Distraught drug defendant accused of accepting pill from CBCF client

Father of woman's children recently was killed in traffic accident.
Cary Ashby
Jul 17, 2014


A woman who was distraught over the death of her child's father is accused of violating the terms of being in substance abuse treatment.

Former New London resident Chelsey M. McCullough, 25, is being held without bond in the Huron County Jail. She stipulated Tuesday there is probable cause she violated her probation.

"She was on judicial release for a 23-month prison sentence," Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper said.

After being released early from prison in early February, McCullough was transferred to Crosswaeh, a community-based corrections facility in Tiffin. Defendants spend four to six months in a CBCF, a form of prison which focuses on substance abuse treatment and education.

McCullough was about 30 days from graduating from the program when she was kicked out on an allegation she accepted a pill from another CBCF client.

"There were some mitigating circumstances," Huron County Public Defender David Longo said. "She didn't relapse. She didn't take any drugs."

McCullough was very depressed over the June 30 death of a Bellevue man — the father of her son — when the other CBCF client offered McCullough "a caffeine pill" to boost her spirits, Longo said. The public defender said authorities determined the pill was actually Tramadol, which his client didn't use, but he said McCullough also didn't have the clarity of mind to tell the woman to go away or not accept the pill.

"She physically accepted it and put it in her locker. ... It was found in her locker," Longo said.

McCullough said she had been testing clean during drug screens for six months before the incident.

"It's the only sanction I had until this happened," she told Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway.

"They had a job set up for me," added McCullough, who was supposed to be living in a "sober-living facility" in Lorain after leaving the CBCF.

Conway asked the defendant if she was willing to put forth a good effort at the CBCF -- if the facility agreed to re-accept her.

"I'd be willing to do whatever it takes," said McCullough, who also said the CBCF had done a lot of good for her.

While in prison, McCullough obtained her GED and regularly attended church and substance abuse programs. She planned to attend college in the fall.

In September 2012, a jury -- after two full days of testimony and 2 1/2 hours of deliberation -- found McCullough guilty of two counts each of selling heroin and morphine to a confidential informant whom she had contacted by texting.

Then in mid-May 2013, McCullough pleaded guilty to possession of heroin. The conviction was for a March 30, 2013 traffic stop when Trooper Thomas Halko stopped her for a lane violation when she was eastbound on Ohio 18. The court sentenced McCullough to 23 months in prison -- six months for the possession of heroin conviction and 17 months for a series of probation violations.




Seen it All

Was this her dad or grandfather?


Sounds like she has had a lot of problems if that is the case, but we all have our share of "STUFF" to deal with, doesn't make it ok to break the law!


That's her father.


I don't think it is...


That's not her father


The tramadol is like the only pain med that the cbcfs don't test for.clean lol, will never be. Her last article in the paper was more bullcrap. The judicial system and public pretenders in huron county are so messed up. Only if the people of huron county really knew the truth about their system. All these cbcfs are bought into by the judges. Everyone wonders why Conway sends them all there, he is getting paid. Wake up people.. Huron co. Is messed up its crazy. One day someone that has enough money will look into the system and the people of huron co will really understand what fucktards they are really believing in..


"Everyone wonders why Conway sends them all there, he is getting paid."

This confirms what we have all been thinking. Why else would Conway keep sending people to CBCF when it has such a poor success rate.


it's all about the calendar..


You're right, I forgot about that. Are you compiling a calendar with photos of men in it, too, or will they only be included in your CBCF reality show?


ya know, i had not thought of that! you can be my partner and handle that side of production. the hours are long but our full time staff do all the heavy lifting. we just sit back and take in the rewards!

swiss family

@ itsok....those are some pretty powerful allegations... I do believe them.. I mean it all makes sense.. why else would the Judge keep sending people to such a poor rating of success system unless it was some type of corruption.. but you need to have proof...I am sure that you have plenty of that before you make allegations like this...right??? and could you please find a different word to call the 2 syllable word that you say the people of Huron county are believing in?? the first is probably banned from print.. and the second is offensive and derogatory, and should be as well.. thanks


This is such crap, send her back to prison!
People use any excuse in the book to get away with their wrongdoing.


she accepted a pill. she didnt take it and tested negative, correct? so, was she charged for intent? i dont understand how she was kicked out of the program. she may have had probs before, but seems she is complying.


What an oxymoron, "Sober Living Facility" in LORAIN???


CBCF does work. who cares if he gets money for it. what is the better idea.. shipping them all of to prison to hangout with their friends and become friends with other people to get MORE connections from different cities that arent getting any help either? give it a rest and start applauding the ones who do make it out and stay out. jeesh negative nancys


The judge keeps sending people to cbcf bc unlike the uneducated masses who are ignorant to the way addiction actually works, he knows that people first need the tools and the knowledge to live a different sort of life, prison solves nothing. Aside from that, first time 4th and 5th degree drug offenses can no longer be sent to prison, cbcf is the ultimaton of punishment in that case. Regardless of that, sending people to prison again and again only fuels the cycle, people have to want it before it can happen, but they also have to know how to handle all of the changes, physical, emotional, mental, your entire life changes, not a single facet remains intact, that takes knowledge, effort, and commitment, but the knowledge has to be there.