Norwalk's new SRT vehicle provides more protection

Vehicle added through use of government program.
Scott Seitz2
Jul 18, 2014


The Norwalk Police Department has added a new Special Response Team vehicle by utilizing a government program.

"With 17,000 people and over nine square miles to cover, this vehicle provides our team with as much protection as possible," Chief Dave Light said.

(NOTE: To see pictures of the vehicle, click HERE.)

The Special Response Team had recently been riding in a window van which Light called a "hand-me-down from the fire department. That provided no protection whatsoever," he said.

The chief said the police department had been considering a new SRT vehicle when Capt. David Smith, who monitors the government's 1033 program, came across 12 of these vehicles at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton.

The police department was able to secure one of the vehicles at no charge. The only requirement was going and picking it up in Dayton.

Two officers and a street department employee made that trip in February. The vehicle as housed at the street department until the weather improved and it was moved to the lot near the police department.

The diesel-fuel vehicle has been painted, had markings placed on it and will have emergency lights installed when they arrive at a total cost of $2,242.

"It's a six-wheel drive vehicle," Light said, adding the vehicle cannot get a flat tire because it has an on-board air-compressor system.

The vehicles had 4,600 miles on it.

Light said it can be effectively used in an emergency weather situation where the streets might be covered in debris.

"It was used by the military for training," Light said.

Smith said he believes the vehicle is a 2009.

"That's based on information gathered from the alternator," he said.

"I imagine we will get 10 to 15 years out of it," Smith added. "And once we're done with it, we can retrieve more than the money we spent when we scrap it."

So far, it's only been used in training exercises with Erie County.

Smith knows the addition of the SRT vehicle has raised some eyebrows in the community, as did the department's Humvee, which was secured through the same program.

"It was never, ever our intention to militarize the police department," he said.

This item, along with the Humvee and other things such as weight equipment were obtained through the 1033 program which allows law-enforcement agencies to claim unneeded military items.

"This offers so much more protection for the guys than what we had," Light added.

Presently, Capt. Mike Conney, who leads the SRT, is the vehicle's driver.

Light said Officers Paul Gardner and Michael Biller also will eventually drive the vehicle.

Smith and Light estimated that purchasing a similar vehicle, such as a Bearcat, not even fully-equipped, could start about $147,000.



Welcome to the "United Police States".


"It was never, ever our intention to militarize the police department," he said. The federal government just made it easy for us so we jumped at the chance. Somehow I thought big brother would look a little more imposing than Light. Thought control coming soon.


Like Norwalk needs ANYTHING like this wtf! Looks purdy in parades though huh?


Look at the state of our world! We will need it sooner or later! If it helps protect ONE life---worth it!

hit the road jack

The Govt. passes these out like candy so they can train like military and be ready for "civil unrest" the military trains all over the country for this,they know people are getting fed up and the $hit is going to hit the fan one day.


absolutely...and most people will just sit by and wait for there hand out..and wonder..?? what's the problem


It's a transport vehicle. It's not like it has a cannon on it or anything.

me arse

Drones were originally meant just for surveillance, until one day when they figured out how to equip them with hellfire missiles.

Dr. Information

Not real hard to mount a gun on the top of that thing.

Really are you ...

It has a turrent. All it needs is a crew serve weapon. M 60, Mark 19, or a 50 cal. When I was attached to a Military Police Battalion in Germany, the companies beneath us had all three of these weapons in each company. At the battalion level, we had all three also.

In my own personal opinion. This truck may be a little overkill. When we were deployed to a foreign conflict I was stationed in Germany. Our companies Quick Response Teams did not have a humongous vehicle like this. They were made up of like 5 vehicles, all turrets manned, and had 15 or more people. The vehicles were canvas or fiberglass skinned, no heavy armor.

Our public service sector is getting messed up services that need to be provided. For example: Ambulance- transport sick people. Not call the Fire Department for lift assists. This heavy duty truck with 6 wheel drive should be something the fire department or national guard would use in the time of a natural disaster. Hire a bunch of weight lifters to help the ambulance people lift people in the back of their ambulances. Hire a natural disaster team, get them a truck that size. Use the National Guard more, they have trucks that big. But not that armored up as a main vehicle.
Something is up,City of Norwalk. Where is ths Huron County Sherriff's main quick response vehicle? Or the State Patrols?

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For storming crack house's, heroin dens, and meth labs in the county .... just stay away from them cannabis plants out in the corn fields ....


OK, so obviously the chief of the police department saw a need for this and his men acted on it and secured it for pretty much no cost to the city but we still have internet trolls second guessing the needs of the city. If this saves one life of either a cop or a motorist who is stranded in high water it will be worth it over and again. Stop second guessing people who are doing their jobs. Leave the decisions up to the people who are more qualified to make these types of decisions. Do you trolls have someone second guessing how you flip the burgers at McDonald's? Probably not. That is why I always have to go in and tell you how you screwed up my drive-thru order!


nice comeback w/ the mcd's reference. ya...thts not too old. typical conservative/repub fare. par for the course. name calling and finger pointing. big people are trying to talk here ok, lil guy? come back after recess. or art class.
'his men acted on it' lol. of course, they did


Oh, did he say it would be appropriate to defecate on Sarah Palins face ? I must have missed that. Most of things I read, are the Libs calling names if you differ with there political correction crap. It really won't matter as soon as the illegals are registered Dems it will all be over. Most Empires have fallen in less than us. Great Britain fell in far less time .

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Blaze....really? Basically you say to let someone else think for us? Don't question authority? Don't question what our money gets spent on? Personally, I question everything. Go flip those burgers because obviously that's all you can handle. Read a history book. This is how it all starts.


I didn't say let someone else think for you. It is just annoying when there is an article like this, where a professional made a decision and justified the decision, and then you have people on an internet forum thinking they know better. My suggestion is if you read an article such as this and you still have questions, then contact someone that is in a position to provide correct information. All the haters on here are doing is making much more of what this actually is.


They always f**k you at the drive-thru!

Joe Pesci, Lethal Weapon


Blaze,Everyone has the right to question
and review the decisions our government makes.
This is a questionable asset at best. A totally unnecessary asset maybe. It did cost the taxpayers money in paint lights and radio equipment. Your condescending remarks and hatred towards McDonald workers say alot about you. Hater !


Hope they have somwone who knows how to fix it when it cr-ps out.

swiss family

Blaze I agree with you.. people on here get all paranoid about some oncoming "police state" and government controlled state" I guess they are oblivious to the fact that people seem to find it necessary to carry their firearms into stores like "Target" just to show their freedoms... but forgetting to show how little common sense they are displaying.. I mean what could possibly go wrong there?? having people carrying assault weapons into stores?? and I see now one of Demi Moores attention seeking who.. I mean daughters is walking around Hollywood topless challenging the law, saying if men can do it, women should be able to do it to/??? yes Rumor or Tulula or whomever you are there is no difference between boys and girls... attention seeking.. idiot.. I say it is better to have the Police equipment when we need it, then to not have it when we need it... and it was given to us after you can't beat the price.. no matter what some of the "whiners" my opinion


No one is carrying assault rifles into Target. I do recall reading in this paper that someone was assaulted at our local Walmart and ended up pulling their legally owned and licensed to carry concealed pistol to protect themselves from any further harm.

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What an idiot.

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eat my shorts

Swiss, are you more interested in the armored personnel transport, or Demi Moore's daughter?

swiss family

alterego, and shovelhead...these things did NOT happen in Norwalk.. you might try to watch or better yet READ the news from around the WORLD.. and see what is happening there.. it is not only interesting, but fascinating as well... well for you 2 , it might be too confusing... and for you eat my... if Demi's daughter wants to walk around topless I am interested in that.. AND the armored personnel transport... aren't you?? maybe you need to get out more as well...???

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eat my shorts

Swiss, If you're fascinated by her boobs then more power to you. I'm not into girls 30 years younger than me. I was just out doing errands so I thought I'd drive by and get a look at the transport vehicle. I don't care if it was free or not, every nickel we spend on gas for the thing is a huge waste. After seeing it, I can't picture a single scenario it would be needed for. Why would city council approve this thing?

Dr. Information

If anyone needs to get out its you swiss. You drone this site all day long. Enough already.


swiss loosen your helmet straps, or better yet shut up.

Chef Julio

Once again, Swiss proves what a lefty she (I'm assuming) is. You support and trust any government growth, and fear the constitution.

You are a fear mongering liberal. The constitution doesn't allow anyone to carry a concealed "assault weapon". You need to stop with the liberal lies and fud, and thank the person that saves your life with their legally concealed carry weapon. And if it ever happens, they will probably be saving you from the typical mass shooter (the crazed liberal with a gun that doesn't respect the law).

Why are you so against people protecting themselves? Oh, I know, because the police will protect you - once they finally get there after the crazed liberal with a gun is done with his rampage.

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eat my shorts

Swiss is a he. What people like Swiss don't realize is that with police having this kind of equipment, there's going to come a day when they stop knocking on doors and just start driving right through them.

swiss family