stop him from molesting again..I wish it would, but it won't..


How about a public stoning then?
Kill 2 birds with 1 stoning, so to speak. The p.o.s would get his punishment and any future p.o.s may be detered, after seeing the first p.o.s punishment.

swiss family

I see no problem with that... could we round up a lot of the Priests and Bishops and Cardinals and Popes and have them in the pit as well???

JMOP's picture

Shouldn't matter their profession, a pedophile is still a pedophile. We'll also include teachers, Boy Scout leaders, and anyone else.

Chef Julio

Thank you JMOP. The Libs like to protect their union brethren, so they won't admit the truth that children are 30 times more likely to be molested in school than in any church, but hey Swiss, keep up the lib lies about Christianity.


So you are saying that priests didn't molest children? There was no sex abuse scandal in the church? It was all lies spun by liberals?

swiss family

it sure sounds like that is the lie they are trying to perpetuate... or that only i% of priests ever molested anyone.. and to that I say is a proven FACT that only about 57.9 % of children ever tell of their molestation.. and if they are boys, statistically it is worse, for them it is 74,8% NEVER tell anyone that they were molested.. so now look at all of the boys that stepped forward and said they were molested, and then considered that 74.8% more boys more never spoke up..and it would appear that nearly every priest was involved in the scandal, and if they were not molesting, they were at the very least, aware of it, and so were the Pastors, and Bishops, and Cardinals, and all the way to the top, all the way to the Pope who they just Canonized as a Saint..?????all I know if it were any Arabic religion, they would be cast out of America, for being too radical, and wrong, and child attacking... only in America can they not only stay, but somehow thrive.. talk about sheep.... wow

swiss family

thank you Lady... the radical Right like Julio like to pretend that sometimes the schools and the churches are connected as one, such as our own Catholic School system, which we are blessed enough to have right here in Norwalk, of which many, many children have passed through, from it's very beginning even through today as we graduate more and more and enroll more and more..and in all of those years... we have the distinction of having had in our midst 4 well known and even Diocesan acknowledged pedophile pastors and Priests among our clergy... and of the four.. many of them served here multiple years , with one serving here for at least 13 years, one was here for at least 5 years, one was hear at least 4 years and another was here another 4 years.... one of the four eventually quit on his own and became just a regular person , and was blended back into society , and turned into an unsuspecting neighborhood in a Toledo suburb, until a movie was made about his reign and the disaster he made of one mans life , and how this Priest would take these unsuspecting boys up to the "cabin" or "cottage" for the weekend... for days and nights full of molestation

You do not have to believe me, I really don't care.. but if you know any of the boys that ever went to the cottage. you had better get to have a serious talk to them... from heart to heart, because I can assure you, what they carry can and might be too much for them to bear...I do not know if you took notice of what one of the St. Paul's people said when they talked about their memories of the"Rock" when it came down... they said it was a place for the St Paul's alter boys to talk and drink and wash away the past...Oh we also had an assistant coach who would take you home or to his "other business office" to trick you out of your clothes and then... well lets just say, you had no levelage..... you figure it out...So Julio... you can paint them as "lib Lies if it makes you feel better.. I KNOW what they are I know of the suicides, and the depressions, and anger, and heartbreak..and none of them are that good of actors... you know when someone is dealing with real pain, real torment, well at least I do, and so do Dr's... too bad you don't

shovelhead's picture

I'm pretty sure that 57.9 was the final score of you're IQ test.

Brock Lee

this guy hed sick df

swiss family

shovelhead.. and Brock lee. have you ever been tested to see what your I Q is?? I have... show me yours I will show you mine..

shovelhead's picture

I haven't heard that since 5th grade. You prove you're brain power every time you log on. Only you could turn this story into a religion-based attack on Catholicism.

swiss family

you and your classmates were talking about your I Q"S in 5th grade??? you might be brighter than it seems???? I could be wrong though..!!!!

shovelhead's picture

No, genius....I was referring to the "show yours & I'll show..." comment. Nice try though, brainiac.