Arrest warrant issued for no-show defendant

Huron County grand jury indicted Willard woman on felony charge.
Cary Ashby
Jul 14, 2014


The public defender didn't know where his client was Monday.

However, Huron County Public Defender David Longo said he believes defendant Tiffany N. Fritz might be in jail. Longo said a Huron County sheriff's deputy indicated his client might be serving time for Shelby.

"I don't know if that's Shelby city or Shelby County," the public defender added.

Whatever the situation was, Fritz wasn't in the courtroom Monday when Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway called her case twice. The first time the judge called Fritz's case, Longo requested a recess so he and the court could do some research about his client's whereabouts.

At the request of prosecutors, Conway issued a warrant for Fritz's arrest. The judge said once the defendant is arrested, she would be held without bond.

In mid-May, a Huron County grand jury indicted Fritz, 26, most recently of Willard, on receiving stolen property (credit card) in connection with a May 1 incident.

During her May 19 arraignment, the court set her trial date for Aug. 14 and her bond at $10,000.

"She's actually not in jail on our case," Longo said at the time.



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Shelby County was established in 1819 with Hardin serving as the first County seat. The name Shelby came from General Isaac Shelby, an officer in the American Revolution who was noted for his bravery and honesty, and was elected Governor of Kentucky. The people of the County chose the name Shelby because many of them were from Kentucky and admired General Shelby a great deal.


Now, the argument can be made over which is more redneck, Shelby the county, or Shelby the town.


Shelby County is very similar to Huron County except Sidney, the county seat, is slightly larger than Norwalk. Does have a higher murder rate though. And a smaller drug problem.


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