Two Norwalk establishments seeking to sell liquor on Sundays

People are in the process of gathering petition signatures from residents in the precincts.
Scott Seitz
Jul 20, 2014


A pair of Norwalk businesses are seeking the legal right to sell liquor on Sunday.

City Law Director Stuart O'Hara explained the two petitions circulating regarding Sunday sales of liquor.

O'Hara clarified those petitions aren't city related.

Bar 145° and the Office Bar are gathering petition signatures to permit the Sunday sales of liquor.

"Under Ohio law, liquor cannot be sold on Sunday for retail purchases unless voters exercise a local option," he said.

O'Hara said specific precinct voters must approve the Sunday sales if those issues make it to the ballot.

O'Hara said Ohio's liquor laws are complicated.

"Beer is different than spirituous liquor," he said. "And, wine is different than liquor, though many times those two are lumped together."



I vote yes!!!


There will be competition for The Games !The spirits must flow .


OH's liquor laws are antiquated and cumbersomely byzantine.

Norwalk could easily support more than one package store.


Who do we need to contact in order to sign the petitions? I would definitely sign them

swiss family

if they are already allowed to sell liquor on Saturday night into Sunday morning at 2:30. they are then already selling it on Sunday... so what is the difference if they continue to sell it the rest of the day???


Not only are the liquor laws complicated, but now the Ohio Food Safety Division is complicating things even more. For information on the unnecessary(wine kills human pathogens), duplicate (of licensing and sanitation in liquor codes), and discriminatory (not applicable to out of state wineries with same liquor permit) regulation of Ohio wineries by the Ohio Department of Agriculture or to take action on Ohio Senate bill 32, please see: or