Willard City Schools voters to consider bond levy for library improvements

15-year issue will appear on November ballot.
Aaron Krause
Aug 2, 2014


Residents of Willard City Schools in November will vote on a .75-mill, 15-year bond levy for the Willard Memorial Library that will bring in $1.6 million for capital improvements.

Willard Memorial Library is part of the Huron County Community Library, which covers several area libraries. However, the levy, if approved, would only cover Willard.

Huron County Community Library director Laura Lee Wilson said since the library is a school district library, the bond issue must fall below the school district's debt limit. The state limits how much debt each school system can incur. Therefore, the library must work in conjunction with the district through the process of trying to place the bond issue on the November ballot.

"They're the library district's taxing authority," Wilson said, referring to Willard City Schools.

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VOTE NO!!!!!

Dr. Information

Willard's hire ups must think these residents just have a ton a cash laying around for all these levies they keep passing.


"hire ups"?


Shrinking populace so lets raise taxes to chase out more of the tax base. The working class is over taxed and under paid. How long will it last before people wake up?


Well, if it takes as long as it did for the last levy, it will be on the ballot for a long time ! I wish I could operate like the government, I need more money I can ask someone for it !