Defendants held without bond on suspected probation violations

Local woman convicted in crack cocaine case.
Cary Ashby
Jul 22, 2014


Two defendants will be held without bond at the Huron County Jail until their next probation violation-related hearings.

Desiree M. Collins, 55, of 16-C E. Main St., Wakeman, and Norwalk resident Roy L. Staley, 44, of 12 Ford Ave., stipulated Tuesday there was probable cause they violated the terms of their respective community control sanctions. Their next hearings in Huron County Common Pleas Court are Aug. 12.

About the Collins case, Huron County Public Defender David Longo said "we're not ready to admit anything" since the allegations are related to new, unspecified felonies which have been filed in Norwalk Municipal Court.

"In addition, she tested positive for drug use," Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper also told Judge Jim Conway.

Collins was placed on three years of intensive probation in April. The judge sentenced her to a 90-day jail sentence, which is to be served at the discretion of her probation officer. Collins was fined $250 and must reimburse the Huron County Sheriff's Office $40 for the cost of drug testing.

In March, Collins pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine in exchange for prosecutors dismissing one count of tampering with evidence. During a July 27 traffic stop at the intersection of U.S. 20 and Ohio 60 just inside the Huron County line, deputies found crack cocaine and a suspected crack pipe in the vehicle. They had the white substance tested at the Mansfield police lab and determined it was .059 grams of cocaine.

About the Staley case, Kasper said the defendant had been out on a personal recognizance bond when he was charged with criminal trespassing and other misdemeanors. In a PR bond, means Staley signed a court document in which he promised to appear for further hearings without having to pay any money.

"He was drinking alcohol, which is a violation of his probation," Kasper said.

Longo, when addressing Staley's bond, said the judge should consider he turned himself into the Norwalk Police Department once he learned about being wanted on a separate probation violation warrant. Also, the public defender said the trespassing allegation has to do with his client being "on the wrong side" of a bridge where he was hanging out.

In early October 2012, Staley was sentenced to 90 days in jail for trafficking in heroin. He also had his driver's license for six months and was fined $250. Staley must pay $40 in restitution to the sheriff's office to cover the cost of drug testing.



Two more "upstanding citizens" of Heroin County. I can already hear the familiar CBCF sound . . . cha-ching!


Roy a good example to see how drugs can destroy a person's life. He has always been a great guy. I'm not trying to defend his actions, but rather hoping he can get help and turn things around.


How does somebody get 90 days for trafficking in heroin in the first place??? Sounds suspicious to me.


there's going to be a calendar dedicated just for her!


Roy is a peice of crap. He robs and steals from everyone to get his fix. He is another one of those people that work for the norwalk pd. He gets caught up in the $#it and just runs to the cop shop sets a few people up and he is off and running again.he has had 3 or 4 drug (heroin charges) now. Maybe this time he will get his.


You're exactly right, and it's unfortunate because I know what he was like before the drugs. People just really need to think about the consequences before taking that first hit. Addiction isn't a disease, but rather a consequence of bad or indulging behavior.


We're movin on up, movin on up ! To the east side... To a deluxe apartment in the sky !


Addiction is a disease ,read a text book ,it results in criminal behavior ,yes doing drugs is a choice brought on by the disease ,Once again treatment and awareness of the issues is the answer .Lets hope he realizes he has hit rock bottom and seeks rehab ,he is still a person ,I'm praying for all addicts to get help ,Heroin is killing people .Its not a joke .


It a choice sorry. I chose to do , I got busted went to prison got out and made the choice to stay clean. I've been clean for 4 years now. I don't wanna hear that bullcrap. Roy has had chance after chance after chance. He has snitched on people to get out of trouble. And every time he goes right back. I didn't get a choice to quit doing dope , I had to. I did have the choice when I got out to stay clean or go right back to jail. Freedoms an addiction to me...I could of been like these other little bit(#=$ and told on lots of people. I choose to get high.. Roy has had this coming t o him for a long long advice to you roy, don't drop the soap... bah ha ha ha...