Wakeman police make drug arrests

In one residence, officers found 30 syringes, cooking spoons, make-shift tourniquets and a few pills.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 28, 2014


Wakeman police officers recently arrested Michael Nolan of 110 Franklin St., in Wakeman, for felony drug possession.

Patrolmen Kemper and McNulty responded to the residence on a follow-up investigation from Huron County Adult Parole Authority. After a brief discussion with Nolan he granted a consent to search the residence.

"All of the indicators were there that showed the officers that he had been using some type of substance," Wakeman Chief Tim Hunker said. "Inside the residence officers confiscated 30 syringes, cooking spoons, make-shift tourniquets, and a few pills of an unknown make. He (Nolan) was taken into custody without incident."

Kemper also was involved with a cocaine arrest on July 3 and 4. Kemper and Patrolman Krenisky were investigating a missing person complaint when they came into contact with the alleged missing person, Robin Hinckley, and Desiree Collins.

Both reside on East Main Street, Wakeman. Hinckley, Collins, and another male had just came back into Wakeman from making an alleged drug run in Lorain County. Hinckley attempted to dispose of a "crack pipe" which lead to her arrest. Collins also had felony drug paraphernalia on her that contained suspected crack cocaine. A gram of suspected cocaine (about $100) also was located. Both were arrested without incident.


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What are makeshift tourniquets? t-shirts? Anything long enough to wrap around your arm? Just saying. I have 24 "cooking" spoons in my silverware drawer....Just bust the guy with the evidence you have. Don't make up things just to make it stick. He gave consent to search because there were no drugs there. "Look, Jimmy...this guy has a spoon!"..."cuff him!"..."what's this? A leather belt?"


^ we have a very ignorant person here.

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whatever, cop.


good times.., good times..


shovelhead I am guessing that maybe the spoons had drug residue on them & maybe burn marks on the back of the spoon. I don't know any of this from experience, just saw it on T.V. lol

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I'm with ya on that. I've just never heard of makeshift paraphernalia. Just sounds made up. The only thing missing is the cop telling the paper "I heard he hates old people and puppies too".


with the track record of the wakeman PD, and there highly trained officers, with all there multiple days of experience, its anyones guess what the truth is. they are in fact the mayberry of ohio!


What about his wife, will she be in trouble too? Sad a small town turning crappy like any other town. I hope his wife is not on the drugs too. SAD!


Where does one go to purchase paraphenalia for recreational injection? I'd say its all "makeshift"


Lmao junkies!


I was curious how long it would take for them to catch on. Someone should let all their 'costumers' know they won't be getting a shipment.