Salmonella scare closes eatery|22 people report abdominal pain, cramping, vomiting and diarrhea

The Huron County General Health District is investigating six confirmed cases of salmonella after a number of area residents recently began to experience intense abdominal pain and cramping, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Angie Smith, epidemiologist for the health department, said health officials interviewed affected people and the common thread is the local restaurant Casa Fiesta.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


The Huron County General Health District is investigating six confirmed cases of salmonella after a number of area residents recently began to experience intense abdominal pain and cramping, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Angie Smith, epidemiologist for the health department, said health officials interviewed affected people and the common thread is the local restaurant Casa Fiesta.

“We are investigating whether or not the illness is related to the food, the food handling, a food worker or a combination of these,” Smith said.

The health department inspected the restaurant Thursday morning and took food samples to send to the Ohio Department of Health for testing.

The health department has been in contact with local hospitals, bordering health departments and the restaurant owner. The restaurant closed voluntarily, threw out all prepared food and began sanitizing all equipment, Health Commissioner Tim Hollinger said. The restaurant will re-open today.

“They came yesterday and took some samples,” Ramon Ornelas, owner of the restuarant said. He said the entire inventory of food was disposed of and every inch of the restaurant has been disinfected. “It is 100 times better to lose inventory than to have customers get sick,” he said. “We’re doing everything to make sure it is all safe.”

Health officials said Huron County had 11 people with gastrointestinal complaints at local hospital emergency rooms on Monday. Huron County averages about 10 gastrointestinal complaint emergency room visits per day for this time of year.

Smith added “because there were 11 people with severe abdominal pain and cramping in one 24-hour period, as well as calls from private physicians regarding patients seen in their offices with similar complaints, we started looking for a common thread.”

In addition to the 11 people with abdominal pain at Huron County hospitals Monday, there were three people with abdominal pain on Sunday and one person with abdominal pain on Saturday. In all, 22 people went to the hospital with abdominal pain, cramping, vomiting and diarrhea from Saturday through Monday, health officials said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, salmonella symptoms affect people about 12 to 72 hours after infection. The illness usually lasts four to seven days and most persons recover without treatment. However, in some persons the diarrhea may be so severe that the patient needs to be hospitalized due to severe dehydration. Only if the infection spreads from the intestines would the patient need to be prescribed antibiotics.



and this is a big surprise because, why? these are the same folks who had el caparel over in bellevue and the one worker guy brought a mini bike in the front door of the place with it still running...we nearly choked on the fumes. knew it was just a matter of time.


...and these are just the people who complained to their doctors and went to the hospital! I wonder how many people just thought they had the 'stomach flu' and it really was/is food poisoning??? That's too bad because it really does have a great atmosphere.


Where are all the people that were yukkin it up about Berry's now? Probably sitting at home taking their Immodium.


My husband and I ate at Casa last week and that night I thought he was gonna die with stomach pain. I took him to the E.R. in Elyria the next day, but they could not pinpoint the problem. He is still feeling the effects of whatever it was but is getting much better. We did not know about the salmonella until Thursday when my sister- in-law called to tell us what was int he paper. We live out of state so we had no clue!


Phoenix: ATTITUDE. Get ready for the Bistro. That's right!


re: Phoenix, I think this is a conspiracy by Berry's or maybe the new Bistro to get rid of the competition. Who will be next?


I don't believe it's any conspiracy by Berry's AlterEgo. I just think it might have something to do with the 22 or so health violations that Casa had in its previous health inspection report. I just think Casa Fiesta was and may still be in a need of cleaning up a bit. For the safety of is customers. Berry's and Casa Fiesta have proven that they are both able to survive in Norwalk with the other in existence.
As far as the new Bistro goes, I think its great that a "new" business is opening in the uptown district area. Instead of following the rest of the crowd and driving business out of uptown and towards Milan. All that this doing is funneling tax dollars into the Berlin-Milan school system. I say welcome to the new Bistro, I hope that you are able to do well in Norwalk and take a part in bringing more business to the Main Street District. Thanks!


For the safty of its customers... they should check into whether any of the workers can grasp the english language and have all their immunizations in order including the fremont and sandusky locations--many of the workers are from mexico, right? are all of their vaccines up to date to ensure that their is no public health hazard concerning communicable diseases?? And all should wear hair nets.


Word to the wise: Never share a meal with Sam and Ella.

swiss family

to "starryeyes" why on earth would the food servers need to wear hair nets?? if you could still watch the video of Skip Wilde serving pizza to the last minute tax filers, you would certainly notice that Mr Wilde is NOT wearing any hair protection.. not a hat, or a hairnet, nothing.. and people who are shown getting their slice of pie, are grabbing the slices, with their bare, dirty, hands, and breaking off their piece, leaving behind all of the other slices, which they have infested with their dirty hands... and no one on here thought that this was wrong, at least all of the responders...
i was outraged by the lack of health safety, shown by Mr Wilde, from Domino's Pizza..he should certainly have known better, and he should certainly know the health codes.. and if he does know them, and still uses such a lack of concern, and safety.. i would really hope that the health dept checks out his business.. Domino's Pizza. for more health code violations, before more people come down with food poisoning ...


@ swiss---like I said they ALL (any food business) need to wear hair restraints--what part of my comment did you not understand? And since I can't get the feed on my 'puter to work I guess I can't watch the video.


I was joking about the conspiracy. I like Casa Fiesta. As far as health violations you would be interested to know that every Norwalk eatery has had numerous voilations over the years, even the schools get violations from the health department from time to time.


I agree, they should wear hairnets. There's nothing more disgusting than finding a hair in your food. Employees should also be washing their hands after using the bathroom too or be required to wear gloves when handling food.

I forget who said it, but it was around the time that Chi Chi's shut down for food being contaminated, but they said that it(contamination) was bound to happen as the food industry began taking short cuts to get the food out quicker.

I think Chi Chi's however, was traced to the growing fields.


I love that place. I'll still eat there after they get it back in order. Their food is awesome.

swiss family

Casa Fiestas food and atmosphere is awesome.. and it isn't fair to say how many health violations they had on their last inspection.. it doesn't reflect what kind of place they have
i'm sure that we have all read that the health inspector give any business a violation, if they don't have commercial grade equipment.. how is this fair?? and not only are they given a violation once, but every time the inspector shows up, if they haven't changed the equipment, they are given a violation, which makes them look bad, when they really aren't!! i mean a refrigerator is a refrigerator.. if it holds a good temp, why are they given a citation just because it isn't "commercial grade"..
how many of us are picking on them because of their ethnicity?? if they were perceived as "Americans" how many of us would be so quick to judge??
the times that i went to Casa , i loved the food, and the atmosphere.. i have never seen anyone do anything against the health codes and put us in danger of contamination.. i just wish that i could say the same thing about Domino's, and Mr Wilde!!


yes AlterEgo I know every business gets occasional health violations. 22 in one inspection however is a dangerously extreme. All I am saying is that thee 22 violations should have been a HUGE wake up call and it should have never reached the dangerous level that it did. I just hope that this is all the further it goes. I would really hate to see such a cool place ruin itself b/c of the lack of ability to properly sanitize and prepare food. Maybe the owner just needs some help. He obviously knows how to make something successful, but is definitely lacking in some very important areas.


and as far as joking about the conspiracy, I really didn't find the humor. That's how rumors get started in a small town, and that just really unfair.

Mr. Carpenter

Swiss must be a former Domino's employee. Why are you so down on Skip...did he fire you for being as big of a pain in the butt to his business as you are on this forum? Your
are trying to play a "race" card in this situation is just further proof. The former tennant of that building led the league in Health Dept. violations, back in the day, and they were as "white" as one could be.

(That's Ponderosa and they served "steaks" which is widely
considered "American" cuisine)

Skip Wilde and a hairnet are two words that I never thought
that I'd hear in the same sentence. LOL!!!

As to Casa family and I "dined" there a few weeks after they moved to their new location. The food was
cold and nasty, and the service was worse, if that's possible. We had to ASK for silverware just to "enjoy" our meals. Let's just say that a return visit isn't being


Maybe Swiss has a hair-net and rubber glove franchise at his Cut Rate Gas Station -- and he's just p.o.'d that Skip doesn't patronize him ?

For the protection of Swiss and all of the free world, Skip has now been covered in sanitized bubble-wrap and he'll stay that way until April 16th, 2009.

Salmonella can't be vaccinated against -- so it doesn't matter if the workers from any restaurant have had all their shots. I think it's mostly in poultry and eggs, (maybe that's why I usually get the beef). Remember the "M*A*S*H" episode where Klinger got the discount turkeys ?

MDBL - Too bad you had such an experience at Casa. Usually the food there is about 1200 Degrees when they bring it out (I think they cook with acetylene instead of natural gas) -- that's why I can't understand how salmonella could survive there. I've had to ask for silverware at almost any restaurant, except McDonald's where they "point" you to the counter that has the sporks. Give Casa another try in a couple of weeks -- and tell Gus that I sent you.

Anyway, I'll be back at Casa as soon as they reopen.


swiss has "never seen anyone do anything against the health codes and put us in danger of contamination". Then that must mean the place is clean! Swiss hasn't seen it with her/his own eyes, let it be so! Does that then mean you've been in the kitchen on your visits? In the freezers and refrigerators? In the prep area? In the restrooms to check that the cooks wash their hands after they relieve themselves? Obviously someone did SOMETHING in order for all those people to get sick, and let me tell you something if it were YOU hooked into IV's with stomach cramps worse than labor pains and diareaha *(however you spell it)* from hell, you would have a much different attitude, instead you pick on some guy without a hair net. Have you seen anyone wearing a hair net at Casa? Their servers are serving food just like the Dominoes guy, but minus the hair nets. I have never been served by a dude in a hair net at Casa. UNO CERVESA POR FAVOR... god after reading swiss I need one. Does alcohol kill salmonella because I'll still drink the margaritas. lol


I dont care about the hairnets blah blah but we were there a week before this story hit and I said i would never go back the food is nasty very nasty either to bland pre packaged crap or like the tacos i had half a cup of salt in them the only hrting i enjoy is the salsa


My wife is a health care professional and she has never allowed us to go to Casa Fiesta for any reason. The violations were not for non commercial equipment.

David Deerest.

Are you kidding me? Swiss, will you shut up for just ONE're worried about Skip, yet you LOVE Casa. Let me tell you about some of the workers at Casa. They speak no English, that's why we get samonella. They don't know how to spell sanatize, let alone what it means. They DON'T wash their hands after handling their 'member' in the restroom...I could go on and on...
And I do believe swiss had mentioned working with a certain someone at a certain pizza joint-right in this comment section! Someone who wouldn't buy you a cup of coffee, but would give away a kidney? Remember that??

David Deerest.

pope ottomus... wrote on Jan 14, 2008 9:25 AM:

" i used to work with jack, years ago at a local pizza place!! he is alot of fun, and he really is a great guy... but, back then, i couldn't get him to give me a can of pepsi. and now he is giving someone a kidney?? whats up with that?? just kidding you jack, i am very proud of you, and i think that your mom, and your brother, mike, are very proud of you... i know that you make me proud, to consider you a friend.. best of luck to you both.. "


Is the rumor true that Casa Fiesta will be changing it’s name to Eat and Run?


Word to the wise: When eating at Casa Fiesta pass on ordering #666 - The Montezuma's Revenge Platter.

David Deerest.

Casa Fiesta; 344 Milan Ave., Norwalk; operator, Jasinto, Inc. (Jan. 10, regular inspection) Violation: Critical Many items uncovered in cold holding units and walk-in cooler (beef, shrimp, vegetables, etc.). Cover all items at all times to prevent cross-contamination; Violation: Critical Meat being stored on top of vegetables in reach-in units. Shrimp being stored on top of vegetables in walk-in cooler. Segregation of items not taking place. Segregate items properly and/or store items in proper order in all units, meat on bottom shelf in proper order by type, vegetables and prepared items on higher shelves; Violation: Critical Several items on hot holding table not being held at proper temperature. Items removed from table and reheated to 165 degrees Fahrenheit and replaced. Keep close watch on unit to ensure temperatures are maintained and temperatures of items held; Violation: Critical Many potentially hazardous food items not date marked properly at inspection. Place "use by" date on all potentially hazardous food items after original package has been opened; Violation: Critical Pan of meat being hot held on top of convection oven improperly. This equipment is not designed to hot hold items. Pan removed and hot held in proper unit; Violation: Critical Three compartment sink set up improperly behind bar (sanitizer in second compartment instead of third). Set up sink in proper order - wash, rinse, sanitize; Violation: Critical No soap available for handwash sink behind bar. Refill soap dispenser; Violation: Critical No paper towels present at handsink behind bar. Replace paper towels; Violation: Critical Person-in-Charge not supervising employees properly to ensure that violations are not taking place. Supervise and train employees to ensure food code is enforced at all times; Violation: Lights not working in mop sink room and adjoining utility and storage rooms. Replace lights; Violation: Mops being stored improperly in mop sink area - very disorganized. Use mop hangers above mop sink to air dry properly; Violation: Back store room dirty with drywall and miscellaneous debris on floors and shelves. Clean room thoroughly. Inspector's comments: Re-inspection scheduled for Jan. 14 to ensure that critical violations are corrected. (Jan. 14, regular inspection) No violations. Inspector's comments: Critical items from inspection on Jan. 10 corrected at this time. Please ensure that Person-in-Charge supervises employees and trains properly to prevent these critical violations from occurring at any time.

swiss family

it look s like "Deer Dave is back to his old gossipy tricks again !!! didn't he say that he was leaving??? why did he come back??
let me go back and re check my blog history, and i will be able to give you a direct quote of what he said that he was leaving us, and wouldn't be back!!! so he is either a liar?? or thinks that we can't live without his b.s.


My comment is about restaurants in general. I think it would be a big pain in the a$$ to own or run a restaurant nowadays. After all that you have invested in your restaurant, something like this is all it takes to run you out of business. I understand that people got sick,there's hospital and doctor bills as a result. There will be these people coming after the owner for them to pay the bills.

Like I stated earlier in my post, Chi Chis was traced to contamination in the growing fields. Even though a restaurant has taken the proper precautions and followed all of the health codes,etc. there's no guarantee that contamination won't take place somewhere. Owning a restaurant is a risky business for sure!

Re: not so serious posts. Thanks for the humor ya'all!

swiss family

how can you have the same people on here who made fun of the fact that i saw in the Domino's video, all of the people putting their dirty hands all over the next persons piece of pizza, served by someone who should know better, not wearing any type of hair restraint, which is required by the health can these same people, now jump all over the Casa Fiesta workers and owners... ??????what is the difference between the two??? do we feel that we are safer with Mr Wildes bare, dirty hands touching our food??do we assume that we know where his hands have been???or do we feel that he is inherently cleaner.. because he is "one of us??"
health code violation, are wrong.. it doesn't matter if it's Skip Wilde.. or some out of town er.. you can't have it both ways ... and to Deer Dave .. would you please post the current health code violation of Domino's Pizza while you are at it.. just to appear fair??? i didn't think so !!!