Borgers groundbreaking coming soon

Factory expected to bring 230 jobs to Norwalk.
Scott Seitz2
Jul 19, 2014


Norwalk Mayor Rob Duncan told city council at Tuesday night's meeting things are moving along well with Borgers USA Corp.

Borgers recently announced it will build a factory in the Firelands Industrial Park, creating 230 jobs.

The mayor said Wilhelm Rochner, part of Borgers corporate development team, has been in town the past four days as the project progresses.

"We're looking forward to the groundbreaking coming soon," Duncan said.

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Your neighbor

Where do I send my resume??

Whiskey Tango F...

Use the internet, a device that was invented by Al Gore, to look up Borgers USA. Then look under the careers tab and see what they want from there. This will probably be a huge "shocker" but I am willing to bet that they are going to want to see more education than a GED (good enough diploma) in order for them to hand out their millions. I know everyone is waiting for their $25/hr ship to come in, but a wise man will expect to see the good old temp agency $12/hr lifestyle that we all voted for and embrace. (See Norwalk Furniture model)


You're right, companies in a community are always paying attention to what they're each paying employees. It's the only way they can keep from paying too much or too little. People wanting the big moola should have gone to college.

Really are you ...

Those ships were here once upon a time. Why did they leave? Of course you had to work and earn your way to that plateau.

Must have been nice to have been able to work for a company where you made that $25. an hour rate or piece rate. Eh. Back then when the cost of living was not so expensive, and everything was not so excessively taxed. So how did people back then make that $20+ hourly rate? The company these people worked for felt obligated to pay their employees well? Was it stock market share holders were not looking for such a big ROI, but content with any gains? Was it poor negotiating skills between company and union? Is it a necessity that the factory worker be paid barebones when everything is so expensive in today's world? With the cost of living having gone up. Why has the hourly wage not gone up? Why is it that the CEO's and upper level management see big bonuses and 6 figures a year? When the most strenuous part of their day is driving to and from work. Eh.


Re: "Why is it that the CEO's and upper level management see big bonuses and 6 figures a year?"

For one reason, see GM CEO, Barra. 'Cuz when the SHTF, they take the heat.

Your neighbor

This might be a huge "shocker" to you but I am a lot more educated than a GED!!!


If that's the case then you should be able to get the answer to your question on your own. It's smart to do your homework on them ahead of time. Right now is a good time for people interested in Borgers to be cleaning up their Facebook accounts or other online information about themselves.

Whiskey Tango F...

Didn't mean to point that directly at you, just saying that the $25/hr factory that hires right out of high school is loooong gone. Many on unemployment are waiting for the next cash cow to latch onto. Al Gore is just too easy, and the corporate website does have a place to submit your resume. Hopefully these guys don't screen for drugs, that will open up a whole lot more candidates!


Re: "Hopefully these guys don't screen for drugs,"

FYI: I read where employers in CA are having so much trouble finding ees. that they're considering lowering the standards. lol


And the Mayor's victory dance continues and continues and continues...

JudgeMeNot's picture

Jobs at Borgers in Alabama start at $11.25 per hour. All you need is a GED. Norwalk was a good choice.