Huron County recorder warns of potential deed solicitations

Be on guard against mail and telephone solicitations that could be coming your way from several companies.
Aaron Krause
Jul 31, 2014


Huron County Recorder Jan Tkach is warning county residents about mail and telephone solicitations they may receive from several companies.

These companies may send an official looking letter or they may call homeowners with the offer to provide a certified copy of their deed for exorbitant fees.

Tkach's office has received calls from concerned residents.

"Many people are unaware that they can receive copies of deeds, mortgages and other property documents from the local recorder's office for a nominal fee," Tkach said.

The purpose of a real estate deal is to provide proof of land ownership. If a homeowner is unable to locate their deed, there's no need for them to worry, since a copy is filed in the recorder's office in the county where the property is located.

Tkach said resident typically can obtain a certified copy of their deed from her office for about $5. The Ohio Revised Code requires the county recorder to charge $2 per page of the deed and $1 for the document certification.

Document information is also available at

Residents with additional questions should call the recorder's office at (419) 668-1916. The office is located at 12 E. Main St.



I use to own a title company and can tell you that the price margin between what I would charge a mortgage company for a deed search and what the consumer pays is ridiculous. An one owner search, that includes a copy of the deed, the mortgage, tax/lien information, maps and so on would cost around $65 plus cost of copies. Copies can be made yourself in Huron County for $.50. This might have increased a little but if the clerks make your copies THEY will up charge the cost and it will be $2 or more a page. They say its because of the ORC but other county clerks make copies for free and only charge for the copies. I would get copies of the invoices sent to the customer from the mortgage company or lenders and they would charge $400-$500 for what I just charged them $65 for. Its all a ripoff.

In other counties in Ohio imaging is done online and the copies can be printed out from your home for the cost of paper and ink. Huron County is one of the only counties in Ohio running off of the system that they use. It needs to be updated and all documents need to be imaged and put online.


Yea ,if you can get them to help you. They all act like you are putting them out. I use to do business for 20 years with Erie County and the employees were friendly and helpful. Then I moved to this county and My God they were so nasty. Then I went to work for The County and I realized why. the supervisors were all nasty .I even got nasty after awhile ! in all fairness the License Bureau is much better now. They even smile !